8 Reasons CSM Players Can’t Perform

CSM Bucharest is second in the Flower League standings and is on the verge of losing the title. The Champions League session is hesitant.

ProSport Friday wrote about Seven reasons why SCM Bucharest is in crisisUsing sources within the club sponsored by Capital City Hall.

The players, under the protection of anonymity, also described what is happening at the club and the fact that the organization of this entity leaves much to be desired. They explained that they can not be compared with other clubs in the Champions League, but also with some clubs in the Flower League.

Eight reasons why CSM Bucharest players claim they can’t perform! The relationship between managers and technical staff is tense except for

The reasons are simple: there are no discussions between the administrative body and them, only the technical staff deals with what is difficult for them. Moreover, coach Adi Vasili has great problems communicating with officials, and is finding it increasingly difficult not to hire the aides of President Gabi Szabo.

1) Adi Vasile plays several roles in the team, not only as a coach. An example that might be funny in the West, but is natural to us: Adi Vasile wanders into the gym before training with second Iulia Cura. There is no staff for such a thing!

The last transfers were made by the technician because there is no captain in the club who knows English!!! There is only the head of the handball department who knows the Romanian language, but there is no sports director or director.

Basically, the team – the staff and the players – is broken, apart from a few informal meetings, by the people at the top of the club led by Gabi Szabo. It is not the coach’s job to talk to contractors and conduct transfer negotiations. Adi Vasile must suggest players, and the management body must take care of completing the transfers

Equipment is washed at home by each player of CSM Bucharest

2) CSM Bucharest has no goalkeepers for next season! It sounds mind-boggling: goalkeepers, Jelena Grubsic and Tess Wester, are both leaving. Only Mary Davidson can survive

3) The girls take their toys home after the official matches and wash them! And this does not happen even in football teams in the second league, which is unthinkable for a club participating in the Champions League, with a budget of more than 3 million euros.

4) The technical staff includes very few people compared to those in University of Flowers. Compared to the Champions League, the distance is vast. The CSM in Bucharest will also need a sports director, a strictly dedicated press officer for the women’s team, a physical trainer, a nutritionist and a sports psychologist.

Incredible: CSM Bucharest, problems with hotels and restaurants in the country

5) The players are in a heated conflict with the management and accuse them of disrespect, not being asked for their opinion, and superficial treatment without respect.

6) CSM Bucharest, when traveling to Romania, must pay immediately at the hotel and restaurant. In the world of HORECA came the information that the group in the capital pays poorly and does not accept payments every few days, but only instant payment. The situation is embarrassing, given that rival clubs pay within 30 or even 60 days

7) There were countless cases when the team trained in the cold in the Polyvalent Hall, and they did not have proper training conditions. CSM is one of the few teams in the Champions League that doesn’t have a room of its own

8) CSM Bucharest players cannot recover from injuries as in other major European clubs. The club has a bidding procedure, being a group funded by public money, in terms of relationship with clinics or hospitals.

Those institutions, which impose themselves at the lowest price, have no experience in the field of sports. Handball players often choose well-known sports clinics for appropriate treatment, but they have to take money out of their pockets.

29-29 with the Danish national team Esbjerg in Sunday’s match

CSM Bucharest escaped victory in the match of the Danish team Esbjerg, which ended in a tie 29-29 (15-16), Sunday, in the multi-purpose hall “Ioan Kunst Germensko” in the capital, within its last group. Women’s handball Champions League match.

CSM was tied in the last second, from a 7-meter throw, by Esbjerg, the undefeated team in 29 consecutive games.

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