Introducing the new government of our dear country (2)

George Esteveto, he, Minister, you have heard well, George Esteveto is also in the new government of our dear country. The new government of our dear country? Well yeah, he’s been modified, he’s resigned, he’s been reshuffled, and again and again, why bother? Who said this? from? Guess my riddle. Now let’s see what’s up with Jorge Esteveto. His mother was a model writer in the USSR.

As for today’s trade union gossip, born on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp, I must mention that the USSR was the so-called General Confederation of Trade Unions in Romania. With holiday homes and culture houses, with model meetings, with real union work and more. Maricica Istovitu especially stood out in union work, being a reliable painter at all the UGSR booths in the trade union restrooms of the Prahova Valley, of Thessaloniki Moldova and on the seashore. These riots provoked with great enthusiasm, which was much appreciated by the trade unionists who were squabbling in the partisan spirit and according to Theses of advanced multilateral socialism Which Comrade Nicolae Ceausescu thought of this people with great care and responsibility.

George Estofetto stressed himself from the point of view of the trade unionist, as well as his mother’s skirts, as he learned from an early age what the Leninist trade unionism meant. After 1989, Gheorghe Istovitu fought a trade union, speaking at NBS, at CNSRL Frăția, at Sanitas Union, at ALFA Cartel, he was part of Ciorbea employees, Mitrea employees, Luca employees, who laid a shoulder for the development of socialist-capitalist-unionism in Romania today. He is now a minister in three joint ministries, The Department of Labor in Brancy, the Department of Labor in black, the Department of Labor in vain.

Some rumors claim that the Istovitu family is from Venus and that there is evidence of this in the Great Pyramid of Khufu where Our great boss recently started. Nothing is certain, but Jorge Esteveto doesn’t have a lot of problems about his extraterrestrial origin because from a materialistic point of view he does a good job, he has plenty of LLCs and boutiques all over the country in almost all the cultural houses of the guilds, at the mouths of the subway and across Some agricultural food markets in the major cities of the country. Yesterday morning, Jorge Esteveto went for a walk on the occasion of May 1st.

Some good readers asked me where this mother went with this minister they had not seen with the working class at the traditional small barbecues and beer parties organized by PSD mayors. Well, you can’t even see it because Minister Jorge Esteveto went out for a walk on a Monte Carlo street on May 1st. Mouths of Evil says that some SRI officers were seen along with Elena Udrea, but nothing is certain. Logically, he should have gone for a walk with Olguța Vasilescu, Gabriela Vrânceanu Firea, Ecaterina Andronescu or Viorica Dăncilă.

But, as we know, the trade unions in Romania knew very well how to work concretely with all political parties, regardless of their pro-East or pro-Western orientation. According to some analysts from Dâmboviţa, the only party that will not have a wrist or a sleeve with Gheorghe Istovitu will be the USSR. But Gheorghe Istovitu admitted to the fiery unionist, an undercover SIE officer, that he would gladly cooperate with Dacian Cioloș, especially now that Emmanuel Macron has won the French elections. Gheorghe Istovitu used the trade union focus to cast spells on the so-called Russian trade unionist, an important figure in Moscow, who was also in Monte Carlo to represent the interests of Russian trade unionists in Europe. But this delicate and secret operation is not a subject of imagination today. Returning to Minister Gheorghe Istovitu, I can tell you for sure that this dubious character has in his wardrobe, beautifully framed, a portrait of Nikolai Ceauتشيescu. From time to time, when Minister Georgi Esteveto learns that no one sees him, he takes off his clothes for the gallant steelworker of the country, the steelworker was in charge of the work of clarifying the steel unionists, in Targovit, in the heavy equipment factory, puts his union hat on his bald head and salutes Nicolae Ceausescu As his mother taught him when he was little, crying with tears in his eyes, Many thanks for the party!

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