The epidemic has increased the interest of Romanians in sports, and more than 50% of them prefer to go to several gyms in one month

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ESX, the digital platform that encourages going to the gym with access to hundreds of single-season gyms, estimates a fivefold increase this year in the number of subscriptions sold, due to the growing trend of Romanian interest in sports activities. In addition, Romanians no longer go to only one gym as they did in previous years, but choose several sites, depending on proximity, types of sports activities, equipment and facilities.

“More and more Romanians are realizing the importance of sports and a healthy lifestyle in the context of the global pandemic, especially since gyms are among the only places where you can relax and socialize in addition to playing sports. It is also interesting that more and more Romanians prefer to go to several Halls in a single subscription If two years ago only 20% of members went to multiple partner rooms with the ESX app, now the percentage is 55%. The ESX app supports this trend as our subscribers can access 270 gyms across the country, plus We expect that by the end of the year, our members will be entering partner rooms 700,000 times, using the ESX app,” said André Trovin, CEO and founder of ESX.

Romanians’ interest in going to the gym began to grow significantly after the isolation period of 2020 because the world did not exercise, did not leave the house, gained weight, increased their level of stress and the tendency towards movement became more and more necessary. In addition, they no longer only do the same activity, but also want to recharge the energy of the people around them, groups in gyms, to change the environment at home. Therefore, Romanians are more motivated to exercise when they go to the gym than if they exercise at home, unlike in previous years.

“I noticed that most Romanians still prefer to go to gyms because they benefit from a greater variety of equipment, types of activities and training than at home, where space is limited and there is limited sports equipment or accessories,” he added. Andrei Truffin.

The Romanian fitness market is estimated at approx. 500 million euros is still immature, although it has the highest increase in Europe for more than 5 years. Bulgaria reaches 650 million euros, Hungary 750 million euros, Poland 1.1 billion euros, France, Spain, Italy about 3 billion euros, and the market in England and Germany is more than 5 billion euros.

The most popular sports are fitness and cardio at 70%, followed by aerobics, yoga, dance, tennis, squash, climbing, kickboxing and CrossFit. Although the ESX app has been available in Bucharest since the end of last year, it records the most subscription sales here, followed by Iași and Cluj-Napoca.

The most important factors for Romanians when deciding which fitness club to go to are: proximity to home or work, available activities, quality of services, and subscription price. The ESX application has been able to reach all the decision makers of the people and thus supports the exponential growth of the sports industry. ESX makes getting to the gym easy, fast and affordable.

About ESX

Founded in early 2018 by entrepreneur Andrei Trofin, ESX has an app available on iOS, Android and Huawei and a web platform, with which Romanians can purchase a recurring subscription, giving them access to nearly 270 gyms in Romania. In addition to gym access, ESX customers benefit from dozens of home workouts and diverse fitness and nutrition education programs. This digital system was created out of a desire to add value to the sports industry as Romania ranks third in obesity in Europe, and as education in this direction is striving for first place.

This year, the ESX founder expects the turnover to exceed 1 million euros.

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