CJ Dolj flies a hundred thousand, and Ryanair lands in Craiova

Ryanair lands again in Craiova. This initiative belongs to the Dolj County Council (CJ), which wishes to provide individual assistance with a minimum of €100,000 to Ryanair to operate three flights at Craiova International Airport.

And a draft decision in this regard appeared, yesterday, on the agenda of the provincial council meeting on Thursday, and it seems that its approval is just a formality. What is certain is that in order to increase traffic and the number of destinations at Bănie Airport, Dolj County Council is putting €100,000 on the table, in the next two years. “This minimum individual assistance is to be implemented in the period of validity 2022-2023, within the allocated budget of 100,000 euros, respectively 50,000 euros / year,” it was specified in the draft resolution.

This move is also aimed at tourism and economic promotion of Dolj county, as also mentioned in the county council’s decision. “Europe’s largest low-cost airline intends to operate flights to Craiova International Airport this year. It is about Ryanair, which can bring new travel destinations from Craiova to Ireland, Spain and Germany. In this regard, we will suggest to the county council members to agree to grant Minimal assistance to operator Ryanair. Our goal is to increase passenger traffic and destinations operated from Craiova International Airport, but also to promote, from a tourism and economic point of view, Dolj County”, declared Dolj County Council Chairman, Cosmin Vasily.

Ryanair lands in Craiova. where are you going

Ryanair will operate three flights to Craiova, to Ireland, Spain and Germany, but the exact destinations have not been specified. At least not at 100%, according to the deputy head of the Dolge County Council, Mikhail Niau. “The destinations that Ryanair has announced are Germany, Ireland and Spain, but the cities will be announced in due course, because they are not yet one hundred percent specified. Let’s say 90% of the destinations have been selected. As for the start date of the flight, this is a technical issue. Route updates are being made. In March. The company will present the documents, but the flights start in the second part of 2022, it could be July, August or even September, ”said Mikhail Niau.

Ryanair also operated flights from Craiova International Airport to Valencia, with a frequency of two weekly flights. This happened between November 2016 and October 2018. After that, the company abandoned racing in Craiova. Now it can fly back to Valencia, with two other destinations being Dublin and Munich. “Having a single airline based at Craiova Airport with 95% traffic (Wizz Air – no) is not meeting the European Commission’s targets, and access to other parts of the EU remains low. This one-on-one assistance scheme is for Ryanair by Airport Marketing Services Limited,” the report attached to the draft resolution states.

Low-cost airlines have glue on passengers

In 2020, it was possible to fly from Craiova Airport via Wizz Air to London, Milan, Bergamo, Barcelona, ​​Bologna, Rome, Paris, Cologne, Brussels, Madrid and Birmingham. As of April 2020, Wizz Air has suspended and has not resumed flights to Brussels and Paris. With Ryanair arriving in Craiova, the number of destinations and, by implication, the number of passengers will increase.

Ryanair, Europe’s largest low-cost airline, will again fly from Craiova

“In the event of opening external routes that are not currently operated, the number of passengers taking them from other airports will increase. Low-cost airlines are mainly interested in obtaining very favorable conditions from airports or local authorities, as they are able to generate large traffic volumes due to the low prices offered, to attract passengers from the entire assembly area and even from outside it and generating traffic to the new destinations on offer,” the report states.

According to CJ Dolj, low-cost companies are more flexible than traditional companies in constructing the road network and investing heavily in marketing activities that help them attract passengers from outside the catchment area. Also, such companies “operate with high-capacity aircraft of more than 150 seats, preferring to operate from secondary airports.”

Ryanair lands in Craiova. How Dolj will be promoted through Ryanair

How will Dolj be promoted through Ryanair? The county council is counting on Doljul to appear on the company’s website, which is visited by millions of Ryanair passengers. Thus, “We want to promote Craiova Airport and Dolje County by highlighting the available facilities, tourist attractions, transportation options, etc.” The district authorities claim that “through this method of promotion, advertisements are sent to subscribers via e-mail, on a regular basis, to more than 20 million subscribers on the www.ryanair.com page”. “Consumers have the ability to plan their entire vacation on one website, which creates huge potential for the airport and county, to advertise the tourist and commercial attractions of Craiova and Dolj,” said Dolje County Council.

According to the District Council, www.ryanair.com has been ranked by Google as the world’s number one travel page, and Ryanair as one of the most popular brands on the Internet. “The site has about 5 billion impressions annually. Millions of travelers choose their vacation destination and plan their vacation activities based on information provided on the Ryanair website or through emails to subscribers on the page about special offers for certain destinations. Dolge County intends to target these visitors in order to Promote tourism and employment opportunities in the region,” as explained in the Dolge County Council Resolution Report.

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