The Polyvalent Hall in Iași will be named after the great great swordsman Dan Eremisiuk

The Polyvalent Hall in the center of Iași will be renamed after the swordsman Dan Irimiciuc. The decision will be approved by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the coming period.

The Polyvalent Hall in Iași will be named after the great great swordsman Dan Eremisuk. The name of the hall operated by the District Directorate of Sports and Youth (DJST) Yash has reached the Ministry of Youth and Sports for approval.

The name Dan Eremisiuk (72 years old) is associated with the only medal won by an athlete from Iaşi at the Olympic Games, he was the bronze medalist in Montreal in 1976. His career is closely connected with Mr. Nikolai Bovni, who founded the fencing department of Iaşi. From here he joined the national team in 1964, and in 1970 became the captain of the national Al-Saif team.

The multi-purpose hall in Iaşi will be renamed after the swordsman Dan Eremeciuk

Honorary Professor Dan Eremisuk began the practice of fencing at the Polytechnic Club of Iai, under the direction of coach Nikolai Povi.
With the Romanian national sword team, he won silver medals at the World Championships in Grenoble in 1974 and in Buenos Aires in 1977 and ascended to the third division on the podium at the World Championships in Budapest in 1975.

He competed in two editions of the Olympic Games, in 1972 and 1976, with the Romanian saber team winning the Olympic bronze medal in Montreal (1976), along with Yoann Pope, Cornell Marine, Marin Mustache and Alexandru Nelka.

Among his many titles are the title won with the team at the World University Games (JMU) in Sofia in 1977, or the bronze medal won individually at the 1973 Moscow Games.
He was awarded the title of Honorary Master of Sports and the Sports Merit Medal of the Third Class in 1974 and the First Class in 1976.

The lightning profession of the Roman swordsman

Dan Eremisuk had a blistering career, as the big clubs in Bucharest presented him. Nevertheless, he chose to remain in his homeland to represent Yasi at the highest level at CSU Politehnica.
The proposal to name the multi-purpose room in the ministry was put forward, and the name of the former great swordsman was preferred by the vast majority of specialists.

An important decision for Yash Athletic

In fact, Dan Eremicek was glad that the Polyvalent Hall in Yash would bear his name.

“I am overwhelmed and honored by the nomination given to me by society, to confirm what, for 19 years, I wanted to prove to the whole world, that Iasi is not only the gateway to Roman Orthodoxy and the cathedral of national university education, but the fortress of national and world sports results, cultivated with love, skill and hard work by devoted people For athletic performance, backed by athletic talent, backed locally, and with great love for the greatness of our city and the waving of the tricolor of the country.We have shown in many parts of the world that we can be like classic high-performance ambassadors!
Thank you for surviving in everyone’s memories and appreciation. Let us never forget those who served sports in Iasi, helped him rise, supported him as long as they could stay in the national and international hierarchy, coaches, methodologists, professionals with sports support missions, dear people who loved sports, no matter what laurel branch they wanted for the athletes they admired them and supported,” Dan Eremicyuk relayed.

He won 11 medals in the World Championships, European Championships, Olympic Games and more, along with 30 other medals in competitions held in the country.

Patents for synthetic fibers

After he finished his sports career, he excelled in another field.

“After giving up sports with lots and lots of work, I got married privately, two exceptional children and two beautiful granddaughters,” said the honorary master. Dan Irimiciuc is Gr. III in synthetic fibres, and is a co-author of 14 patents in obtaining synthetic polyester fibres. The former great swordsman was the commercial director of the Yash Synthetic Fiber Factory, a company that employed 8,300 employees at the time. “As for me, white was white, and black was as the Lord had given it, and the thief did not stain the soul, as is the case with many now,” said Dan Eremisiuk.

Mr. Dan Irimiciuc can name the Iași Polyvalent Hall

Basically, after a survey among athletes from Iași by DJST, fencer Dan Irimiciuc can give the name of the multi-purpose hall.
Moreover, the gymnasium in the Gradinari district will be named after Maricica Puică, the great athlete born in 1950, medalist in many international competitions.
Iai’s sports department, led by Daniel Stetescu, highlighted these nominations, specifically to show that Iai’s sport has made a full contribution to promoting Romanian values ​​abroad.

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