Episode 3: Steaua – Anderlecht 3-0, semi-finals CCE 1986 » Fantastic Pițurcă ’86: Better than City

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The date of the report. The standards that the Steaua striker achieved in the semi-finals with Anderlecht 36 years ago, published by GSP in the Istoria la Raport series, outperformed all the strikers’ classes in Tuesday’s impressive semi-final in Manchester: Benzema and Jesus also scored, like Petti, but their return was less

  • Gazeta Sporturilor launched its “Date Report” in March – a special project in which we will look at the famous stages with different eyes, we will understand differently how unforgettable victories were obtained and we will appreciate the famous players;
  • GSP editorial team selected 10 famous matches from Romanian football history and funded their analysis from a modern perspective with the help of the latest technologies and tools;
  • More precisely, all these unforgettable games for Romanians It will be analyzed by InStat performance reports, the company that provides detailed statistics on current football for thousands of clubs and millions of fans around the world;
  • Reinterpreting history by filtering these reports is an adaptation to the current needs of the fans, which football becomes more exciting if viewed through detailed statistics;
  • The 10 matches that Gazeta analyzed in the History of the Report project will be in the order of their dispute:
    » Brazil – Romania 3-2 (1970)
    » Romania – Italy 1-0 (1983)
    » Steaua – Anderlecht 3-0 (1986)
    » Steaua – Barcelona 2-0 (1986)
    » Steaua – Milan 0-4 (1989)
    » Stewa – Dynamo 0-3 (1989)
    » Romania – Argentina 3-2 (1994)
    » Romania – Sweden 2-2 (1994)
    » Romania – England 3-2 (2000)
    » Romania – Slovenia 1-1 (2001)
  • There were many games in the original editorial list, but it cannot be analyzed as there are no complete video recordings in any archive.
  • Among other things, this is the case of the Craiova Maxima or those matches between Dinamo and Hamburg or Liverpool in the eighties. All of them are still available today only as summaries, which made it impossible to analyze them to generate complete statistical reports.
  • Match analysis for the “History to Report” project was also made possible with the support of colleagues from Replay, the longest-running sports show, which aired on TVR 1

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Episode 3: Steaua – Anderlecht 3-0, CCE 1986 » Why the semi-final match with Anderlecht was a huge match made by Steaua

The project launched by Gazeta Sporturilor, Istoria la Raport, was in Episode 3 an interpretation of the Steaua-Anderlecht 3-0 match, the return of the European Champions Cup semi-finals from the 1985-86 season. One of the main conclusions was that Victor Pițurc, along with Marius Lokote, were the best in this field.

As on Tuesday evening, the current form of the continent’s most important club competition saw a huge match, Manchester City-Real Madrid 4-3, also played in the semi-finals, GSP compared the performance and numbers given by Pițurc against Anderlecht with Anderlecht, the level of the heart attackers Guardiola and Ancelotti .

It is related to the French Karim Benzema and the Brazilian Gabriel Jesus. The conclusion of the comparison is astonishing. Steaua’s striker 3 and a half decades ago had a higher level in all relevant chapters for the number 9 profile. The ratio between 3 is more eloquent as the data is provided by the same game analysis company: InStat. Pițurc and Benzema were complementary, Jesus was changed in the 84th minute.

1. Objectives and the danger created by the opponent’s target

Pițurcă is first in both chapters. He succeeded in a “dual”, while Jesus scored once, Benzema scored twice as well, but once he did it with a penalty kick! In addition, the xG, a key indicator of an attacking player, which shows the level of danger he created on the opponent’s goal, is on the designer’s side.

player index
petorca 1.16
Benzema 0.94
Isa 0.34

2. Shots on goal

Here, Pițurc’s distance from the two is greater. Basically, Benzema and Jesus together don’t do as much as the star’s previous peak.

player Shots on goal Shot on goal
petorca 5 4
Benzema 3 2
Isa 1 1

3. Duels won

This is another very important parameter for attacker performance. As a rule, it is very rare for a classic 9 to exceed 55-60% of the duels won. Pițurc did it in the semi-finals, not the City-Real team matches.

player The swordsmen won
petorca 63%
Benzema 42%
Isa 44%

4. Dribbling

There is a balance between the three, but Pițurc is still better. Both are in the number of dribbles made, and especially in the percentage of total attempts.

player Successful dribbling percent
petorca 5 83%
Benzema 3 60%
Isa 4 67%

5. Missing Balls

Usually, the attacking players lose the most balls, and the central striker can end up wasting 15-20 balls per match. But all three were very good in this regard. It is the only chapter in which Pițurc was not in the first place, being taken off by Benzema, who gave an exceptional performance: he lost only 3 balls!!!

player missing balls The balls lost in their own half
petorca 6 0
Benzema 3 1
Isa 8 0

In April 1986, at the time of his return with Anderlecht, Piurc was about 30 years old, and he would have flipped them in a few weeks. Today Benzema is 34 years old and worth €25 million, while Messiah is only 25 and worth €50 million.

This comparison you make is interesting. Maybe that’s how some of the nonsense people realize that what was a great team was Steaua and what a great player we were at the time, and that they were just saying nonsense.

Not only were I and the other players valuable, they were very valuable. Let me tell you something, if he had not left Belodice and Boulogne, this star would have won the Cup of Champions again. I repeat, we were very good
-Victor Pițurc

5Pițurcă scored goals in the 1985-1986 season of the Champions Cup, where he was the second-best scorer, after the Swede Torbjörn Nilsson (IFK Goteborg) – 7 successes, but on big names such as Toni Polster (Austria Vienna) – 4 and Platini (Juventus) – 3

29Of the goals in 32 games, Pițurc managed in Division A in ’85 -86, being the second leading scorer, after Hagee (Sportol), who scored 31 goals.

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