Doinaș. One hundred years and literary and artistic continuity and a local cultural brand

Ștefan Augustin Doinaș is, today, considered to be more than a sonorous name in Roman literature. What began as a literary project to enrich Arad’s cultural agenda, during the competition for the title of “European Capital of Culture”, became exactly what he set out to do: cultural brand, a local brand, that promotes not only the story of the writer’s work and life, but also contemporary writers and cultural mediators, discovering and highlighting, at the same time, the young talents of Arad, both in the city and in the province. The stature of Corporal Alexa (next to the city to which she belongs administratively, Santana) – the former village called Cherechiu, where Doinaș was born – has a distinct role in the festival, starting from the current version, as stated in the SAD Intermediate Festival Lea Fore.

The festival “Days and Evenings of Literature Ștefan Augustin Doinaș” (short: SAD) celebrated its eighth edition days ago, but in this case we’re not talking about “Only another event has been verified”On the contrary, it is an event that has established its distinct place in Arad’s annual cultural agenda and tends to become more than that, an event of county importance. In addition, as 2022 coincides with Doinaș’s “Centenary of the Birth of the Writer” (the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of the Writer), the current edition has also received national attention, with an eight-page supplement dedicated to Ștefan Augustin Doinaș in the Journal of Observator Cultural.

All this is mainly due to the writer Lia Faur, the initiator and organizer of the festival, with the help of teacher Larisa Chiţu and teacher Cornelia Demian (from the National College “Preparandia-Dimitrie Țichindeal”), and members of the Cultural Initiatives Group ( GPIC). This event was also supported by the Romanian Center for Culture and Science in Tunisia, the Western University “Vasil Goldic”, the PEN Romania organization and, last but not least, Arad City Hall through the Arad Municipal Culture Center, which facilitated financially, for example, Appearance of the supplement in the Cultural Observatory.

This year’s edition kicked off April 1st with an exhibition of unique photos with Doina, done by the writer’s photographer, Ion Cucu, as well as some drawings by cartoonist Evan Vale. The exhibition has since been moved to the lobby of the Yuan Slavicy Classical Theatre, and will be moved to the Museum of Preparandia.

Photos and drawings also appear in two new volumes, edited by Casa de Pariuri Literare: “Ion Cucu Album: Ștefan Augustin Doinaș” and “SAD – An Illustrated Biography” (the latter signed by Lia Faur and Vali Ivan), and officially released in the evening Thursday at Ferdinand Hall at Arad City Hall, presented by teacher Alexandra Teodora Mandra and Andrade Hani, as well as Vice Chancellor Christian Bini (UVVG).

Also Thursday evening (April 28), in Ferdinand Hall, a poetry recital was held in the interpretation of some students from Santana and Corporal Alexa, coordinated by teacher Camelia Bella. The students recited poems by Douinach: Ramona Mihai, Catelyn Todoro, Denisa Maxim, Soren Mio, Andrei Slavita, Oana Slavita, Anna Maria Kandel, Ioana Rudak, Andrada Sirp, Denisa Popa, Roxana Petya, Flavia Gorban and Melissa Sima.

The night before, another poetry recital took place at the Ioan Slavicy Classical Theatre, this time in interpretations by Arad actors, Dorina Dare Peter, Ioan Peter, Yulia Drago, and Bogdan Kostya. They recited tefan Augustin Doinaș psalms.

Photo: Laura Pascu / Facebook

“tefan Augustin Doinaș lived a rather controversial life, being a controversial figure especially after his death. His life has been revised and various interpretations given. We have never been biased in the tefan Augustin Doina Festival for days and evenings of literature, on the contrary, we have also invited those who wrote books against him, and we also called those who wrote books that approach the work as objectively as possible. The writer ”, The mediator said Leah Fore. She also mentioned that the Cultural Foundation of the 21st Century (of which Ștefan Augustin Doinaș was a member) annually awards scholarships to high school students from Corporal Alexa, named after the writer since 2001 and also has a library called “Ștefan Augustin Doinaș”, also with the support of Twenty-first Century Foundation.

The honor given to the writer who gave the name of this festival does not stop there. Santana Mayor, Tomoa Daniel Soren, announced last night, at Ferdinand Hall, that he is considering placing a bust of tefan Augustin Doinaș in the area of ​​Corporal Alexa.

The eighth edition of the festival ended with a lyrical tone, but with music.

The famous Canadian pianist Theo Melia, born in Arad, delighted the audience of Arad present at the festival with his compositions, being for the first time in the Arad Municipal Palace, whether as a visitor or as a special guest, as the artist admitted.

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