A child from Craiova disappeared from home and ended up with a beggar

On Tuesday evening, March 22, a desperate message appeared on social media about a 9-year-old boy from Craiova, who had disappeared from his home. His mother called the police, and the message spread online very quickly. The people of Craiova mobilized, distributed the letter widely with the disappearance of the child, and this led to his discovery. The boy arrived at a beggar’s house.

The 9-year-old had left the house on Tuesday, around 2 p.m., when his mother let him out to play. Two hours later, when he saw that he was not going home, the woman chased after him. “On Tuesday, at 14.00, he asked me to go out to play. I left him and told him to come back in two hours. But, about 16.00, when I saw that he was not coming back, I chased after him. I looked for him everywhere, in all the stadiums in Craiova, I thought he was Maybe he got lost because he doesn’t know the neighborhood well. I called some of my classmates’ moms, but they weren’t anywhere. It was hard for me to believe something like this was happening because he’s a very smart kid, he goes shopping alone, and he goes out,” said the boy’s mother.

After I saw that she could not find him anywhere, my mother went to the police. A relative also posted a picture of the child on social media and said he had disappeared. The police began searching for him, and my mother stayed at the police station, waiting for news of the little boy. “The police were very open and the search began immediately. The photo was also widely distributed on Facebook. At one point, someone commented on the post that he saw the child and that he was accompanied by a woman who was begging in Krajewica and living in Ishalnija,” said the boy’s mother .

Why does the child run away from home?

Ionella Vasco, the boy’s mother, says that the little boy had no serious reasons to leave the house, but was punished for not using his mobile phone because he did not take good care of the school. “We simply found out at the time. The child was punished for two weeks for not using his mobile phone. He did not pay attention to school and did not do his homework. I scolded him and told him that he was not allowed to phone for two weeks and that he needed to learn better. I think any mother would do this when Need. It was already the second week he didn’t use the phone. But he showed no sign of wanting to do so. I let him out to play, but I didn’t expect him to do something like that,” Ionella Vasco also said.

He arrived at a beggar’s house in Ichalnia

The child was found by the police in Işalniţa, at the home of a woman begging in Craiova. So the information from the guy on Facebook led him to the boy.

“A man told us on Facebook that he saw him with a woman begging with a child in her arms in Craiova. My child probably went to her to give her money because she always does it when she sees such people. Then they talked probably and I don’t know what to say. At some point, I understood that the man was gone to them, and asked the child what was wrong with him, that he was clean and clean, and asked him where his parents were. That woman was frightened, and she ran away, and my child chased after her. The other thing that I think attracted him was that she rode the tram and he was too curious to ride the tram. That’s how I got to pick me up with her,” she said The child’s mother.

The mother did not file a complaint against the woman of origin

Around 9 pm, the child was taken to the police station where his mother was waiting for him. A few hours of listening followed, and about 01:30 the baby finally arrived home with his mother.

“I didn’t file a complaint against the woman. The girl said he voluntarily went with her and didn’t hurt her. In the end, anything could happen to him if he was alone in town. I think it would have been better to take him with her. When the cops brought him he was very dirty and told me he ate A bag of chips.All I want right now is to try and see what was in his head for him to do something like that. With what I have been through, anything can happen,” Ionella Vasco also said.

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