Tent European Capital of Culture – Sibiu 2007 in scrap metal. He has no one to ride and he’s worn out

The event tent was rented out for nearly €1 million and is located in Kazarma 90, which was later donated to the city by the owners. For 14 years, the structure, which can cover approximately 2,700 square metres, was not used in a hall on the outskirts of the city because installation costs were too high.

The 2007 pavilion, named after the building located in 90 barracks, has been in use since March 2007. €940,000, including VAT, is the amount paid to rent this tent to Bento’s Event Tent, a German company, which at the end of the contract Donate it to Sibiu: The dismantling and transportation costs were too high.

In the summer of 2008 the tent was dismantled and stored in the hall of the municipality’s House of Culture. It has not been used since. The House of Culture in Sibiu Municipality tells us that there is no specialized company, at the national level, for the installation of a multifunctional tent with its accessories (currently in stock) and that very high costs for repair are required; The accessories are unusable due to their age, and the supporting pillars and columns have cracks in the seams,” explained a report prepared by the Sibiu City Council to approve the repeal of this goal.

The tent was inaugurated in the presence of then-Minister of Culture Adrian Iorgulescu

The stock of the tent is 1.08 million lei, according to representatives of the local administration, with the item depreciated in 2019. The only items that can still be capitalized, according to officials, are metal structures, which must be sold for scrap metal. “Given the advanced condition of the tent’s physical wear and tear (tarpaulin being baked and seals at risk) and the fact that there is no guarantee that it can be used safely for spectators, depending on its destination and no other destination can be obtained, it can no longer be adapted or modified, and can no longer be Obtaining the necessary permits and permits, as well as the lack of space to allow its permanent installation, the minutes of the revocation proposal No. 20406/2022 Cassation Report No. 20407/2022 and Appendix No. 1 to the cassation report, in order to remove the fixed asset “Multifunctional tent, with its accessories”, under the administration of the House of Culture in the municipality of Sibiu.

One request in seven years

Sibiu needed a tent in 2007, because one of the requirements to become a capital of culture was to have at least 3,600 seats in its performance halls. The city halls did not reach this capacity. More than 70 large-scale events are organized here, from the Festival of Theater or Jazz to the 3rd European Ecumenical Assembly.

Majlis Tower last wrote about this tent in 2015. “If someone comes in today and says they want to rent it, I think we can find a way to offer it, although there is no set rental price, but the main problem is the people who installed it. For anyone to do that, they have to bring in specialists from Germany and that costs more.In the seven years since we got it, we’ve only had one rental request, but the person gave up for this very reason, and he didn’t have enough specialists to pick it up.As far as I remember, he wanted to make a cinema somewhere behind the shopping city of Sibiu, in the square,” Ovidiu Dragoman, director of the city’s House of Culture, recalled at the time.

At that time, the tent was still in good shape.

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