Konstantin Chiryak was awarded the title of Honorary Doctor of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Moldova. “For cultural, artistic, educational and research contributions”

Konstantin Chiriac, Director General of the National Theater “Radu Stanca” Sibiu and President of the International Theater Festival in Sibiu, received, yesterday, September 21, the title of honor doctor From the Academy of Economic Sciences of Moldova (ASEM) for special advantages in promoting culture and art.

Title honor doctor He received special advantages in promoting culture and art. The ceremonial ceremony was held on September 21, 2021 under the chairmanship of the university president, university professor. Dr.. Rope. Academician, Grigor Belosticenik, in the presence of representatives of the Senate and ASEM Colleges, some distinguished guests from the academic and cultural environment, and as guest of honor, Petro Hadarshi, Director of the “Mihai Emenscu” National Theater from Chisinau.

According to representatives of the Academy, the award of the title honor doctor Professor Constantin Chiriac was not at all accidental for an economic university, because through all his activities, Mr. Constantin Chiriac contributed directly to the development of the public through art, but also indirectly to the promotion of Roman business and tourist attractions.

„A visionary actor and artist, a prominent figure in Romanian culture, with more than 70 active roles. As President of the Foundation for Democracy through Culture, Mr. Constantin Chirac is the Trusted Ambassador for Romanian Culture. Over the years, he has given dozens of poetry recitals around the world, including at the Academy of Economic Studies in Moldova. Since 1998, he has been pursuing a teaching career at the university Lucien Blaga from Sibiu. In 2007 he received his doctorate in theater from the University of Performing Arts in Târgu Morey. Professor Constantine Chryak is the initiator of the Department of Theater Arts in the Faculty of Letters and Arts, and the founder of the International Doctoral Platform in Performing Arts and Cultural Management within the university. Lucien Blaga from Sibiu. Administrative activity is one of the important aspects of Professor Constantine Chirac’s career. From January 2000 until now, His Excellency holds the position of General Director of the National Theater “Radu Stanca”. Mr. Constantin Chirac plays a major role in the development of theatrical art and introducing the general public to the most exceptional performances of artists from Romania and the world. Since 1993, with the participation and under the supervision of General Director Konstantin Chirac, the Sibiu International Theater Festival has been launched, one of the most prestigious events dedicated to the performing arts in Romania and Central and Eastern Europe. Due to his administrative, technical and academic competence, the merits of Mr. Constantin Chirac have been recognized and appreciated both nationally and internationally by conferring on him many honorary titles, titles and diplomas.” Dr. Angela Solkan, Head of “Management and Entrepreneurship”, College of Business and Business Administration, in a press release .

In 2008, Konstantin Chirac was awarded the title honor doctor – 2008-2013 Visiting Professor at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK; in 2018 – honor doctor From the University of West, Timisoara, and in 2020, with titles honor doctor From George Enescu National University of the Arts, Iai, and the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts, Chisinau.

“I am honored to join, with the title of Doctor Honoris Causa of the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, great personalities who, through their tireless work, contribute to the promotion of culture and good cooperation among nations, under the motto of excellence. Meet artists here, with thinkers, with those Those who participate in all that research and education mean in Bessarabia have honored me and I am convinced that the projects we are contemplating together will not only bear fruit, but will give life to the future from Roman Chisinau, on cultural and economic relations between the two banks of the Prut River, in dialogue with Europe,” declared Konstantin Chirac.

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