The PMB has evaluated managers of cultural institutions. Marinella Chibosch, director of Notara, loses her job, Felicia Philip, sent to competition

Bucharest City Hall (PMB) announces that it has completed the assessments of directors of cultural institutions in the capital, and of the 12 directors who underwent annual assessment, one has a score of less than 7, in which case the contract ends and one of them has a higher mark, lower than 8, and no It qualifies him to participate in the final evaluation. At the same time, two managers who have passed the final evaluation will have to submit a new project in competitive conditions.

Felicia Philip, director of children’s comedy opera, and Marinella Cebus, director of the Notara Theatre, have been rated by PMB – Hepta

Bucharest City Hall announced, on Wednesday, that it has completed the assessments of directors of cultural institutions in the capital. The assessments took place between 6-12 April and were carried out by a specially formed commission, in accordance with the law. Two-thirds of this committee was represented by industry professionals, and the rest of the members were appointed by the Program Board of Directors.

The only Notara manager who did not pass the annual evaluation

According to the municipality, 12 institutions have undergone annual evaluations – “Constantin Tănase” magazine theatre, Comedy Theatre, Ţăndărică Animation Theatre, “Metropolis Youth Theatre”, “Ion Creangă” Theatre, Masca Theatre, Teatrul Mic, Odeon Theatre, Theater “C” I Notara”, Bucharest School of Art, House of Culture “Father Schiller”, Bucharest Metropolitan Library.

Of the 12 managers who underwent the annual assessment, one had a score of less than 7, which means that the management contract will expire immediately, and a competition will be organized. According to information obtained by the reporter Andrea Melia, it was the director of the Notara Theater, Marinella Cebus, who would have received the grade 6.94. According to the sources, she filed an appeal against the decision to terminate the management contract, which was postponed until the appeal is decided on. According to the same sources, George Ivasco, director of Metropolis, received a score of 7.94 and no longer had the right to participate in the final evaluation.

Felicia Phillippe, director of the children’s comic opera, was sent to the contest

Four other institutions underwent a final evaluation: Comic Opera for Children, Excelsior Theatre, Bucharest Museum and the National Museum of Romanian Literature.

In the case of final evaluations, if directors have a score of 9 above that, they will have the exclusive right to submit a new management project, while those with a score below a score of 9 will be able to submit a management project in competitive conditions, with other applicants for the position of director of a cultural institution .

The two directors with grades below 9 are Felicia Philip, of Opera Children’s Comic, and Adrian Guzdaro, of The Excelsior Theatre.

Felicia Philip, director of the Children’s Comic Opera House, asked Mayor General of the capital, Nikosur Dan, to return the evaluation committee. “Which did not include any member of the specialty of the institution he leads: musical theater, according to the ROF, and the order to re-evaluate managerial activity in accordance with the provisions and requirements of the law. Because justice and truth are not negotiable.”.

According to a letter she wrote to the Mayor General, Felicia Phillipe stated that her score, 8.59, “This means that we are no longer eligible and the station will be put up for competition,” after performing for 8 years, OCC has been the public institution for performances in Bucharest with the most events in the past 4 years, the most profitable spectators from tickets and the highest private revenue“.

“I discovered with astonishment at the end of yesterday that the activity which I had orchestrated by me was far from performing. The score obtained does not reflect, particularly by its motivation by the evaluation committee, the truth of the report submitted. It is doubtful that during the interview, it was not Raise issues that the committee has subsequently accounted for. At this point, in practice, it clarifies items that the committee has not identified in the written report. A score of 8.59 means that neither we nor the entire OCC team are no longer qualified and that the position of director should be up for competition. This happens in the context in which you have to The institution I head, until these days, at the request of the audience, to the completion of the scheduled performances (the musical “School of rock”, after 11 more performances, is played with a closed house before and it is already known that the demand for tickets for all performances in the children’s comic opera is very high .Quoted Felicia Philip.

Who was a member of the evaluation committee?

The Capital City Hall states that the industry professionals who were part of the evaluation committee were: Alexandru Boureanu – Director of the National Theater “Marin Sorescu” from Craiova, Dan Kristi Koglnicino – Director of the Theater “Sica Alexandrescu” from Braشوفov, Prof. Dr. Bogdana Dari Kreu – “ILCaragiale” National University of Theater and Cinematography, Adrian Neacşu – Doctor of Performing Arts at the University of Arts in Târgu Mures, Serban Buyu – Associate Professor at the National University of Theater and Cinematography “Il Karagiale”, Anca Sigartău – PhD in Performing arts, Virgil Niţulescu – director of the Museum of the Roman Peasant, Marius Chivu – writer, translator and literary historian, Marilena Stoica – director of the Central University Library, Costel Caşcaval – theater and film actor, Raluca Iacob – expert in cultural public policies and president of the MetruCub Association.

The municipality was represented by Diana Bonga – Director General, Liliana Todirujk Fedorka – Director of the Department of Culture, Education and Tourism, and André Ryzy – Economic Department.

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