‘The average person faces imprisonment’

An amendment to a law on doping smuggling leads to fitness problems for owners of gyms in Iai. They consider that the new law, in effect, imposes additional fees on economic agents. Furthermore, the National Anti-Doping Agency can monitor regular customers if they use prohibited substances.

A law passed on June 23, 2021 caused discontent among businessmen who own gyms in Iai. At least 30 local companies were affected by the amendment of Law No. Resolution 104/2008 on preventing and combating the illicit production and trafficking of highly hazardous stimulants. In this context, the National Anti-Doping Agency (ANAD) can check gyms, as well as customers suspected of consuming prohibited substances.

“The authorized personnel of the National Anti-Doping Agency have the right to check whether the activity in the bodybuilding and/or fitness rooms is carried out in accordance with the regulations of this Act, and in order to exercise the control powers, they have access to all the premises and annexes of the bodybuilding and fitness rooms as well as all documents Necessary to exercise control The National Anti-Doping Agency has the right to conduct doping tests among bodybuilders and/or fitness practitioners, in order to determine the degree of doping use in recreational sports Doping testing shall only be conducted with the written consent of the bodybuilder or fitness practitioner and in accordance with the principle of confidentiality of his data”, as provided by law.

Weider Gym owner considers it abuse

Radu Preducin, owner of Weider Gym, claims that this law will only have the effect of increasing income within ANAD and that it does not respect the right to work.

“The purpose of this law is to raise more money. These fines and taxes fall into the budget of the National Anti-Doping Agency. The law has been rejected in the past, but it was passed just before Parliament recess. I don’t think everyone knows what they voted for. If you have A fitness center, you should automatically get a permit from the agency. The person you assign to the center must take an anti-doping course at a cost of 500 lei. This person must be a trainer, coach or sports teacher. This restricts the right to work. The permit must be paid Valid for 3 years. Therefore, the agency subscribes to sports clubs, “said Radu Priduchin.

Distinguish between companies that develop sports programs

At the same time, Radu Preducin also said that it is not normal for ANAD to organize a private company, as it is not about training professional athletes.

“For ballet halls, K1 or Karate, the same rules do not apply. It is a unique case in the world, and there is no agency that regulates the private sector anywhere. The average person with a subject without a paper risks going to jail. There are companies that import from other countries. What happens to a person receiving fertility treatment? The penalties are higher than those for high-risk drugs. It is given for consumption, inducement, and possession,” said the owner of Weider Gym.

Parliamentarians voted unanimously on the amendment

The House of Representatives adopted the law on June 29, 2021, when 308 deputies voted unanimously on the bill. Representative Alexandru Kocsis was contacted by phone, and one of those who agreed to the changes claimed that the changes are to protect the health of the residents.

“I know there is resentment with the commission. These gyms are a regulated form of sports. This does not mean that the organizers take no responsibility when clients inject all kinds of substances. Many of the substances are fake, coming from Pakistan or India. The responsibility is not the same.” The law is well tolerated by performance athletes.These substances are life-threatening.These controls will find out where these substances come from.As with other substances, these types of doping have risks.Alexandru Kochis,MNL deputy from Iasi, said the law He comes to support the population, and it is easy to mislead them.”

Romanian authorities have identified 15 to 25 percent of people who use anabolic steroids.

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