PNL and PSD increase salaries in Brâncovenești Palaces, the number of leaders and unleashing events / accusing the USSR of allowing weddings / christenings

The General Counselors PNL and PSD voted to amend the organizational chart and regulations for the Brâncovenești Palaces Cultural Center at the gates of Bucharest, which would require a two-thirds vote. Thus, the number of management positions increased from 6 to 8, and the monthly salary expenditure increased from 194,724 lei to 350,000 lei.

Brancovinity Palaces Cultural CenterPhoto: PMB

The Cultural Center is run by Marian Jenny Dino. He was appointed interim director of Brâncovenești Palaces in February 2021, on loan, by Mayor General Nicușor Dan. Marian Jenny Dino was a local advisor to the national police and commander of Sector 4, and the National Integrity Agency demanded that part of the wealth be confiscated, which she could not justify.

The draft was voted on by 37 votes, with 17 abstentions.

Members of the USSR Council abstained and accused that the USL sporadically lives in Bucharest, the voting project increased salaries and the number of directors and allowed the organization of weddings / baptisms in the building.

“Dear Bucharest, if you are wondering why some votes are given electronically and others by voice, nominally, it is because it is understood that PNL and PSD pass some projects. It is basically a cloud method in which you have to check in real time if all the PNL consultants are And PSD support the agreement and this consumes everyone’s time. In addition to the opportunity of projects, I do not consider such a practice at the CGMB level useful. Today, we see that in Bucharest the USL lives sporadically,” said Gabriel Rowe, Chancellor of the USSR.

The vote was taken nominally, at the request of the National Liberation Party’s chancellor, Horia Vichan.

Adrian Moraru, general counsel for PNL, asked what was wrong with the project and why the USR was opposed.

“I would be interested to know which of this project is wrong with this project on the reorganization of the Brancofinity palaces? I mean, other than the fact that I see that the project has passed the PNL and PSD vote, I don’t understand why our colleagues are against it and if they have something to tell us, to tell us why They oppose it, I may be missing something. And if they take the floor and say why they are against it, I may change my mind. But otherwise, everything is just a gurgling,” Adrien Moraro said.

Manuela Morrigan, General Counsel of the USSR, said that in her opinion the organizational structure and regulations should be modified after organizing a transparent competition for the appointment and holding of a general manager, so that it reflects the vision of the new director, and not a temporary director. She said it would increase salaries and the number of managers and would allow weddings, christenings and parties.

  • “Very briefly and as Chairman of the Culture Committee, this project was discussed two days ago and the last time it was on the agenda of the Culture Committee. Arguments for and against were presented. If you were interested, you would have asked your colleagues about our arrests.
  • First of all, there is no general manager of Brancofinity Palaces, they are a temporary general manager, and it is normal for the organizational structure, regulations and operational changes to be made by a manager who won his position through competition and enjoys legitimacy. The General Manager or the mayor’s advisor as a managing director.
  • Secondly, from a financial point of view, the pressure on the City Hall increases, the number of directors increases, the salaries increase exponentially, including the eight directors who will be, which I don’t think we can afford at all, we’re talking, let’s increase the Gcal, but On the other hand we increase salaries and the number of managers.
  • Thirdly, Brancovinity Palaces are cultural centers and it is only natural that they remain so because there should only be cultural, non-commercial and recreational activities, weddings, christenings and paragliding.
  • PNL knows the other causes all too well. Mosaic parking abolished. Instead of moving forward with the project of becoming a museum, we identify the positions of the museographer. We don’t understand the urgency, it’s a project we’ve been pressed into since the fall, no chance for this project. As things stand now, I’m not saying I’m fine, I think it’s important to appoint CEOs after publicly announced transparent contests, and then the CEO to come up with his vision. Manuela Morrigan said that these are the reasons for the abstention of the USSR.

In response, Andre Badiou, General Counsel of the Libyan National Police, stated that salaries at the cultural center are low.

I did not understand the legitimacy of the director. We are not talking about a man elected by suffrage with popular support behind him, it is simply the legitimacy that the office confers, as it is currently framed. I think this reorganization allows them to increase their income by the fact that they are free to set their own tariffs according to their needs. This reorganization also allows to increase the income of the employees there, since according to the information I have, the average income is about 2,700 lei.

Adrian Vegekio, General Counsel of the PSD, accused other interests: the interim director of the PNL, Mr. Gianni Dino, that he would not vote in the General Council on the organizational scheme, that’s what it’s about and nothing more.”

What does the approved draft course provide:

  • The cultural center “Brancovenesti Palaces at the Gates of Bucharest” was reorganized as a public service of the local interest of the Bucharest municipality with legal personality, funded by subsidies from the local budget of the Bucharest municipality and from its own revenue, while maintaining the total number of 51 posts, of which 8 are administrative positions. Currently, the Cultural Center “Brâncoveneşti Palaces at the Gates of Bucharest” is a public cultural institution of local importance under the authority of the General Council of Bucharest.
  • The number of administrative posts has been increased from 6 to 8. A manager post has been created to take on administrative responsibilities.
  • The Department of Public Procurement and Heritage Registry, Department of Green Spaces, Department of Commercial Spaces and Residence were established.
  • Currently, the monthly salary is 194.724 lei, including the food standard. The new monthly salary value is 350 thousand lei, including the food standard. The difference is 150 thousand lei.
  • The objective of the activity of the cultural center “Palatele Brâncovenești” is to carry out activities in the field of culture, information and lifelong learning, with a role in ensuring social cohesion and access to information. Thus, the Cultural Center “Brankovinity Palaces of the Gates of Bucharest guarantees, among other things:” k) achieving good economic performance, through pThe rest of the accommodation and public catering services in order to promote cultural tourism, the organization of conferences, seminars, training courses, team building or various other events“.

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