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This year, the Romanian Quimbo Federation organized the second edition of the National Sumo Championship. This specialty, known in our country as “the sport of obesity”, has a following among girls.

Blink twice and take the national gold in sumo

Sumo is the national sport of Japan, but it also has a following in Romania. And not just between men. Girls practice obesity, as it is called in folklore.

“We think sumo is a giant of 140 and 180 kilograms, but it is not like that, at the amateur level there are weight classes. It is a great sport, a sport that will have an audience at some point “, Amato Zacharia, president of the Romanian Quimbo Federation, explains.

Oana Dolha is 28 years old and the new Romanian champion in this new system in the Romanian sports competition calendar.

Băimăreanca, with a degree in MAPN, won the gold in the National Sumo Championships, in the 60kg category, in just six seconds. In fact, fights in this sport last only in exceptional cases, about 30 seconds.

“We simply knew it at the time. I blinked twice and it was over. Training lasts longer than a match. It may seem easy, but it is not.” It tells the story of Oana Dolha, the new national champion in sumo.

Maramureșeanca participates for the second time in sumo competitions. Last year he had to settle for only a bronze medal. However, he seeks to control this sport by “weight” even though he weighs no more than 60 kilograms.

The 50 kg champion “scares” the boys

In the Romanian national sumo championship, in the women’s competition, there are only two categories – 60 and 50 kg, respectively.

And this year’s winner, Alina Corbino, a first-time sumo contestant. The victory was not at all surprising. Alina has been practicing contact sports since she was seven years old.

“I’ve been doing judo, kimpo, and mixed martial arts for 13 years. I think I’ve done really well in sumo. I know I’m weak, but I’m full of muscle.”

In this sport it’s not the strength that matters so much, but the technique I have from other contact sports I play. Girls tell me I’m a boy, and boys are afraid of me.” Alina Corpiano says amused.

In the men’s competition, Alexandru Kotura was the recurring champion

Obviously, the boys also compete in giant fighting, even if the contestants in our country, in the “heavy” category, weigh no more than 95 kg.

As in the inaugural Sumo Citizens edition, Alexandru Kotura triumphed, crafting it in the style of a great hero. The fights that led him to national gold lasted less than 6 seconds.

“I fought in 3 matches until I won the champ, under 6 seconds each, and not even the grinding machine broke. I know it’s not that hard, but I can handle the biggest athletes.

I watch sumo tournaments in Japan, I think it’s a nice sport and I want to go and fight abroad too.”Alexandru Cotora, an MMA, K1 and Greco-Roman wrestling practitioner, admits.

What is sumo?

Sumo is a competitive form of total contact wrestling, in which the fighter attempts to knock his opponent out of the ring or have him touch the ground with any part of his body other than his feet.

Japanese characters that call the sport of sumo mean “to hit each other”. Few know that behind these fighters are years of discipline and strict nutrition.

Sumo has its origins in 16th century Japan, and this form of fighting has its roots in a purification ritual called Shinto.

Over time, these fights became more common, and it became one of Japan’s national sports. The goal of any sumo practitioner is to one day reach Yokozuna, which is the ultimate title one can obtain in sumo.

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