ZF Agropower. The Palco family organically grows seven hectares of lavender in the Delureni locality of Bistrita Nosud and sends 80-90% of the oil produced for export.

BioLavanda’s sales volume reached 137,000 lei in 2020 and profits exceeded 87,000 lei.

Diana Balco and her husband, who visited lavender crops in Provence, started growing lavender 7 years ago in Deloreine, Bistrica Nosaud province, and today they have an area of ​​7 hectares, in which they work in an ecosystem. Some lavender flowers are exported to European Union countries and some to Asian countries, such as Jordan, and some production is processed and processed into lavender essential oil, and most of it is exported.

“In 2015, when the BioLavanda story began, there were not many lavender crops in Romania, so we set up a nursery, authorized ourselves, and then, in addition to producing the cuttings, started our own crops, otherwise today we are certified producers of 22 species From lavender we have

7 hectares are planted with lavender,” said Diana Balko, co-founder of BioLavanda, during ZF Agropower, a project supported by Banca Transilvania.

She said the number of clients has increased from year to year, and on the sales side, many clients, from the beginning, have increased their area every year. At the same time, new customers have appeared, which Diana Palko says she recommends starting with a test deck, to buy the minimum number of pieces, 200 or 500, choose the right type for the type of business (oil production, cosmetic, decorative products or food products) and get used to the plant and care with it.

“Our varieties adapt to all regions of the country and adapt without any problems, whether it is a plain, a hill or a mountain. Lavender is not a reckless plant, but it should be planted in sunny areas, because it does not like shade, and most importantly, the soil should be well drained, and not to collect water, because if Too much moisture in the soil could make plants sick and not develop properly,” said the Biolavanda co-founder.

Diana Balko believes that if a person wants to have additional income in addition to a stable job, then a small crop of lavender is suitable, because you can make handicrafts, such as cosmetics, oils and decorations, with which you can quickly recoup the investment and also make a profit. “It is important to know where the lavender is grown.”

At the same time, BioLavanda purchased a professional, fully automated distillation plant to make lavender essential oil and then certified organic. Starting with the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, representatives of Biolavanda have considered focusing on the part of cosmetic production, which is now under development.

The company produces 400-500 kg of lavender essential oil annually and “80-90% of the oil we sell is for export to countries like France, Germany and Spain. We now have a lot of artisanal customers who make cosmetics and candles and we still have loyal customers who started buying scraps and we still They are available in many stores.

The company also exports lavender flowers and seedlings to the European Union, and last year delivered half a hectare of lavender to Jordan by plane and is set to buy more, according to Diana Palko. Recently, BioLavanda has partnered with a very important restaurant in Brasov to offer lavender flowers to decorate certain dishes and they also have corporate clients who put lavender extract in their lemonade.

“We have experience in growing and finding the market, because we used to make stevia, which we export to America. We also have expertise in aromatic and medicinal plants, because now in addition to lavender we grow basil, oregano and mint. We have a wide range of products,” Diana Balko explained.

However, she argues that it is very difficult to work in an ecologically large area because the labor costs for harvesting are very high. However, he admits, it’s better to be an entrepreneur than an employee, because “I see the difference and when you like what you’re doing, you develop new products, new customers come in and new opportunities.”

“Now the orders have not decreased on the cutting side, but on the lavender essential oil side, we have seen a decrease in orders, because many essential oil processors outside the country have reduced their activity due to the epidemic and the war, and there are some difficulties in obtaining raw materials,” Diana Balko said. “.

BioLavanda’s sales were 137,000 lei in 2020, the latest year for which data is available, and profits topped 87,000 lei, according to data on the Finance Ministry’s website.

Diana Balko, co-founder of BioLavanda: It’s important to know where lavender is grown.

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