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There’s no point in going back yesterday, because I was a different person back thenIt’s always good to think about, Alice said in the classic story. A different person, and with a different approach, signs the direction and choreography of the ballet “Alice in Wonderland”, in the operetta and musical theater “Ion Dacian” – Italian master Damiano Bessozi.

Best known for his roles as the lead dancer on choreographed series in Hollywood films like “The Tourist” or “Nine,” Damiano Pesuzzi, architect of festivals across the ocean, here tells us about art, projects, life and love.

How did cooperation with Romania start? first contact?

Coincidentally. I have been contacted by organizations here as a guest lecturer for various internships. Once in Romania, I met a good friend, Renzo Rossi, my director, who introduced me to the first ballerina of the Ion Dacian operetta, Iolanda Petrescu. Directors watch the trailer for the opera ballet in “jack the superhero”, which I showed in Italy, they wanted to meet me. Thus began my Roman adventure with the theater itself.

What do the Italians have in common with the Romans? And what distinguishes them from others?

Many things, being countries of the same Latin origin, are very hospitable and friendly and I, personally, here in Romania, feel at home. Otherwise, no difference. For me, we are all the same.

Where is the Roman choreography today?

I have participated in many competitions as a juror and I must say that Romania is full of talent, really, at a high level. However, from what I have seen, modern dance is still not developed enough and I would like to be the one who brings a new style to modern dance.

What does Project Alice mean? and what?

as a story”Alice in Wonderland” I was always fascinated, not just when I was a kid. It was a privilege and an honor to sign the choreography and direction of this now stable show. In cooperation with the Opera Theatre, she performed the Opera Ballet “Alice in WonderlandAfter writing Lewis Carroll with the wonderful music of Mr. Diego Mickey. The show was a huge success.

in preparation,”jack the superhero‘, according to Keri Maniscalco’s book, where I’ll take up choreography, as well as Diego Mickey’s music. The operetta here has a winning team, we’ll do great things together! And shooting It was just the beginning of a wonderful adventure to live to the fullest. I would like to give a solemn thank you to director Christy Albaugh who believed in our art.

Will it become a show in Italy too?

not yet. shooting It was created specifically for the Romanian audience, but we strive to present it both in Italy and abroad.

I understand that you also plan to cooperate with the high school of dance “Floria Capsali”. What exactly are you thinking about?

I am honored to start a great collaboration, and can’t wait for this adventure! It would be a growth factor for both me and the high school dancers. I have a lot on my mind, including cultural exchanges with Italy. The rest…a surprise!

She has also starred in films. In “Tourist” for example. Remember something funny from the set?

Yes, my artistic career also means participating in it the tourist” – great experience! But my great first love is never forgotten, and here I am referring to”lady of paris”, as the protagonist. Funny moments?! There are so many … I will always wear them, but only with me.

Because Tango – Great Love is a magazine for culture and love, what does love mean to you?

For me, the word love It is the most powerful word in the world. Love is inexplicable, it can only be felt, and love makes you feel good and sometimes even suffer. In this world, more love would be needed, and things would be much better. One piece of advice I give everyone is LikesBecause only through love can you have a better life.

When you think of love, what’s the first song that comes to mind from the Italian repertoire?

I will marry you becauseWritten by Eros Ramazzotti. In fact, it’s the song I play, out of fun, when I go out with my friends at karaoke.

What do you do in your spare time? Or is he with you?

I have many hobbies. When I’m not working, I like fishing and horse riding, and I like walking in the sea and mountains. To tell you the truth, I like to try everything in life. The important thing is that it makes me feel good about myself.

Is ‘Wonderland’ the elusive trophy of a lifetime?

Life itself is wonderful, but many people don’t realize it. Through life we ​​should always be positive and smile every day of our life. Life is a gift. As I always say: Make your life a dream and a dream come true.

Regarding Damiano Bisuzzi’s projects in Bucharest, I received feedback from some of the project’s partners.

to Iolanda PetrescuPrincipal ballerina of the opera “Ion Dachian” and musical theater, graduate of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, coordinator of this project, the dance is: “A state of well-being, a manifestation of joy or a way of becoming. It is not a strategy to camouflage the agony.

A dose of persistence makes a difference, over time, between professionals and amateurs. For the first category, there is a set of rules, for the other, dancing is the embodiment of freedom. But we all dance! Because the fascination and ecstasy gained through dance easily outweigh any other pleasure. The dance is simply in us and does not need any verification.

We can’t stop dancing, even if we’re not in the vicinity of the stage. The scene really presents a situation that you no longer find, despite any efforts! But the fun of dancing remains just as strong.

Alice in Wonderland is a reset for my position in the theater. From ballet soloist, choreographer and assistant choreographer to project coordinator. The success of this project is largely due to the management of the theater, represented by Bianca Ionescu and Kristi Albo, people who practice values.

The display mechanism was started by a 100% Romanian national brand. The people I took with me into the realm of fantasy assured me that there would be no gaps between desire and reality. Priceless. Collaboration with Floria Capsali Choreography High School, where I also work as a teacher, was not a necessity – it was an ambition. A new area with children of beauty and intelligence worthy of any artistic appearance, able to explore any idea of ​​the unknown suggested by the choreographer. bewitching!

The success of this project was my trust in the team of professional dancers – my colleagues – who explored choreography and cultivated plants and animals according to the diversity of the dances. Wonderful!

Damiano and Levnte Szasz, whom I chose to help me with choreography and choreography, I could talk about endlessly. I love every one. Success lies in team selection, persistence and ambition to get what you want. Alice – It was my mountain! Everyone mentioned helped me get to the top and see the following perspectives. I have a second thought for all.

Just like in the show, Kapsali ballerinas also appear, and she’s signed on too Maddalena Giorgescu, mathematics teacher, director of the secondary school of choreography “Floria Capsali”. Within two months, the facts had already become clear in this school. He took the steps to announce February 25 in high school (Floria Capsali’s birthday), and in less than a month, he started a partnership with the Italian choreographer.

For the directors, common in the duality of sports ballet is “In character, passion and discipline. You also have to work hard in math and ballet (I did ballet as a kid) to get results. And to get results, you need discipline. Collaboration with Damiano is part of this creativity – passion – discipline trinity. And it will be useful because both the dance schools, Romanian and Italian, are very strong.

Damiano brought a fresh breath, and students from our high school also contributed to this new Alice. Project coordinator Iolanda Petrescu, who is also an instructor at Floria Capsali, also contributed. The choreographer offered to hold a series of workshops for our students. We want to start a collaboration between our high school and a ballet school in Italy. I’m convinced we’ll do beautiful things together.”

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