Video | CSM Bucharest – Esbjerg 29-29, in the last Champions League group game. What about “tigers”?

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CSM Bucharest qualified for the eighth round of the UEFA Champions League

And CSM Bucharest qualified in the round of 16, in fifth place in Group A, with 15 points.

Esbjerg won the group with 23 points and will play directly in the quarter-finals.

At the capital’s Polyvalent Hall, Esbjerg led the break with 16-15. In the second half, the Danes were four goals away, but the “Tigers” came back and took the lead in the last minute. And Esbjerg equalized with a shot from 7 meters in the last stage of the match.

Video summary of the match CSM Bucharest – Esbjerg 29-29

Cristina Nyago is the best scorer in the Champions League

Cristina Nego was the top scorer of the match with 10 goals. Elisabeth Omorigi (7 goals) and Emily Arntzen (4) of CSM were prominent in Bucharest.

Henny Rystad (9 goals) and Kristen Bristol (8) were Esbjerg’s top players.

Cristina Nyago (33 years old) became the top scorer in the Champions League this season, with a total of 94 successes. Beat Jamina Roberts (IK Savehof, 85 goals).

Final standings in the first group of the UEFA Champions League


In the Round of 16, CSM Bucharest will play the team in fourth place in Group B, in the double round (March 26/27 and April 2/3), the round match at their home.

Bucharest’s opponent will know after Sunday’s last matches in Group B. Ahead of them, SKA Moscow is fourth.

The Round of 16 will take place between March 26 and April 3, the quarter-finals between April 30 and May 8, and the Tournament Four from June 4-5 in Budapest.

In the previous season, CSM Bucharest missed qualification for the Final Four Tournament of the Champions League.

CSM Bucharest – Esbjerg 29-29, on Digi Sport 1

Accurate. 60: end of the match! Draw in the last team match! The Danes scored from a distance of 7 meters in the final stage of the match.

Accurate. 58: CSM Bucharest – Esbjerg 28-28. And Cristina Nijo equalized after the goal with the number ten.

Accurate. 54: CSM Bucharest – Esbjerg 26-27. Nego and Omorigi keep the “Tigers” close.

Accurate. 43: CSM Bucharest – Esbjerg 21-23. Cristina Nyago cuts the difference.

Accurate. 32: CSM Bucharest – Esbjerg 16-16. After a brief struggle with the defender, Aune Larsen finally knocked the ball into the net.

Accurate. 31: The second half begins.

Accurate. 29: CSM Bucharest – Esbjerg 15-16. Pullman takes a throw-in.

Accurate. 2: CSM Bucharest – Esbjerg 1-0. Carmen Martin opens the scoring after a great job.

Accurate. 1: The match begins.

Primary news:

For CSM Bucharest, the duel with Esbjerg, from the final stage of the Champions League groups, is an ideal training for the eighth matches, where the Bucharest women have already qualified.

There, the “Tiger Girls”, in a double round, must pass the team that will take fourth place in Group B, CSKA Moscow or Odense.

“Both teams are strong, because they are all in the Champions League. For me, it doesn’t really matter which opponent we meet.”Yvette Broch said.

In the round, CSM Bucharest lost to Esbjerg by one goal

Esbjerg lost only one match in 13 stages at Brest Stadium and qualified in the quarter-finals from the group winning position. on tour, The Danes prevailed by goal difference.

“We led that game with three goals, but we lost. Of course it’s the rematch that we want.”Yvette Broch said.

“They were the best team in our group by far. Being first with three stages before the end of the group stage only shows value, so they are a very strong team, and we can’t wait for them. Let’s meet them”Adrian Vasili concluded.

CSM Bucharest has 14 points in Group A, before the last round, and has six minimums to climb the standings.

Most likely, CSM will finish fifth in Group A and play in the quarter-finals with the team ranked fourth in Group B, CSKA Moscow (a team coached by Florentin Pera) or Odense.

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