Unforgettable pages from the history of Prahuvan football * Campina – the heart of Prahuvan football (54)

Konstantin Dumitru – Pelobini

We continue the series dedicated to the history of Prahova football, with the opportunity for readers to read “smelling antique” material every Saturday about those who laid the foundations of the football phenomenon in our province. Today, a new episode on the “Sports movement” in Campina.

Romanian star Boyana Campina in the “Van der Meer Cup” / 1938

Ployesty: The Van der Meer Cup starts tomorrow – there are three matches. Mr. Van der Meer, General Manager of “Astra Romani” presented the trophy last year to the football teams of the oil scaffolding of the Corporation. The matches that were held last year in the “Van der Meer” Cup were enthusiastically played by 6 “Astra” teams, their rivals Astra Oshiori 3-2. This year’s Van der Meer Cup matches will start on Sunday 17 years. The following matches will be played: Astra Boldeşti with Astra Poiana Câmpina; Astra Ploiesti with Astra Moreni and Astra Oshiori with Bucharest. In Boldeşti, locals will receive a Poiana score, which is much lower than the first. Moreniari, even if they didn’t have the playing field advantage, they wouldn’t have a serious opponent in Ploiesti. The Southern League champions are a strong team, which has several tier A and B teams. According to us, they are sure of the title winners this year as well. Although he plays with Snagov, he has to take the handicap of the field and although he meets a resolute opponent, he will win the difficult battle, with the fewest points. Luca T Carmine. Gazzetta Sporturilor (July 17, 1938). Plosti: The result of the first day of the “Van der Meer Cup” matches. Astra Moreni, the Southern League champions, beat Ploiesti 6-0, and Poiana Campina beat Poldesti 4-2. During the Van der Meer Cup, donated by the General Manager of Astra, three matches were played yesterday afternoon. The trophy is for the scaffolding soccer teams of the same name. In Moreni, the Southern League champion and last year’s Van der Meer Cup holders had the fun with Astra from Ploechte, scoring 6 goals and conceding nothing. The result would have been more decisive if the aggregate had been used more seriously. However, according to the above result, they were content to play outwardly. The people of Ploiesti could not withstand the onslaught of the mound, which was in full swing. According to our predictions, the Southern League champions will receive the trophy donated by director van der Meer this year as well. Astra Boyana Campina – Astra Bolditi 4-2. Mr. Jacques Rousseau’s team managed to put in a great performance by defeating Astra Boldesti in his den. Poiana Campina is active in the second category while Boldeste is on the verge of winning the second category championship. But not only this. The team coached by Carol Mayor is a strong one, and last year if they didn’t pull out of the Van der Meer competition they had a chance to win it. The result was a big surprise, as the winners proved that they know the way to play in the cup matches, because not later than the past few days they won the Misliya Scaffolding Cup, in which first-class groups from the region also participated. The result of the Astra Bucharest vs Astra Oshiori match, which was held at the Snagov Stadium, has not yet arrived. We have to show that the rules of the cup are the cup holder, the team that collects the most points. Sports Gazette, 20 July 1938.
Ployesty: The results of the second day of the “Van der Meer” Cup. I am driving the Astra Moreni, the Southern League champion and the Astra Poiana Campina. Third day programme. A new stage of the “Van der Meer Cup” donated by the director of Soc. “Astra” for the company’s football teams of special oil scaffolding. The matches were marked by the same courage from the first stage. On the court in Snagov, the eternal rivals fought again. And this time Moreni defeated Bucharest 2-3. It should be noted that the people of Bucharest were driving their cars at the break. On the appeal of last year’s cup holders, as a result of the “bathing” that took place in the waters of Snagov and the “driving”, they took the match seriously, only to end up winning. In Campina, Mr. Russo’s team, which proved to be a good “cup” team, scored another victory, with strong Ochiuri, one of the semi-finalists of the Southern League, made up of well-known division elements. It’s a more than deserved win, although achieved “in ohms” if we take into account the value of the discount. At the local stadium “Astra” Boldesti led by coach Carol Mayor, they defeated the locals 3-0. After the second day, Moreni and Boyana lead by four points each. Ochiuri, Bucharest and Boldeste have two points each, and Ploiesti have none. In all likelihood, Astra Moreni will win the cup again this year, who otherwise is ahead on average. Third day programme. Below is the schedule for the third day of Sunday, August 7, 1938. In Snagov, two old rivals, who have to push an old policy of inter-provincial tournament, meet on neutral ground: Ochiuri cu Moreni. In Câmpina, one of the contenders for the “Van der Meer” Cup, Poiana Câmpina meets Ploieşti, and in Boldeşti, the locals, in Bucharest. (Gazeta Sp., August 5, 1938). Astra Romani (Boiana Campina) – Astra Romani Ploiti 1-1 (1-0). The official match was held at the “Princess Ileana” stadium in the region, counting the Van Deer Meer Cup, between the teams Astra Română Poiana and Astra Română Ploeşti. 500 spectators attended, which is a record for our city. Guests choose the stadium, and the hosts leave the start of the match. Both provided a good opportunity to score, but the goalkeeper made an amazing save from the dive. Action is taken instead of action, but it all turns out to be futile. The Campinians slowly recover and try to score the opponent’s goal. He plays aggressively, forcing the referee to intervene to warn the most brutal players. The match was close to brutal at times, and now Bertescue’s players seemed to think the job was done and acted more defensively, just waiting for the referee to blow the final whistle. Placing the ball into the center, Ploeşti’s players made a desperate attack to equalize, but Luca bounced back with an attack. The second half: In the second half, the dominance of the guests increases. Taking advantage of the fatigue of the hosts, he settles in the Campiñe field, but misfortune and goalkeeper Luca stopped the equalizer. However, Bărăscu repelled amazingly. Since the situation was even, the fight for victory intensified, but all efforts were in vain, so the match ended in a 1-1 draw. Teams and refereeing: Mr. Nikolai Burlaco (Boldeste), who presented the referee well, presented the following teams: Astra Boyana: Luca Steri; Molnar, Forest; Predisco, Petulich, Frappe; Vasily, Kuzandinscu, Bertescu and Ultiano. Astra Blueity: Neagu; Marinescu, Cristescu; Pavel, Chiru, Săurîneanu, Mitea, Tăriceanu, Ioni, Bărăscu and Voiculescu.
Romanian Steaua – Sportul Muncitoresc 5-4. The opening match between Steaua Română and Sportul Muncitoresc was played as the opening match. Points are scored in order: minimum. 4. Ciupagu I (SM), min. 10. Ciupagu I (SM), min. 14. Konstantinsko (Real), min. 20. Teodorescu (SR), min. 38. Frânculescu (SR) Min. 39. Slapkio (Real) with a penalty kick. 50. Stroecu (SM), Min. 57. Zoltan (SM) Min. 64. Slapciu (SR). Rădulescu well ruled the following teams: Steaua Română: Balgiu; Constantine, UNESCO; Cavaro, Frankeliscu, Teodorescu; Slapciu, Constantinescu II, Ursache, Constantinescu I, Mircea. Sports sports: Konstantinskou; Estrate, Covaro; Dobrescu, Zoltan, Svulescu; Pârvulescu, Chiţu, Stroescu, Ciupagea I, and Ciupagea II. (August 14, 1938).

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