The winning projects selected within the framework of the program “The Diaspora House Succeeds DAR 1 + 3”

41 local public authorities will benefit from non-reimbursable funding under the “Diaspora House Succeeds DAR 1 + 3” programme, in order to implement projects at the local level. The entities were selected by the Evaluation and Follow-up Committee, after evaluating the submitted projects, the government announces.

It includes the repair of roads and pedestrian paths, the installation of public lighting, the installation of systems for the production and supply of electricity (solar panels), the construction, expansion and rehabilitation of water supply systems, the renovation and rehabilitation of public buildings, the purchase of transportation and equipment necessary to preserve the environment and the arrangement of rest houses and sports stadiums.

The “Diaspora House Succeeds DAR 1 + 3” program aims to strengthen cooperation between government, local government, diaspora, returning citizens and development partners, giving local public authorities the opportunity to implement projects in accordance with local needs, jointly identified with the citizens of the country and those who have settled abroad. The program also aims to mobilize the human and financial potential of the diaspora for the local socio-economic development of the Republic of Moldova.

The government’s contribution to the implementation of projects this year is 10 million lei. The projects are scheduled to be implemented by the end of 2022. The program is in its third edition and so far 63 projects have been successfully completed in different parts of the country, according to a statement.

List of the winning projects under the “Diaspora Home Succeeds Dar 1 + 3” Program 2022 Edition:

1 – Văleni Town Hall, Cahul District “SOS – Save the Dust – Repair of the access road to agricultural producers in the village of Văleni”

2. Boteni Town Hall, Honchi District “The best water is the water from my hometown”

3 – Town Council of Turnova Village, Idenjić District “Improving the standard of living in rural areas through the full illumination of the village of Turnova Idenjić District”

4 – Cotiujenii Mari Village Council, Soldanesti District “We are reintegrating at home through deeds”

5 – Jamina Village Municipal Council, Anini Nui District “Reform and road marking with agri-tourism destination in Ahul Bipilor with the participation of expatriates for the local economic development of Jumina Village”

6 – Sirbona Village Municipal Council, Ilufini District “Development of a 30 kW PV park in the village of Serbona, Ilufini District”

7. The Town Hall of the Chittelnya Village, Tillenetti District, Renovation of the Great Hall of the House of Culture from the Village of Chittelnya “

8. Taraklia Municipality, Cosini District “Taraclienii for an Illuminated Village”

9. Sorata Vici Municipal Council, Fălești District “House of Culture – Home of the Spark of the Soul”

10- Dumbrăvița Town Hall, Singerei County “Rehabilitation of Street Lighting in Dumbrăvița Municipality, Singerei County (Dumbrăvița, Valea-lui-Vlad and Bocancea Schit Counties)”

11. Leova Town Hall, Leova District, “DIASPORA FOR LEOVA. Modern sanitation services for your community “

12. Dondușeni Town Hall, Dondușeni District „Rehabilitation of the city’s central park. Dondocini (Phase III)”

13. Ciuciuleni village council, Hîncești district „works to extend the central water supply networks in the village of Ciuciuleni, Hîncești district

14- Kubsiak City Hall, Gaguzia Ato “Joint planning and construction of a small football field in the village of Kubsiak”

15. Cimișlia Town Hall, Cimișlia district „Arrangement of the square youth district of the city. Semelia „

16- Bodraghi Noi City Council, Eden District “Parcul Recoștinței”

17. Cimișeni City Hall, Criuleni District “Green energy – a step for educational institutions from the village of Cimișeni,”

18. Telega Town Hall, Anneni Noi „Good water for parents. The diaspora is helping to modernize the public water supply service and build a photovoltaic system to ensure sanitation for the residents and reduce water delivery costs to maintain the social tariff for drinking water in the village of Talita.

19 – Lugnetti Town Hall, Honore de la Recreation “Upgrading the park” La Popas “through joint participation”

20. City Hall Straseni, Straseni District “Revitalization of Stefan cel Mare Park through the renovation of historical monuments and arrangement of the creative district”

21 – City Council of Chitrusu Village, Anenni Noi District, “Purchase of equipment for the development of communal services with the participation of the indigenous people of Chitrusu village”

22. Pepeni Town Hall, Singerei District, “Updating the appearance of the district by repairing and arranging the square of the Nicolae Glib House of Culture in Pepeni Municipality”

23. Droushia City Hall, Droushia Directorate, “The People of Droushia for Urban Security in Droushia”.

24- Băcioi Town Council, Chisinau Municipality, “An environment protected by the sustainable consumption of renewable resources”

25. Ungheni Town Hall, Ungheni District, “Sport unites Ungheni / SPUN”

26- Izbiște Town Hall, Criuleni District, “Mobilizing the Community for a Healthy Place”

27- Town Hall of Dubasarii Vechi Village, Criuleni District, “Repair of the Ceremonial Hall Roof of the Dubăsarii Vechi Village Culture and Leisure Center”

28- Rossetti Noi Municipal Municipality, Ilovyi District, “Participation for the welfare of the Rossetti Noi municipality by improving the quality of local roads with the participation of indigenous peoples working abroad or returning from the diaspora”

29- Town Hall of Ciutești Village, Nisporeni District, “Let there be light in the streets of Ciutești”

30- Alpota de Sus City Council, Taraclia Province, “Involvement of expatriates in the improvement and development of large infrastructures for sports and football in the municipality of Alpota de Sus”

31- Ciadîr Lunga City Hall, ATU Gagauzia, “Creating conditions for leisure activities and improving social infrastructure”

32- Sîngerei Noi City Council, Sîngerei District, “Diaspora brings light”

33. City Council of the village of Ecaterinovca, Cimișlia district, “Purchase of a multifunctional tractor (equipped with special equipment) for clean and landscaped villages”

34. Ialoveni Town Hall, Ialoveni district,, Rehabilitation of the pedestrian paths of Ștefan cel Mare, to the premises of the Public Art School of Public Institutions, the District Public Library, the Gallery of Collections P. Kindergarten Parasheva, Listorach Ensures safe access for persons with disabilities to these institutions “

35- Town Hall of Kupalia Village, Soldanesti Province, “Kupalia – a smart and clean village by purchasing a multifunctional tractor with the participation of local residents”

36- Corjeuți City Council, Briceni District, “Multifunctional Park of Corjeui”

37. Ștefan Vodă City Hall, Ștefan Vodă District, “Creation of a recreation area as a platform for communication and interaction on S. Lazo Street in tefan Vodă”

38. Satul Nou Town Hall, Cimișlia, “Multifunctional tractor for a landscaped village and a clean environment”

39. Evancia Municipal Hall, Orhei District, “Arrangement of the Square with a Summer Scene from the Village of Burnetti, Evancia Municipality, Orhei District”

40- Bilicenii Vechi Municipal Council, Singerei District, “Bilicenii Vechi community – an inclusive community for all”

41- Gradet Village Town Hall, Semeklia County, “Building a sidewalk in the local streets of Gradet Village”

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