It’s my victory sign.

The best cancer treatment is prevention, according to internationally accepted guidelines. Moreover, the mental state of the patient and the emotional support he receives are just as important as the modern equipment and the expertise of the specialist doctors, according to the same guidelines. In this context, the Medisprof Association today launches the cancer prevention campaign “By far, the most beautiful!” , powered by Farmec, in which many patients talk about difficult times they have been through and proudly display their scars in an adorable photo signed by Mihaela Noroc, hoping it will inspire other women too.

When can we talk about precancer?

Cancer prevention has not yet been included in the authorities’ priority list. Thus, a routine examination is postponed for fear of a diagnosis that still sounds like cancer. All this, while in Romania breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women1 and this condition is responsible for 16% of all cancer deaths.

In addition, more than 1,800 women die every year from cervical cancer, the incidence rate of which is 2.5 times higher than the EU-27 average, and the mortality rate more than 4 times, which puts our country first in the world. From this point on considering the incidence and mortality associated with cervical cancer, at the level of EU countries (INSP). However, in the field of medical prevention, Romania is the country that ranks last in all European rankings, and the diagnosis of “cancer” is still associated with death, although most forms of the disease are curable if detected in time.

In this context, the Medisprof Association launches the campaign “By far, the most beautiful!” , with the support of Farmec, which wants to draw attention to the importance of regular checkups in the fight against cancer.

Featured images by Mihaela Noroc

Even if the moment of the fight wasn’t easy, the effects it left behind, be it scars or hair loss, are not a disgrace. Each of them proudly wears the scars they left behind after the operations they underwent and revealed in the photo-sign signed by photographer Mihaela Noroc, author of The Atlas of Beauty, As It Is: Evidence for Their Defeat of Cancer!

“The best treatment for cancer is prevention, and thousands of lives could be saved every year in our country if women knew they needed preventive screening, if they found out that this diagnosis is not a conviction. We hope that the message of the campaign will reach as many women as possible and be inspired by the example of our brave patients,” she said. Carolina Euderia, founder of the Medisprof Society, The most beautiful evidence of the love and care of a mother, girlfriend, wife or daughter in Women’s Month can be an appointment for a medical consultation.”

Daniela Chase developed the first symptoms in 2019, but the epidemic and the inconclusive results of some tests made her endometrial cancer only in May 2021. However, fighting cancer was not only for her, but also found the strength to help others, so during her treatment she also became Volunteer at Medisprof. “I proudly showed myself the scar I had from the operation which reminds me that I won. It is the sign of victory, as I overcame cancer. Do not be afraid of it, you are beautiful and hairless and have scars. These are the first signs of victory!”

“The hardest thing is to tell my mother”

Liana Precup was diagnosed with breast cancer in the fall of 2020, after feeling a small lump in the spring. The lockdown period and the onset of the epidemic in Romania made medical examination possible only after more than half a year. “What I remember and what helped me the most from the beginning were the words of the doctor who said something like this: And that’s what I did!”, says Liana, who underwent chemotherapy, a mastectomy, and then radiotherapy. “It is not easy to get this diagnosis, it can be horrible and upsetting. The hardest thing was to tell my mother, because I was in her situation. I am also a mother…”, Liana recalls.

Liana- Medisprof Association. Photo: Mihaela Noroc

In August 2020, Anca Laco’s life changed as a result of a routine checkup, but that’s also why she encourages all women to adopt the habit. “You have to take care of your health, it is a shame that women give up, losing their lives for nothing, when they can easily prevent any tragedy,” Anka says. Although difficult at first, the children’s support, trust in the doctors, and the strength of the treatment helped her mobilize. Anka concluded by saying, “I have come to perceive it as any other disease, as a cold you cure and then resume your life from where you left it, perhaps stronger and more confident in the future!”

ANKA – Medisprof Association. Photo: Mihaela Noroc

What can you do to detect cancer early?

Lack of information, difficulty accessing medical services, or fear of receiving this diagnosis causes a woman to postpone her visit to the doctor and often reaches an advanced stage of the disease, despite the fact that cancer can often be cured if it is detected. Childhood. “Before the age of 40, the first recommended examination is a mammogram. If the doctor deems it necessary, he will also do a mammogram. After the age of 40, a mammogram once a year can save lives. Women often worry Whether this will cause pain or too much radiation. However, the truth is that this only generates slight discomfort and radiation is an unconfirmed myth,” explains Dr. Tamas Szora Attila, primary care radiologist at Medisprof Cancer Center.

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