Blacksmith in Romanian sport! Former Great Champion Anna Pascoe Has Died

Anna Pascoe, a former fencing champion, has died at the age of 77. The death of the former great swordsman was announced on the Facebook page of the Roman Fencing Federation.

In the article:

Anna Pasco led the Romanian fencing federation between 1982 and 2013.

Masked heroes never die!

Madame Anna Paco will live through the people she inspired and through everything she left a legacy of fencing, Roman sport, and world fencing.

May God rest her peace!

Through everything that leaves us a legacy, through everything that has instilled in us, unforgettable feelings and moments, Anna Pascoe will live through every generation that will end up making performances for Romania.

Disguised heroes inspire and motivate eternally, and our mission, from the Roman Fencing Federation, is precisely to preserve and carry on their story.

Anna Pascoe recognized the hero with the mask of success and glory. He is the epitome of a dedicated athlete, strong character, well-balanced man, and a man for whom the team meant everything.

Anna Pasco has represented Romania at five editions of the Olympic Games and won two bronze medals. At the World Championships, he won gold in the junior category in 1963, after which he rose to the adult category 7 times: gold with the team in Havana in 1969, silver in the 1970 team and five bronze times in 1967, 1971, 1973, 1974, 1975.

His brilliant sporting career was followed by a brilliant career as President of the Federation, Vice-President of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee and Vice-President of the International Fencing Federation. For decades, Anna Paco created and developed Roman fencing strategy. Anna Pasco led the Romanian fencing federation between 1982 and 2013, a longevity record for Romania, during which she won 134 medals: 9 at the Olympic Games, 57 at the World Championships and 68 at the European Championships.

At the international level, Anna Pascoe was a member of the FIE Rules Committee, 1984-1988, the FIE Jury, 1988-1996, the FIE Executive Committee, 1996-2004 and Vice-Chairman of the FIE, 2004-2021.

Anna Pascoe devoted her whole life to fencing, and she has a passion for what she did. We were all with him when his son died after the fire in Collective. Today, Alex, Mom and Dad, together….

The Romanian Fencing Federation sends its condolences to his family and his close sister!

The hero in the mask, Mrs. Anna Basco, will always remain in our memory, for those who love Roman fencing and sports.

Smooth method, Mrs. Anna! rest in peace! ‘, was the message of the Roman Federation of Fencing, the Forum which Anna Pascoe had led for more than 30 years.

The Romanian Fencing Federation also later published a letter containing data regarding the funeral of the former great fencing champion.

“The body of Mrs. Anna Pascoe will be deposited in the fencing hall “Anna Pasco” (Florasca) from today from 15:30 until Saturday. The column service will be formally held on Friday, at 18:30. The funeral service will take place on Saturday, from 13: 00, in the Church of Saint Nicholas in Otopeni de Joss, Sofia Street.

May God rest her peace! “broadcast by the Romanian Federation of Fencing.

Anna Pasco (in black), with great Romanian heroes, including Anna Maria Popescu and Mihai Covalho

[Sursa foto: Facebook Federația Română de Scrimă]

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Anna Pascoe was the mother of Alex Pascoe, guitarist of the band Goodbye to Gravity, who died in a fire at the Colectiv Club.

Former great duelist Anna Pascu was the mother of Goodbye to Gravity guitarist Alex Pascu, who died in a horrific fire at the Colectiv Club, on October 30, 2015.

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Anna Pascoe had to live through the immense tragedy of seeing her son die.

With the exception of the soloist Andrei Găluț, all members of the band Goodbye to Gravity lost their lives as a result of the horrific fire in the Colectiv Club, located inside the former Pionierul factory in the capital.

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