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Enter in a straight line pRhyme and the largest memorial and educational museum complex dedicated to the victims of communism, created and taken over exclusively by the Romanian government after 1989, in the former prison of Ramnicu Surat

Investment through PNRR amounts to more than 10 million euros And It will bring more than 20,000 tourists annually.

Alexandro Moraro statement:

Investment through PNRR amounts to more than 10 million euros And It will attract more than 20,000 tourists annually

I have participant This week, as a special representative of the government, once again, in the former communist prison in Ramnicu Surat, where we will A unique monument, museum and educational complex in Romania – the “Prison of Silence” and the educational center of communism in Romania. The visit marks the official institutional start of the government’s efforts All participating central and local entities For the period 2022-2026 effective implementation phase of the project.

that it Practically the first and largest memorial and educational museum complex dedicated to the victims of communism, built and taken over exclusively by the Romanian government after 1989, in the former prison of Râmnicu Sărat. Political prisoners such as Ion Mihalache, Cornelio Coboso, Ion Diaconescu and Victor were imprisoned here during the communist period. Bougonio and other prominent members of the historical parties. Between 1955 and 1963, the prison commander was Alexander VisinescuHe was convicted in 2015 of crimes against humanity.

The crimes of communism must be demonstrated, the history of the totalitarian regime explained, places of memory must become national monuments for younger generations, a form of strong resilience to attempts to falsify the past or revisionism that distorts and withdraws the ferocity and brutality of communism – spreading freely in Eastern Europe and in our country. This project is vital to strengthening the memory of the communist regime and its consequences. It is a moral duty to educate the young generation in the spirit of truth and respect for fundamental rights and freedoms, in parallel with honoring the memory of the victims of communism.

After 30 years since 1989, the Romanian state is taking its memory policy mission seriously. It has been a long time since the most brutal and long-lived repressive regimes that marked Romania and its history forever. generations after 1989 did notu He had the opportunity to take advantage of it and applied education in this field – Teaching the history of communism see what the world of concentration camps looks like where elites were destroyed in the interwar period.

Today it is a mandatory task of the Romanian state and government to complete this and other monument projects. Which the CEO and Prime Minister consider a Grade 0 priority in the field. As the CEO recently mentioned, Memorial museums to the victims of communism are a priority for Romania, a country whose citizens suffered from the atrocities and abuses perpetrated by the communist regime during the period 1945-1989”.

Last year we were able to include the government project in the passenger name recordNearly 15 years after he joined the mission of the Institute for the Investigation of Crimes of Communism.

The project envisages the restoration of the Râmnicu Sărat prison and the arrangement of its museum, the creation of a permanent exhibition and the construction of an educational center on communism in Romania in order to strengthen the memory of communism and its consequences.. the new The complex will become a center for cultural, documentary and tourism projectswhich in addition to the permanent exhibition will make use of the conference room, archive, teaching and research spaces. Future complex project will put Worthy of the historical monument category a By implementing the functional program “the memorial” and a specific visiting circle so that the arrangements to be made suggest the atmosphere of solitude that will be present throughout the visiting circle.

The Museum of the future Memorial will be governed and managed by the Institute for the Investigation of Crimes of Communism in Romania, a body under the direct subordination and coordination of the Prime Minister..

visitAmniko The President of IICCMER, Mr. Daniel Chandro, Minister of Culture, Mr. Lucien Romacano, Secretary of State at the Ministry of European Funds, Ms. sila HegedusMinister of State for the Office of the Prime Minister a. Demetria Solomon, Governor of Buzau, Mr. Daniel Marian ŢicleaDeputy of the National League, Mr. Gabriel Avramescu, President of the Buzau Provincial Council, Mr. Petri Emmanuel Nyago, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Development, Mr. Matose Zsolt, Mayor of Râmnicu Sărat and Mr. Soren Karjan, media representatives.

What does the project mean in numbers:

The future memorial museum will have an approx 8500 mega pixels;

project value €9 million excluding VAT (funding provided entirely by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan), non-refundable funds;

The project aims to bring Annually more than 20000 tourists In the Museum of the Future.

The whole complex will finally, after opening, benefit from Employing 13 people who will work here permanently;

Limit Actual implementation will be 36 months; At the latest, on 30.06.2023, the order to start the business shall be given;

Works must be completed by June 30, 2026;

This year, the financing and site handover contract will be signed with the National Investment Company, and the tender for design and implementation services will be completed. Works will start in 2022, in the first phase of emergency intervention. in the next months will be customized from the state budget 1.2 million lei for this business, including to update some documents and approvals.

At the same time, sA working group will be formed in the coming weeks dutyWithin IICCMER with internal and external specialists to continuously monitor and advise, in the coming years, to achieve the project from Macedonia salted.

Summer University in RaMNico saltedthe only program of this magnitude carried out by the government, on the history of Romanian communism, organized by IICCMER, Will resume this year, in August. Its purpose is to provide students with a framework for dialogue with scholars knowledgeable in the history of Roman communism and Eastern Europe, with personalities, witnesses, and victims of the communist oppressive regime.

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