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In Suceava County, the registered promotion rate for simulated written tests for the 2022 National Baccalaureate examination is 46.13%. Last year, the percentage of averages above 6 (passing threshold) was 41.63%.

The Provincial School Inspection Department (IȘJ) reported Suceava on Thursday, April 14, stats for results by averages. 4791 students participated in simulating written exams for the baccalaureate exam. 2581 (53.87%) were rejected, of whom 2,400 were students with an average of less than 5 and 181 with an average of 5-5.99.

2,210 students had a mean transition to simulation (46.13%), of whom 643 had an average of 6-6.99; 760 between 7-7.99; 603 between 8-8.99; 203 between 9-9.99.

Simina Teodora Buculei, from the “Nicu Gane” College in Fălticeni, got an average of only 10 in the provincial baccalaureate exam simulation

Only one student in the district scored an average of 10 in simulated baccalaureate written tests. This is student Simina Teodora Buculei, from the National College “Nicu Gane” Fălticeni, student of class 12th F, philology file. Simina Buculei recently checked out a special result in the History Olympiad. She received a score of 10 on the district stage, which is one of the few maximum marks awarded to Suceava students at all-Olympic level.

History teacher Vasiliu Anișor, who attends Simina, said that the student discovered her vocation in this noble subject of study in the ninth grade when, after a few weeks of reflection, “she announced to me that she wanted to take part in the History Olympiad. Later, after the local, local and national stages, a Confirmation of talent and submitted work, and their receiving the honorable second prize at the national stage, which was held in Drobeta Turnu Severin. This was in the spring of 2019. Then, in March 2020, the pandemic came. After two complex years in all respects, this spring, most of the school competitions resumed. Simina will once again confirm, claim 10th grade (the only one in the competition) and, by implication, 1st place, the only one who qualifies for the upper stage of the competition. The National Stage of the historic Olympiad will take place between April 18 and 21, 2022. In the logic of things, Simina will have one mention At least, if not an award, depending on the inspiration and mood of the moment, competition and themes.Nevertheless, I am absolutely convinced that this exceptional student will make the name of the prestigious college of Fălticeni, and implicitly, of Suceava County, from the platform of awarding deserving students.Professor Vasilio Anichor said : “He will finish high school in full glory.”

If he selected some of the qualities of this exceptional student, says Prof. Anyor, then the completely random order would be perseverance, ambition, perseverance, remarkable manpower and, above all, awareness of the hard work that has been done. Adolescence, who loves trips and long walks, is active on social networks, but without exaggeration, she is sociable, respects her parents and teachers and, above all, loves and respects her country with its symbols and values. ‘, describes the date parameter.

“A man who knows his history can intervene in the future.”

Student Simina Buculei reported that behind this result several years’ work in the field of history, and outside of school, permanent documentation. “I am happy with this success and the fact that the educational institution I represent is on the map of school success. My passion for the subject we studied started some time ago and at the same time I realized that by studying history I can develop my general education culture, more choosing that visiting some goals during some trips gave me the part Practical from what I learned in class. I want to give this performance, because a man who knows his history can interfere in the future. Simina Teodora Buculei explained that the coordinating teacher’s participation in the verification of knowledge is also a support for what I am verifying.”

  • Statistics of exam results in baccalaureate simulation

“We specify that the minimum exam passing average is 6 (six), and the minimum score for each written exam is 5 (five). The promotion percentage is calculated from the total number of students present in all written exams,” said IȘJ Suceava spokesperson, School inspector in Anuța Ioan Cezar. The statistics of test results are shown as follows: EA test – Romanian Language and Literature, total students: 5014, of whom 3648 passed (72.76%), 1366 were rejected (27.24%); 6 students with a score of 10 in the Romanian language and literature test; Eb Test – Mother Language and Literature: Total students: 14, of whom 11 passed (78.57%), 3 rejected (21.43%); English Test – Compulsory Profile Test: Total students: 4941 (Math 3475, History 1466), of whom: Passed 2837 (57.42%): Mathematics 1700 (49%) and History 1137 (77.55%); Rejected: 2104 (42.58%) – Mathematics 1775, History 329; 25 students got a score of 10 in the compulsory profile test (Mathematics 11, Date 14); Ed Exam – Profile Selection Test and Major: Total Students: 4881 (Biology – 1780, Chemistry – 93, Physics – 212, Economics – 17, Philosophy – 14, Geography – 1119, Computer Science – 350, Logic, Argument and Communication – 1183 , Sociology – 56, Psychology – 57), of which: Successful 3536 (72.44%): Biology 987 (55.45%), Chemistry 68 (73.12%), Physics 150 (70.75%), Economics 15 (88.24%), Philosophy . 13 (92.86%), geography 994 (88.83%), computer science 336 (96%), logic, dialectics and communication 877 (74.13%), sociology 46 (82, 14%), psychology 50 (87.72%); 1345 rejected (27.56%). 62 students received a score of 10 in the choice test for profile and specialization (Biology 25, Chemistry 5, Physics 4, Geography 13, Computer Science 5, Logic, Argument and Communication 6, Sociology 4).

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