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■ Most of the medals were brought from the National Physics Olympiad. German students have won many awards and other subjects ■

The District School Inspection Service published the exceptional results obtained in the national stages of the Olympiad, as German students were able to climb to the podium in most of the subjects where, after two years of interruption, the first competitions were held with a physical presence. The exception was the Computer Science Olympiad, which was held online in early April.

Below are the results obtained by German students in these school competitions. The National Olympiad of Classical Languages ​​- Ancient Greek, Latin was held in Torgo Jiu, between April 18-21, 2022. The two students from Neamt province got exceptional results. Daria Ioana Rochu (11th grade, teacher Nicoletta Theodor) of the Romanian Vode National College, received a gold medal and a second prize, Maria Elisa Proasco received a special award and a bronze medal, the student is being prepared by the same teacher.

At the national stage of the historic Olympic Games, which took place in Torgo-Moores, between April 18 and 21, the district of Neamte represented its fellow students (photo). Thus, Mara Dana Anna (11th grade, tefan cel Mare College Tîrgu Neamţ Professor Luminiţa Manole) won the gold medal, as her work was awarded by the Faculty of History and Philosophy of Babeş Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca with a special award.

Magdalena Mattei (Grade 10 – College of Petro Rares, Professor Lumenica Drexler) received a bronze medal. Referred to Cosmina Gherasim (11th grade, Calistrat Hogaş Piatra Neamţ College (Teacher Irina Gireadă), Denise Gabriel Enea, 8th grade – Ion Creangă School Tîrgu Neamţ (Teacher Vasilica Cornelia Hota) and Maria Iftimie (9th semester – Ştefan celare received a faculty Turgo Neamt, Professor Maria Antonescu) Special Prize of the Association of History Teachers of Neamt.

The Physics Olympiad was held from April 11 to 15 in Bacău, the group from Neamt County consists of 19 students. Anna Petrasco (Grade 6, Piatra Neamt School III, Professor Anishwara Onisyuk and Anna Morosano) won a bronze medal. Ioana Bisho (Grade 6, Petro Rares College, Professor Gregoro and Anishwara Onisyuk) won a bronze medal. Clin Siokoyo, cl. Sixth – Turgu Neamt Royal School, teacher Elena Marian.

Male gold and a silver medal was awarded to Dimitri Hrysostom Bodron (Grade 7 of the College of Petro Raris, Professor Christinelle Secaro). Ştefan Andrei Laic, of the Roman Alecsandri School, cl. The eighth, Professor Roxana Pătrăuceanu, was awarded a male and a silver medal. Tudor Gabriel Atomulesei, 8th grader of Petru Rareş College, Professor Mariana Frenţi) received the silver medal. Elena Sandu (8th grade at Petro Rares College, Professor Mariana Ferrini) won the bronze medal.

Ewan Appalachie, 9th grade, Petro Rares College, Professor Marianne Frenchy and Dorell Haralambe won a bronze medal. Robert Voydich (10th grade) Petro Raris College, Professor Gregoro Onisyuk brought a signal and a gold medal. Alexadru Berea (grade 10 – Petru Rareş College, Professor Grigoru Oniciuc) was awarded a male and a silver medal.

Tudor Hanganu – 10th grade Petru Rareş College, Professor Grigoru Oniciuc) won a bronze medal. Albert Romaniuk, 10th grader Professor Romeo Murphy, also brought bronze to CNRV. Alexandro Apostol received a signal and a silver medal (11th grade from the College of Petro Rares, Professor Christinelle Secaro). Iancu Matei Scurtu (11th grade – Petru Rareş College, Professor Grigoruţă Oniciuc) also won a bronze medal.

The same medal was won by Traian Bistriceanu (College of Xa Petru Rareş, Professor Cristinel Secară). Mattie Bozdia, Grade 12, Petro Rice College, Professor Mariana Frenchi) was awarded a male and a silver medal, as well as an honorary “Floria Olio” for students who also won prizes at the Olympiad in their high school years.

At the French National Olympiad, held in Craiova, between April 18 and 22, students Ioana Grabbe, seventh grade, Sebastien Creau, ninth grade, Yulia Pena, tenth grade, Roman Vode College, Professor Paula Dornescu, special mentions. In the National Stage of the Olympiad of Romanian Language and Literature, which took place in Tîrgovişte between April 18 and 22, Anna Aurora Pellegrini, of Romanian Vode College (Professor Alexandru Pole) came home with a mention of it.

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