“Alexandro Dido equals zero valence”

Laurențiu Roșu (71), another prominent name in Romanian handball, the former captain of CSA Steaua joins the sport’s big names with ball on a semicircle, who have criticized Alexandru Dido, president of FR Handball.

In the elections for the presidency of the Romanian Handball Federation, four candidates submitted their files: Alexandru Dido, Konstantin Dean, Maximilian Gavrilo and Bogdan Voina. The General Assembly of the Romanian Handball Federation elections is scheduled for April 28, at 11:00, at the Marriott Hotel in the capital.

Within it, the 245 associate members will elect a chairperson, vice president, and board members.

Laurențiu Roșu of Steaua sprays FR Handball’s head before the election: “Alexandru Dedu equals zero valence. I mean zero bar”

The accusations made by Laureniu Roșu against Dedu It covers the eight-year period that the current president is preparing to end in a short time.

“This period, with Dedu in charge of FR Handball, was a real disaster for the sport. This man, although he does not deserve to be called a gentleman, I would call him ‘zero parity’ – this is how famous coach Nia Mendel expressed himself. To players who have no idea about handball – so this “zero parity” “destroyed a sport, which was once an elite,” Russo said.

His arguments are many and seem never ending. “He did nothing for Romanian handball. He did his best to make sure that only he and those around him were doing a good job. He canceled the children’s and junior centers, which were beneficial to the future of handball in the country.

Doubts about the use of Xavi Pascual’s son who leaves the national team players on the bench

A large number of foreign players were allowed to play in the two national championships, girls and boys, and Romanian players did not participate in the teams of their clubs. Without permanent matches, its value is greatly reduced, which is unfortunately felt in the national teams.

Because we touched on this most painful subject, it went into Pasquale’s hand in the masculine. He is already a very good coach, but I must blame him for preferring his son in the team preparing him and leaving the national team players on the bench.

What about Pascual in the national team when the players are poorly prepared because, as I said, they are not used to the club’s teams?

What can we say more about the girls? They also go, plain, easy, for the boys. Adi Vasile worked in second place with great coaches but he has a lot to learn to be able to prepare a Romanian team at a high level.

We are in the third world and soon we will reach the fourth world in terms of value. We will be with the countries that hardly open their eyes in handball,” the former senior player aged.

Laurențiu Roșu: “If I had made a fuss at Steaua, I would have been out of the office the next day”

The controversial dinner that Frank Handball will host at the Marriott the night before the election, as well as its breadth FRH Announcing that he would pay for a one-night stay in the same hotel, to the county voters, they annoyed Laurențiu Roșu.

“How can you do that with the money to develop handball?” Although he says he got into a sponsorship, it’s still for handball and not for fun at the Marriott.

I will give you the best example. I managed the Steaua Club as captain. In Steaua, there was an institution through which funds were provided from care. This money was spent on developing and maintaining the club’s sports departments.

So for the sake of sports. Do you know what would have happened if I directed that money to a dinner party or paid I don’t know how many rooms in a five star hotel? The next day I was dismissed. Not to mention I would have obeyed the law.

Someone from the Ministry of Sports must inform himself and start monitoring in this federation. Laurențiu Roșu believes that things cannot be left that way.”

“With Dedu for another four years, we’ll finish as a sport”

Laurențiu Roșu is convinced that the situation will not be good at all if the incumbent president is re-elected for a new term: “Handball as a sport will be abolished, with this“ unequal ”in leadership. Remember these words of an “old man” – I understand that this is how He ranked all the legendary players who rose up against him.

If we had come to the General Assembly, we would not have influenced the votes of any candidate. This was not our goal. I just wanted to show how dramatic the situation is in Romanian handball. In a sport in which we really fought for the tricolor and for the country,” concluded Roro.

Who is Laureniu Roșu?

Laurențiu Roșu was born in Călărași on May 1, 1950, and has an impressive track record. Double world university champion (1973-Sweden and 1975-Romania), 1977 European Cup winner, five-time national champion and two-time Romanian Cup winner, Laurențiu Roșu was president of the Red and Blue Club between 2000 and 2003.

He is an Honorary Professor of Sports and a recipient of the Sports Merit Medal.

Nearly 25 years of experience in sports journalism. He started as a journalist in 1997, in his freshman year of college, working as an editor for the ZIUA newspaper which at the time had a 4-page supplement devoted to sports. Then he moved on to Sportul Românesc, Evenimentul Zilei and ProSport (special correspondent … Read more

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