What is the interest of the mayor of ecak in requesting the revocation of the right to use the workshops of plastic artists from the Constanta 1 branch? (Documents + Photo Gallery)

  • The regular meeting of the Constana Municipal Council is held on the 29th of April, between the Easter holidays and the 1st of May, when the grass does not grow either.
  • Time for Mayor Virgil تشيižek to sneak a draft resolution under the noses of local elected officials, which at first glance might seem banal
  • It is about project no. 31 of the agenda, which refers to the abolition of the right of free use established in favor of the Union of Visual Artists of Romania – Constanta branch on real estate belonging to the private domain of Constanta, located in Constanta.
  • The three buildings are located in regional areas in three very important areas of the city, see the “Documentation” section
  • Visual artists claim that City Hall used the local police as a tool to get them out of these spaces
  • Representatives of the Union of Plastic Artists fear the existence of a real estate interest in the buildings located on Mihai Emensko Street, respectively Mamaia Boulevard
  • The artists will notify each local advisor and ask them not to vote for the Mayor Chitac project
  • If it is passed, the board of directors of the Constana branch of the Union of Plastic Artists will speak before the courts

The regular meeting of the Constana Municipal Council takes place on April 29, from 11.00.

Fixed between the Easter mini holiday and the May 1 holiday, when the grass does not grow either, as the old Roman proverb says.

It is an opportune moment for Mayor Virgil تشيižek to slip under the noses of local elected officials a draft resolution that, at first glance, may seem like a banal one.

It is about project no. 31 of the agenda, which refers to the abolition of the right of free use established in favor of the Union of Visual Artists of Romania – Constanta branch on real estate belonging to the private domain of Constanta, located in Constanta.

UAP Creation House on Mihai Eminescu Street No. 22

Real estate located in the ultra-central areas of Constanta

The three buildings are located in regional areas in three very important areas of the city, see the “Documentation” section.

The first, on Mamaia Street No. 302, with an area of ​​about 5,000 square meters, construction area just over 900 square meters, stock value of 443,900 lei.

The next space is located on Ferdinand Street BL AR2, ground floor, and inside are the creative workshops of artists Gheorghe Caruțiu and Leonte Năstase. The usable area is 101 square metres.

The third is located near the marriage house in Constana, on Mihai Emensko Street at No. 22.

About the Creation House, the land is 859 square meters and the construction area is about 250 square meters. The value of the inventory does not exceed 90,000 lei, but due to the real estate interest of the area, the price of that land is definitely huge compared to the valuation in the early 2000s. Plastic from the country that came to Constanta for documentation.

All of these spaces are used by the first branch of the Romanian Fine Artists Union, which, if the decision is approved, will have 60 days to hand over the sites.

Headquarters on Mamaia Street were arranged with the money of the Platonic artists in 1963-1973, see “Facsimile”, but by mistake, some might say, or because the legislation at the time did not allow otherwise, they were taken more than a series of successive protocols , first by the Constana People’s Assembly, and then by the Constana Provincial Assembly, so that at some point it reaches the heritage of the Constana Municipal Council, and more specifically in the private sphere of the municipality. Since 2000 it has been managed by the current RAEDPP.

In December 2004, local councilors at the time (Băluț Lucian, Fărcășiu Gheorghe, Itu Adrian, Rădulescu Ilie, Lungu Virgil and Ibram Temur) proposed the right to free use of artists from Branch 1 Constanța for a period of 49 years. spaces, see the “Documents” section.

This is why elected members of the current local legislature would do well to weigh Chiak’s proposal very carefully.

Because here, 16 years later, the current local administration comes and demands the revocation of the right to use the spaces!

Without any explanation. In fact, in the body of the draft resolution, the destination of these spaces is not specified, having returned to the use of the municipality.

The only references are to some local police reports, which were sent to take control of the three places.

After inspections carried out by the local police, it was found that the unsanitary condition of these buildings and structural shortcomings at the level of facades and paint shops.

From the photos taken by ZIUA de Constanța reporters, the buildings can be seen with the naked eye that the buildings are far from deserted, as the “poet” wanted from the local police, who received the order to prepare the basic report for the project. to say. CLM decision!
I contacted the head of the first branch of the Consortium of Visual Artists in Constanta, Florentin Serpo, in order to better understand the intentions of Mayor Virgil ižek.

“They wanted to find a knot in a hurry and sent in the local police”

Sîrbu announced to ZIUA de Constanța that in just one month, there were three checks of the local police directorate. They told us that they had received complaints about the activity we do at the headquarters on Mamaia Boulevard. Obviously, these checks were just an excuse to take over our buildings.

We will notify each local council member not to vote on this bill and if it is approved we will go to the courts. This isn’t the first time we’ve tried to kick them out of these places. This mistake was made in 2004/05, when the UAP management accepted the mandate for 49 years, but looking at what is being prepared for us, it is clear that it was not a mistake then or now.

We know that there are real estate interests for space on Mamaia Boulevard, where we are surrounded by real estate investments and for the headquarters on Eminsko Street, which we know the RAEDPP management wants. But we don’t know why. However, we will not give up on defending our interest and hope that all members of the local councils will respond to our requests,” said Florentine Serpo.

He added that the mayor’s initiative appears to be one of the “Night as Thieves” cycle, given that based on the partnership, Branch 1 of UAP Constanța has donated many works of art to the city and regularly organizes exhibitions in the halls within Constanța City Hall.

In order not to lose track of the story, we specify that on Good Friday we also contacted the Director of RAEDPP, Stere Hira, to ask him if the director will receive in the administration the spaces that we are talking about in this material. Hera swore she didn’t know what it was all about!
Aurelian Bruacci, who heads the Constanta branch of the UAP, also says that the decision of the local administration is strange. Although in this branch he leads there is only one alley in space on Mamaia Street, the alley of the artist Ignat Stefanov, the opinion is unanimous: something is being pursued by the decision of the Municipal Local Council!

Local elected officials do not understand the mayor’s movement: “He wants to create chaos“!

Even some local elected officials I’ve spoken with say so. Nor do they understand what the mayor wants from this repeal, aside from the fact that it would cause chaos.

And they smell interesting.

For this reason, if they are united at the April 29 meeting, there is a chance that this resolution will not be passed!

The scenarios are as follows: either the distances return to RAEDPP with the destination Anywere (Nowhere), or they are hidden interests, known only to a small group about the initiator.

It is also rumored that some of these workshops will reach artists who have won many contracts of care and interventions on statues and monuments in Constanta which we will talk about in the future.

Meaningful story from 2012!

Perhaps we should mention here the confession of one of the artists we spoke to documenting this material. For predictable reasons, we will remain anonymous for the time being. But we retell the story: “In 2012, the current General Manager of Constanta, then a lawyer, whom we were in talks with to represent us, attended a meeting at the headquarters on Mamaia Street at UAP. At that time, he told us in passing that he had some clients who wanted to partner with a company Construction and building about 4-5 blocks in the area. Now that we have presented this draft, it all comes to mind. Does it have anything to do with it?” asked the artist himself rhetorically.

We have no evidence that this project initiated by Mayor ick has anything to do with the story dated 2012, but for that reason we need clear explanations from Mayor Virgil ižek on the subject.

Not for nothing, but recent history has shown us that escaping the data and interpretations of the Constanta people made it to the site directly below into their DNA.

We specify that Mayor Virgil ižek cannot be contacted for an opinion on this draft resolution.
Until we receive an answer, we can, of course, ask ourselves the question: what are the interests of the mayor of ecak in the request to cancel the right of use for the workshops of plastic artists from the first Constanta branch?

When will art galleries reopen?

We have to mention that the artists from Constana we spoke with were also concerned about the previous art galleries on tefan cel Mare, as they came under the management of Constanța City Hall, a space given to artists in 1987 that is a gallery. ..of the art known to the people of Constanta and the tourists.

Regarding this space, also known as Fondul Plastic Constanţa Store (or Art Galleries), the municipality representatives have specified that it will be converted into a space to display the works of artists, after the issue of the cadastre and the building is resolved and will also be rehabilitated.

Photos taken by Nicușor BUȘURICĂ

to specify:

Law 190 of 2018, in Article 7, states that journalistic activity is exempt from certain provisions of the GDPR, if a balance is maintained between freedom of expression and protection of personal data.

The information in this article is of public interest and is obtained from open public sources.

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