Denmark Live Online VIDEO, Euro 2022 EHF Qualifiers

The Romanian women’s handball team plays live on TVR 2, in the gym in Mioveni, the match with the Danish national team, in the counting match for Group 2 of the European Championship – EHF EURO 2022 qualifiers.

min 60 – match over, 28 – 35. Romania is still in the race with Austria for second place and implicit qualification for the final tournament. Denmark is the leader of the group, three victories from the same number of duels.

Bentia was the top scorer in the match with 6 goals, and Harabaggio 6 for Romania. On the other hand, Fries was Denmark’s best player with ten goals. Cristina Nego, who returned to the team, scored three times.

Minimum 54 – 24-33 table shows.

Minimum 47 – again eight goals separate us from the Danes, 19-27.

Accurate. 43: Tranburg Scores from the Basilio.

Minimum 40 – Adi Vasile students reduce the difference, and get a score of 17-24.

Minimum 33 – the second half started. Table 13-21 shows. The difference is eight goals! Unleash the Nordic countries. Bentia misses from 7 meters!

Minimum 21 – Adrian Vasile students apply from 9 to 14 years old. You can watch the Romania-Denmark match live here.

Minimum 16 – the score is now 6-9.

Minimum 15 – After the time is up, the game resumes.

Accurate. 8: Badi, the legitimate in Rapid, scores the first goal for our national team.

Accurate. 5: The Danes are quickly taking the lead.

Minimum 1 – The match has started.

The first actor will play the return leg with Denmark on March 5th in Odense.

In the Group B ranking, Romania is second with 3 points, one space ahead of Denmark, but ahead of Austria and the Faroe Islands. The first two places in each group qualify for the European Championship.

Romania – Denmark, 18.05, Online Live Stream Qualifiers, EHF Euro 2022! Cristina Nygo returns to the fans of the women’s national team in Movini

Cristina Nygo returns to the national team After a break of a year and a half.

“As you know and have seen her for many years, Cristina is a very patriotic Romanian and I can only say that by the things she shows on the ground. We are happy to see her back, unfortunately we have other shortcomings, but this is life, we must always be careful, and be in Gear up, we’re doing all we have now as a group and I’m convinced we’ll do it.

We want to play against strong opponents. Because we have the goal of going to the Paris Olympics in 2024 and I think you can’t do anything else if you test against the best, and if you want Denmark to close this Scandinavian circuit that we have recently.

It’s a good team, a team on the wave in the world, so why not this is the moment when we feel we are also taking the right steps that a lot of people have been talking about and we want to crown Wednesday’s game with a victory,” Adi Vasili announced.

“It’s spring, it’s March 1 and I’m so happy to pick this up here, with the national team, with the girls. I’m happy to be back, although I think the best decision I made was to stay home at the World Championships, because that way I was able to Taking care of myself, my body and the injuries I have suffered.

“I have now returned with full heart, great confidence and desire to win on Wednesday,” said Cristina Nego, captain of the Romanian women’s handball team.

What is the schedule for Group 2 matches?

Wednesday 2 March

18.05 Romania – Denmark
21.00 Faroe Islands – Austria

Saturday 5 March

17.10 Denmark – Romania
6.30 pm Austria – Faroe Islands

Wednesday 20 April

21.25 Austria – Denmark
21.00 Faroe Islands – Romania

Saturday 23 April

17.10 Denmark – Faroe Islands

Sunday 24 April

18.00 Romania – Austria

Matches are played

Austria – Romania 33-33
Faroe Islands – Denmark 19-39
Denmark – Austria 27-22
Romania – Faroe Islands 26-19

What is group 2 rating?

1. Denmark 4 p.m
2. Romania 3 AM
3. Austria 1 p.m
4. Faroe Islands 0 AM

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