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I know, as a teacher, that the rise of a student on the podium of a national Olympiad is already certain; Which must be cultivated, but also carefully cultivated. Applause should, of course, go to his family, school and teacher. At the last National Physics Olympiad, the LIII edition, as announced by our newspaper, four people from Bacau climbed to the podium. These include Alexandru Stefan Tanko, requester Gheorghe Vrănceanu National College Bacau 10th grade winning silver medal Submitted by Romanian Physics Society – SRF, Alexandru Iwan Gekko, Sixth grade, School Gym No. 10- Bacau, bronze medalistAnd And Victor Cassian Valcia, from the same class/school, honorary diploma and SRF.

,,I did not I never thought I’d be the best in the county, that I’d get an award on the national stage.”

,,this yearHe told us briefly Alexandru Ștefan TankoAnd ,,She participated in the Physics Olympiad for the first time. You took first place in the stage boycott She won a silver medal on the national stageLaw.A cool teenager Alexandru Stefan Lover of knowledge and platforms:,,In addition to the Olympics, She also achieved very good results in national competitions: zircon (first prize), Konstatin Solchino (Second Prize) fi (first prize). She also participated in the Math Olympiad, for chemistry (for which she also qualified for the national team), but also in various competitions related to these topicsOlder Secret Love Physics?…,,no, It wasn’t a matterI devote my time to study, to anyme I want to learn for performance. honestly when I entered the ninth grade I had connections to physics, But at some point I was sicklize how beautiful this discipline is And it began, easy, easy, To get close to it and understand it and work a lot afterwards Classes completed. but nI never thought I’d be the best in the countyAnd in physicsAnd Or the fact that I won the national stage.”.

The atmosphere of the competition?…,,Topics from National stage This year was not the most difficult in recent years, in my opinion, Although at first I didn’t feel that way from pregained. beautiful olympics Because you can look at science from another angle, Compared to the subject taught in class“.

I think you have a great compatibility with the teacher…,,Professor Valentin Guru is a Very good physics teacher. always wanted To establish a good relationship with all the students he studies. He opened it for me Happy prospects for physics, Help me understand. He is a very good teacherelegant Who knows how to make a fun watch for everyone the students. it’s not difficult It notices and gives you a second chance when you’re wrong“.

Life is not just a physical pentro for a teenager.sI like to play chess. It’s a passion I’ve had since I was little. I have He’s won quite a few awards…sports is a constant attraction. I don’t think it should be missingsthe lives of all of us. I like to sing, Even if I didn’t aim for it Musical career path. but I want To learn as much as I can in this field as well. When I have time I travel in the world of computer science. I’m more passionate about it network development And the pirate.

the future? College country?…,,I haven’t decided yet. Tatonis, on faculty file. Country? cI’m going to go to study abroad”.

The teacher’s voice…,,Stefan is a mature, well-balanced teenager. I never saw him get angry, straining. He has a great thirst for knowledge. He feels it is important to know! He was interested in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, etc. I tried to make her body cute. He worked in physics all last summer, but was not only a prisoner of an intense physics program. It is now in the normal period of touch and selection. For me, it embodies responsibility and balance.”And Say Professor Valentin Guru.

,,I likecomplicated explorecomplicatedr world, scomplicated Find out how it workscomplicatedBecausecomplicated Physics in everything

Alexandru Yuan Gekkofull of nature, lively, spontaneously, feels in the world of physics like … at home …:,Since I was young, thank you the focus parents, Receive all kinds of combinations as a gift Experiments, I was playing and… that’s when the passion for life began. In the category willIn the Children’s Palace she studied electronics and electrical engineering. In the sixth grade the teacher Oana Ailenei He offered me to go to the Olympics. I shared with another colleague in the boycott stageI won the first prize, and my colleague came in second.”

In the national stage I got it Bronze Medal Awarded by Romanian Physics Society – SRF. Did you expect it? ,,I didn’t expect it, but I thought, “Whatever!” It’s just my first entry in an important contest! ” It was an attitude Hey, I think so.”

Contest topics?In the practical test, the subjects were relatively easy. I had experience with such experiences. It is easy for me to imagine and solve working hypotheses. In the theory test, there were also subjects not only me, but also other competitors, who were considered to have fost in an ambiguous format. After this test, I had a meeting with the authors of the subjects. All the contenders raised this issue of mystery. The teachers who drafted the materials told us that we had to be more careful, because there he wrote, “In general, the subjects, as a difficulty, were at the level of the Olympics.”

Contest?… “We learned it simply at that time. Students from all provinces, are very well prepared. I had a pleasant experience“.

Madam teacher? “He is a very good teacher, close to us. I have worked a lot in class after class. He told me that I am good, that I am excited, he said to my classmate. I have received all the support from you.”

Friends and colleagues, how did you react after the success? “They congratulated me, asked me how it was, but since we were on vacation, we did not meet often.”

hobbies? “I am interested in mathematics and computer science. I still play football. I read. Of all things, but especially foreign and ancient authors. Literature in particular. I do not have a single favorite author. I am part of the club.”Oleacă de Bicicliști». I ride different bike paths and sometimes I participate in cycling competitions. Practically also a professional swimmer, at the SCM Bac . Clubcomplicatedst. Otherwise, I like scomplicated explorecomplicatedr world, scomplicated Find out how it workscomplicatedBecausecomplicated Physics in everything

Will your future be primarily related to physics?Oh, not necessarily! But it could have something to do with physics. Now, for example, I’m thinking about it I’ll bring the year too The future in the Physics Olympiad.

“You can always do something if you really want to!”

Victor Cassian Valcia, Alexandru-Ioan Jicu’s classmate/classmate, as natural and spontaneous as his friend:,where I was young, playing, I felt drawn to everything that had to do with the world of physics. Now I understand that. Then, in the sixth grade, in the first class of physics, when I heard what subject he was going to study, all of a sudden, I understood that I would like everything … “

Friendly with modesty: I won second prize in the boycott stage of the Olympics. I thought there would be very good students and I didn’t expect to get a reward. The same thing happened at the National Theater where I was honored honorary diploma. but alsoAnd the competition was very strong, in both competitions, I managed to achieve something… There were pleasant surprises“.

Have you participated in other competitions? … In the fifth grade in mathematics, she got first place in the Olympiad, which is the stage in Bacau. It was an interesting experience. ”

How were the topics on the national stage? … “I was a little surprised by the beta test, but I understood what I had to do and realized it wasn’t that complicated. theory, I worked with the teacher on such subjects with Alexander. The topics did not surprise mebut it wasn’t simple. They have far exceeded the class level“.

competitors? “Some weren’t in their first National Olympics. They had experience and that was important. There was a lot of competition.”.

Madam teacher? He treats us all equally, has passion and skill. He’s very good.”

Friends and colleagues? ,,happy. I felt like I was there.”

Do you owe anyone that applause? ,,Definitely. Parents, madam

teachers and colleagues.

hobbies? “I read mostly fiction books; foreign and Romanian authors. I play football, and go on trips with my family.”

Will physics affect your future? smaybe yes. I will also participate in the Physics Olympiad. I dreamed of being an engineer or maybe a scientist. I cherish Stephen Hawking. I want to discover something new You can always do something if you really want to! “

master of bothProfessor Oana Ailenei: ,, They are two very smart, hardworking kids with a flair for the real side. Some special and extraordinary children! It is a great honor to be their teacher.”

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