The mayor’s office gave 15,000 euros to the brand Yash! Only four letters cost 10,000 euros – photo

The cost of the Iași brand amounted to 15,000 euros, according to those who designed the project presented at Brownstein Palace. The four-character “IAȘI” fee alone cost 10,000 euros, and the rest is for show, catering, and more. The concept and presentation have already been criticized by personalities from the municipality of Iai, who have highlighted the shortcomings of those who implemented the project.

The new visual identity of the municipality of Iai was launched in the past few days at Bronstein Palace in the central district of the city. The project was designed by the Iași Tourist Association for the Management of Tourist Destinations and the Region of Moldova, an association that called itself “Destination Iași”. It created the new brand of Iai, a project that was presented in the presence of the heads of Iași City Hall, the Prefectural Council, as well as other officials.

The mayor’s office offered 15,000 euros for the Yash brand

“Destination Iasi” is an association between Iasi City Hall, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi and Iasi Airport. The new brand was created in cooperation with the municipality and design and strategy agency “Namogo”, along with photographers, copywriters, illustrators and other members of the creative community in Iasi, according to the presentation of “Destination Iasi”. Submission of the four letters cost 15,000 euros, according to Mihai Boulay, representative of the association and university lecturer. PhD in the Faculty of Geography and Geology, University of “Koza”. Of this amount, 10,000 euros were allocated to the design of the project, and the remaining 5,000 euros to related services.

The total amount was 15,000 euros. The project was worth 10,000 euros, the rest for other services. One hundred percent of the hotel owners’ contribution, city tax, was paid. It depends on how the problem appears, whether it is paid by the mayor’s office or from the city tax,” Mihai Bolay said.

The city tax will be 0.75 percent of hotel accommodation prices.

Criticism of who made the Yash brand. “I don’t know the history of the city”

However, the concept of the four letters has been criticized by academics. Associate Vasile Cotiugă, a professor at the University of “Cuza”, revealed a series of spurious aspects presented by those from the “Destination Iași”, the association that envisioned the brand identity of Iai and which was pompously presented in the Braunstein Palace of the Central District.

“I looked to see what and how Yashi promoted. If I did not look! The crude hobby, the trifles. Empty content sentences containing bad or even false historical information. The sentences seem to have been collected from notebooks with memories from the eighth grade, the famous oracle from the years of communism. And what We still wonder why we are called Moldova. Unfortunately, the name has become a common name denoting superficiality, laziness, lack of interest, etc., ”said Vasily Kotiugo.

Pazacconi by “Destination Iași”

University employees showed that those who belonged to the association “Destination Iași” did not know the history of the municipality at all and were inspired by the Internet with false information.

“If you go up Copoul…” If you turn your head to the right, you will see a statue of Mihai Eminescu, the national poet of Romania. If you want to explore other great places in this neighborhood, you are in luck. There is so much to see! Here you will find the oldest monument in Romania: Obelisk with Lei. The 15-meter-high stone pillar, supported by four lei, symbolizes the four European powers that recognized Romania’s independence.” How can the authors believe you if you tell them they’re telling the bastards about the monument to organic regulations? But that’s what happens when Wikipedia is your source of documentation Only, ”said Vasily Kotyogo.

Wrong information provided by the association that created the Iași trademark

The nonsense continues: “The University Palace in Kubo was built in 1860 (built between 1893 and 1896). That Iai was the capital of the Principality of Moldova between 1564 and 1862 (it was a royal residence); that the Palace of Justice and Administration was built between 1906 and 1925 on the ruins of the court. Medieval royals (1434) and the royal palace (1806) (we are not talking about the court or the royal palace in Iai, but about the royal court and the royal palace); Union Square has three pillars of the homeland.” Professor Vasili Kotiugo said, How can you See this description if not historical memories from the 80s of the last century?

Vasile Cotiugă: “Is that bullshit the brand identity of Iași?”

Assistant. Dr. Vasili Kotyogo pointed out that the city’s new brand is far from the identity of the municipality, as those who made it understand it.

“We just learned about it at the time. Someone was wondering who was around: ‘This nonsense gave and watered so much compliments, and food and drink was the brand identity of Yasi?’ IAȘI wrote some thick letters?”, concluded Vasili Kotiugo.

On the other hand, Mihai Bolaye avoided commenting on Vasily Kotiugo’s criticism.

I didn’t see the criticism. But this is a positive thing, and then it shows that he is interested in Iași,” Mihai Bulai replied.

The new Iași brand will be used in the city’s promotional materials.

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