Photo / video: Metropolitan Andrei, among the residents of Bistrita, on the second day of Easter

On the second day of Easter, Monday 25 April 2022, HG Father André, Archbishop of Vad, Velik and Cluj, Metropolitan of Cluj, Maramuri and Slag, were among the followers of Bistrita. It is already a tradition that every year, on the second day of Easter, the head of the church is in the second district of the diocese, to bring to believers here the joy of the Resurrection of the Lord.

On this occasion, in the Chapel of the Crown, the oldest historical monument in the city of Bistrita (XIII century), His Eminence Father Andrei presided over the Divine Liturgy, surrounded by a small council of clergy.

The council included: Archdiocese Counsellor for Mission and Ceremony, Archdeacon Claudio Grama, Archpriest of Bistrita, Parish Priest Alexandro Vidican (Divocide “Entry into the Church of the Mother of God”, Parish Priest Nicolai Vier “Parisch of Saints Archangels Michael and Gabriel”), parish priest Vasili Beni (“Descent of the Holy Spirit”) and Priest Emmanuel Videcan, Secretary of the Diocese of Bistrica.

After reading the Gospel passage, Father Bishop Andrew spoke a word of instruction, in which he said, “We see God the Father through the Risen Son, and we see the Risen Son in the Eucharist.”

The liturgical answers were given by the diocesan choir “Coroana” led by Professor Rosalia Fucho Tomescu. In the Kinonnik, the famous musician Alexandru Bogna, director of the Culture Center of the Bistrita Nosod District, performed the price program.

At the end of the Mass, His Eminence Father Andrei, on behalf of His Beatitude Father Daniel, Patriarch of the Roman Orthodox Church, presented to the President of the Bistrica Nosod District Council, Emil Radu of Moldova, the Order of the “Holy Martyrs of Brinkovini”. Society and the Church, as well as on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of the Bistrica Nosod County Council and ten years of fruitful activity as president.

The High Priest of Bistrita, Priest Alexandro Vidican, thanked His Holiness on behalf of the Bistrita people for his presence and blessing.

The Divine Liturgy was held in the presence of the local, local and central authorities, as well as many believers from Bistrita, and some of those present attend the service in front of the church. Among the participants were the head of the Bistrica Provincial Council Nosod, Emil Radu Moldovan, the mayor of Bistrica, Ioan Türk, the deputy of Bogdan Ivan, and the director of the emergency hospital of Bistrica Province, Gabriel Lazani.

short history

Crown Chapel, dedicated to the “Entrance to the Church of the Mother of God”, located on Unirii Square, no. 9, is the oldest historical monument in Bistrita (13th century). The sanctuary was built around 1270-1280, in the early Gothic style, and has undergone several repairs and transformations over time. Between 1518 and 1520, under the leadership of Master Sigismund, the monument was modified in the Late Gothic style, and later underwent Baroque additions.

Beginning in 2017, the place underwent an extensive restoration and renovation, both inside and out, as it was re-consecrated by three hierarchical heads of the Roman Orthodox Church, led by HG Archbishop and Metropolitan Andrei, on the Feast of the Entry of the Roman Church. Our Lady, Thursday, November 21, 2019, on the occasion of the patron saint.

The church is also known as the “crown” because in the past it was owned by the “Habsburg crown” as a military church.

Within the place of worship there are three parishes: the parish “Entering the Church of the Mother of God”, comprising the parish priest Priest Alexandro Videcan – High Priest of Bistrita, the parish “Archangel Michael and Gabriel” parish priest Prof. Nicholas Fierre and the parish “Descent of the Holy Spirit” under the auspices of the parish priest Vasili Benny. Also served by Reverend Dr. Emmanuel Videcan, Secretary of the Diocese of Bistrita.

The parishes have a parish house, “Casina Român”, built in 1680, declared a historical monument, where the Orthodox Diocese of Bistrita operates today.

A monument to the saints, heroes and dignitaries of the Bistrita Nosod Province was built in the churchyard, a monument entitled “Pantheon Bistrita”.

Author: Darius Ishim / Bishop of Cluj

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