Every creative soul finds great freedom in technology to explore and create new experiences

Technology is a space for intersection, mediation and communication between people and the world around them. This is the idea he starts with Cyprien FucheroArchitect/Scenography Designer for Virtual and Mixed Spaces, Designer of Immersive and Enhanced Experiences, New Media Artist. cyprien is Co-founder and Creative Director of augmented space agencyAnd Research Assistant in kinetics International Center for Research and Education in Innovative Creative Technologies and PhD student in UNATC “El Carragil” National University of Theater and Film Arts.

Technology plays a major role in his experimental, artistic or social projects. Cibrian is interested in the intersection between virtual space and human emotion, with the way in which new artistic expressions can be explored through digital immersion. In short, Cibrian defines himself as an explorer of new media technologies, new forms of communication, and digital artistic expressions.

We are witnessing a natural and logical evolution of the media. From radio to television, internet and video games to new concepts like Metaverse, virtual reality or hyper-reality – in the not too distant future. All of these environments create new connections between people, Cibrian says.

during the campaign Expand your universe By Dell Technologies, Ciprian talks about how to use tTechnology offers new possibilities of expression for new generations of creators. You can read about this close connection between creativity and technology in the lines belown within the series [Expand Your Youniverse]Developed in partnership with Dell XPS. A series in which we follow inspiration and its forms, reach into the intimate universe of creators and discover the way they create their own world, in turn becoming sources of inspiration for others.

From the new media theater to the digital museum

A journey, a dream, an empirical expression, a map of collective pain. New media theatre, interactive facilities, grainy experiences, digital museums. Ciprian Făcăeru’s creative themes range from strong emotions and lead to unique multi-layered experiences, such as new media playing Schrödinger’s Cat and Romacen’s Cat, interactive installations such as Dream Space Mechanics and Flight Facility or immersive installations such as Adina Pintilie’s VR component You Are Someone Else The Palace of the Flesh project, recently presented at the Venice Biennale of Arts.

Cyprien was recently involved in the digital implementation of the Museum of Abandonment, an ambitious digital project that aims to map the culture of abandonment and provide a historical account of the phenomenon of child abandonment and institutionalization in Romania.

My entire business is dependent on technology. Out of a desire to explore these new areas, opened up by new technologies. Then performance is a very important factor in terms of a laptop’s computing power, but also the ability of these platforms to take on new forms of media — like virtual reality, augmented reality, and interactive forms of digital content, Cibrian says.

The link between the past and the future, the desire to fly, and the unseen traumas of society. Cyprian cares about human nature in all of its emotional downfalls. He believes that the best way to express these concerns and questions is with the help of open technology areas.

We are witnessing a natural and logical evolution of the media. From radio to television, internet and video games to new concepts such as the Metaverse, virtual reality or hyper-reality – in the not too distant future. All these environments create new connections between people. Cibrian thinks it’s clear that we must solve the new problems.

Creativity and visual expression have new technological means and platforms at their disposal. Cibrian thinks all of the technologies behind the new formats are especially important.

Every creative soul finds tremendous freedom to explore and create new experiences.

On my Dell XPS laptop, I like that the display technology allows you to run an image that is more accurate in terms of color and contrast. And last but not least, the ability to process a larger amount of information. At least in the case of the Museum of Abandonment project, I had a massive amount of data, done by 3D scanning of both the architectural space and the objects identified in the documentation stage. Cibrian explained that we needed the graphics processing power of the laptop to be able to convey this experience to the audience.

Ciprian finds inspiration in technology, but also in new environments of creativity and expression. That’s the mission of the Dell Technologies XPS laptop: to be a trusted partner to the next generation of creators.

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