Shocking details about Eliza Natantiko’s movie life. Her mother died and her grandfather was killed by Ceausescu. “There were days when I had nothing to eat”

Eliza Natantiko always surprises the audience with her good mood, but the former contestant from Asia Express hides the sad drama that deeply affected her life.

Shocking details about Eliza Natantiko’s life

Eliza Natantiko has always had a smile on her face in front of the cameras, and her optimism was also noted during the Asia Express competition where she participated with her husband.

However, the artist was subjected to severe pressures from life and first revealed the overwhelming dramas she experienced as a child. The star said that she was raised only by her mother, because her father left her when Elisa was only one year old.

To justify his father’s absence, Elisa’s mother told him that he was a pilot, although the star’s father was a professional actor.

The hardest blow she suffered was when she was only eleven years old, leaving little Elisa without her mother, because his wife is alive after a long suffering caused by a serious illness. The artist was raised by her grandmother, who was actually the wife of Virgil Trouven, an important man on the political scene, from the Ceausescu period.

The mother had cancer, perhaps the suffering was also due to her abandonment. In general, the feeling of unrequited love and abandonment generates something rather bad in the body. Maybe that’s what happened to her. I stayed with my grandmother, but this is a fun story. She was the wife of Virgil Trouven, an important man in politics during the Ceausescu period‘,” Eliza Natantiko recalled.

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Elisa Natantiko’s grandfather was poisoned by Ceausescu

Elisa also recounted how her grandfather, Virgil Trouven, had been murdered by order of Ceausescu, because the man had declared himself against the regime imposed by the head of state.

My grandfather was practically killed by Ceausescu, poisoned. He was very loved by the Romans and suggested equality for all.

After all, I know from my grandmother that she was poisoned. And the doctor who performed the autopsy told my grandmother about it and she disappeared. His death is very suspicious, but this was not discussed. My grandmother told me that people are not allowed to come to his funeral, only family can attendrevealed Elisa Natantiko.

When Eliza’s grandmother became a widow, she raised her niece alone from a miserable pension. Elisa recounted how often they did not have money for food, but the old woman tried to take good care of her niece.

Eliza Natantiko refused to live with her father

Elisa’s second major suffering was when she was 18 years old, as she was left completely alone in the world, because her grandmother had died. Like the old man, the whole “universe” of Eliza Natantiko.

Grandma left when I was 18 years old. Grandmother was left alone, without a husband, she moved from a very good life, with villas in Modrugan Alley, to a modest life, she lived with her niece from a miserable pension. There were days when I had nothing to eat after my mother died. Grandma was getting a pension of 300 lei a month, so what was she doing? Unable to afford maintenance or food, she was very weak, but somehow it made her put at least one potato on the table.‘, she added to

And the artist admitted, after her mother’s death, that her father made her choose between living with him and her grandmother. Eliza chose without hesitation to honor the oath she had taken upon herself after her mother’s death.

I saw my father when I was seven, and after my mother’s death she intervened even more in my life. He made me choose whether I wanted to stay with my grandmother or live with him and his wife, but I refused. Grandma was my being, I couldn’t imagine living without her. I made a promise to my mom and grandmother that I would never leave them. I will never sell the apartment I stayed inThe artist said.

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