The tower and butchers’ fortress of the medieval castle will be restored and converted into cultural spaces, and will be included in an unofficial program of cultural and art education

The slaughterhouse tower and fortress of the medieval Citadel of Sighisoara will be restored and converted into cultural spaces, within the project “Calfort – Fortress of Urban Culture Foundation Mihai Eminscu Trust in Sighisoara”, launched on Friday, to be included in the unofficial cultural-artistic education program, Agerpres reports.

“One of the main activities of the project is the cultural revitalization and revitalization of the butchers’ tower and fortress in Sighisoara Castle. This activity will materialize through the creation of a non-traditional and multifunctional cultural space, and the arrangement concept will aim to highlight the multi-ethnic intangible and tangible heritage of Sighisoara, through a combination of historical values – Saxon heritage, those who built the castle a medieval castle, with contemporary cultural diversity represented by Romanians, Hungarians, Gypsies and Saxons.The project includes an informal program of artistic cultural education: the institution will organize a series of informal educational workshops, practical, creative and sensory workshops for beginners in engineering architecture, discovering local history and experiencing the arts.” Project Director of the Mihai Emenscu Foundation Fund, Michaela Türk.

According to the presentation, the cultural connection to the community and the general public of Sighoara will be achieved through a program to be held in the summer seasons 2022 and 2023, supported by local independent artists, targeting visual arts, theatre, music, film, video cartography and culinary arts.

In the bastion, a series of plays, six feature films, six concerts from the “Transylvania LIVE” series, photo exhibitions, video mapping and culinary arts will be presented.

Through this project, the Foundation aims at the integrated development of the creative cultural sector in Sighisoara, by enhancing the skills of strategic planning, entrepreneurship and cultural management of 30 specialists and practitioners in the cultural creativity sector, until 2023.

“The project aims to increase the reach of the culture of the general public, by enriching the cultural offering of Sighisoara with 23 events of classical, modern, folk or contemporary art, and attracting at least 750 visitors in the 2022-2023 summer season. .The other goal is to develop Consumer culture among the younger generation of Sighisoara, through the creation of a non-traditional cultural space and the involvement of 250 children and youth in an informal program of cultural and artistic education, until 2023. The project has a strategy through the integrated and innovative approach of the project that is reflected in the diversity of activities, addressing the activities of both adults children and youth and organize a wide range of cultural events.”

“Cultfort – Urban Culture Fortress” was funded by EEA Grants 2014-2021 under the RO-CULTURE program, has a term of 24 months and benefits from a total non-repayable funding of 794,115 lei, 11% of this amount is private property. Mihai Emenscu Trust contributes 98,149 lei.

The project kicked off Friday at the Art Gallery of the Deer House in the medieval castle of Sighisoara, of the painter Rareş Kerekes, with an interactive cultural exhibition, attended by a number of painters, artists, local craftsmen and coordinators of theatrical troupes. , representatives of voluntary associations, local guides, timber restorers, and organizers of cultural festivals.

“I was pleased that the launch of the project took place in my exhibition, A World of Spiritual Colors. The event fits perfectly with the theme that I represent in painting, Transylvania and Sighisoara, Troubadour, medieval figures. It was basically an initiative of the future promoted in the world of color – color means life and light And the future and the rainbow, which is exactly what is experienced through this project. Artists will only have what they earn, as will all the guilds and all those who have something to give the city, because Sighisoara really deserves more. “Culture is salvation (…) and we have to,” Rareş Kerekes said. To evolve through culture and thus make our contribution to the joy of the human spirit.”

Image source: Facebook / Sighisoara Shop

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