After attacking Greater Romania, the sects of the USSR jumped on the neck of Imensko. The cute Cezar Drăgoescu from Craiova goes against a famous festival named after the great Romanian Mihai Emenescu. Poets protest from 21 countries

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After a member of the USSR from Iai, named after Marius Bodia, of the dementia center “abolition of culture”, “cultural horror” denounced the location of a map of Greater Romania in a city park, another reproduction of the opposition to the BLM sect of Dâmbovița, which Teleported to Craiova, a famous festival named after the absolute Roman Mihai Imenscu.

The European Foundation “Mihai Emenscu” and the International Academy “Mihai Emenscu” are among the Romanian cultural monuments that imprinted the name of Mihai Emenescu in the minds of hundreds of poets from all over the world.

For more than a quarter of a century, the International Mihai Emenscu Academy, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Ion Dekonescu, has been awarding prizes and honors to the most important poets of Europe, America, Asia, Africa and even Australia.

It is a true poetic brotherhood, a brotherhood of high spiritual standing, as there are few in the world today.

Among the founding members of the Academy are famous names:

Slavko Almojan; Eugenio de Andrade; Georges Stallos Vincenzo Bianchi, Constantin Barbeau, Ion Deconescu, Oliver Frigery, Eugene Jelevich, Blaji Koneski, Ismael Kadri, Mario Luzi, Mateja Matievsky, Czeslav Milosz (Nobel laureate); Wole Soyinka (Nobel Prize Winner); Eduardo Sanguinetti Austin Sjostrand; Takis Varvitsiotis (Herder Award winner); Boris Vysinski Memo Morena.

Poets, prose writers, playwrights, sculptors and translators.

Herder Prize Winner (Takis Varvitsiotis), Two Nobel Prize Winners (Czeslav Milos and Wole Soyinka), President of the Struga Festival (Boris Visinski) …

It should be noted that the European Mihai Emenscu Foundation is the only institution in Romania that the Swedish Academy has formally invited to submit proposals for potential Nobel Prize winners.

The International Academy “Mihai Emenscu” has been organizing a famous poetry festival in Craiova for several years, and the festival is supported by the Craiova City Council and many private sponsors.

However, this year an unknown person, Mr. Cesar Drogosco, was found Not to mention itMember of USR PLUS, Member of the City Council of Craiova, Member in General, who opposed the organization of the International Poetry Festival “Mihai Imenscu”.

Of course, readers want to know who this discotheque is screaming against the organization of the famous festival.

To be objective, we quote the Romanian press. He was called “Gropianol”: “The racist and Grube candidate of Dolj was withdrawn from the lists of the USSR-Plus. This individual and his ilk must disappear from public life.” (the truth).

Therefore, Drăgoescu was removed, once, from the list of the USR-PLUS Dolj branch, as it was in first place of the Chamber of Deputies, after a decision of the jury of the coalition, announced Tuesday evening Laurențiu Dincă, a former. USR member. The decision comes after Adevărul published a series of internal letters in which Drăgoescu speaks language directed at his colleagues and shows racism and homophobia.

But the amateur politician swears by his party leaders and mocks them as an unknown drug-consuming figure: “Cioloș is a security man. Ghinea brings Ciorbea.”

We also quote from the central press: “Cezar Drăgoescu, the head of the USR PLUS List for the House of Representatives in Dolj, has emerged in the internal contact groups by a series of impudent outbursts against the leaders of the Dacian Cioloș and Cristian Ghinea coalition. Cesar Drăgoescu describes Valerio Nicolai as a “gypsy”. “Adevărul” on several conversations in which the parliamentary candidate USR PLUS was a rude person.

Against this strange character of Craiova, the international academy “Mihai Eminescu” produced a Protest, Which we publish in full:


We, poets from 21 countries who will participate in the ninth edition of the World Poetry Festival “Mihai Emenescu”, noted with concern that Mr. Cesar Dragos, a city council member, tried to obstruct the conduct of this cultural event, demanding the cancellation of the cultural event. Financial support provided by City Hall of Craiova.

We remind this person that, so far, several hundred poets have participated in this festival, poets whom we consider to be among the most important in Europe. They are representative names of world literature, and many of these writers have been nominated for a Nobel Prize. The World Poetry Festival “Mihai Emenescu” was attended by great academic heads, poets and journalists who praised the city of Craiova, considering Craiova the castle of poetry.

Today, in a turbulent historical age, we must unite to create a new humanity, a different conception of life, and a vision based on understanding, love, dignity and truth.

We refuse to believe that the Chancellor and his other colleagues (from a controversial political group) scoff at the love of culture, the honor of great souls, and their national identity. It could be a simple, uneducated walkthrough that needs to be corrected.

This is why we so strongly protest the “intellectual” position of this pseudo-politician, Cesar Drogosco.

We ask Mrs. Lia Olguța Vasilescu, Mayor of Craiova, who is herself a lover of poetry and culture, and a sincere supporter of this international festival, to receive our best thoughts, because Her Majesty, Mayor of Craiova, has supported this important cultural event.

Thanks to his decision, the poemYou will prevail in our old city Craiova and the people of Craiova will enjoy live art brought from all continents.

Long live poetry! “

There will be almost nothing left to comment on.

We wouldn’t have written these lines about this “political” figure, especially since it has been said for centuries that all Oltinians would be smart, but we would like USR PLUS to know what kind of members it keeps under its political umbrella.

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