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International sport is changing, and Teqball will be one of those that will bring about this change and could soon be included in Olympic sports, the Minister of Sports, Eduard Novak, announced on Saturday, at the official opening of the second stage of the European Teqball circuit in Târgu Mures.
“It is a high level competition and on top of that it is the first time I am participating and seeing what it means to Teqball at this level, played by some professionals. Honestly, I am very happy that the sport in general is changing internationally, and I think Teqball will be one of the sports that will bring that change Let’s not forget that it is one of the best developing sports, in five years they managed to create more than 140 international federations, and in 2023, it will be part of the European Games, so Romania will have a chance to win a medal. We have to accept that the sport is changing and we have to That we follow the mentality of young people and new generations, which is very good because it is an extraordinarily wonderful sport. It could be a serious candidate for Olympic sports (…).The first sign, Edward Novak said, is that next year, at the European Games, this sport will already be Part of the competition, so I think in LA or Australia 2032, Teqball will be part of the Olympics.”

The minister said the sport is very dynamic and that it evokes “unprecedented emotions” regardless of whether it is played or watched from the stands.
“It is very dynamic and in a very short time, you have a lot of moments of euphoria and happiness, because the actual game is very fast compared to the others. We can make some comparison with table tennis, but it is more dynamic, as it is played with the whole body. Of course, there are some rules, but from It’s also great to play and watch. It is played in doubles and singles and even if the federation says Teqball is still a child and we will all grow with each competition, and the specialists in this sport identify new issues that can be improved, that is a very beautiful thing,” Edward emphasized to Novak.

Besides Sports Minister, Edward Novak, the official opening of the competition was also attended by the president of the International Teqball Federation (FITEQ), Victor Huzar, co-founder of Teqball.
The President of the International Teqball Federation, Victor Huzar, who is known as an international speaker on the techniques used in the sport, said that the Teqball style is still a child, but it is growing very fast, as it is a new sport that is gaining more and more ground.

The competition started in Târgu Mures on Friday evening and continues until Sunday, which is organized by the International Teqball Federation in partnership with the Romanian Teqball Federation. 35 teams participate in the doubles event and 30 teams in the mixed doubles event.
The general secretary of the International Teqball Federation, Marius Veser Jr., told Agerpres that the European Teqball Tour is a $30,000 competition and consists of a series of tournaments that take place in special venues, among which is also the municipality of Târgu-Mures, where the Romanian Teqball Federation is registered. .
Wieser said 102 athletes from 13 countries, including Brazil and the United States, are taking part in the Târgu Maurice stage, and after talks with Sports Minister Eduard Novak and Târgo Mayor Maurice Sus Zoltan, the municipality could still host at least two major competitions in the next two years.

The top three men’s teams take to the podium at stage two of the European Teqball Tour in Târgu Mures: Bogdan Marojevic – Nikola Mitro (Serbia) – world number one, Banek Czapa – Adam Blazovic (Hungary) – world number 2 and Gyorgydeak Apor – Elias Zapoleks (Romania) – ranked 3 in the world. World number 1 Banyik Csaba – Janicsek Zsannet (Hungary) – world number one, Nikola Mitro – Maja Umicicevic (Serbia) – world number three and Gyorgydeak Apor – world number four Miklos Tunde (Romania) – world number four participate in the doubles.
The men’s doubles matches, the first, second and third rounds, the round of 16 and the men’s doubles quarter-finals, were scheduled for Friday.
The first, second and third mixed doubles rounds will be held on Saturday, where the draw, elimination matches, eighth and quarter-final matches will be held, and on Sunday the semi-finals of the mixed doubles and men’s doubles will be held, and the final match for the 3-4 places of mixed doubles. , the final match of the 3-4 men’s doubles races, after which the Para Teqball demo is announced.

The men’s mixed doubles and doubles finals take place on Sunday afternoon, with the awards ceremony scheduled for 4.30pm.

Entry for spectators to the gym for the Teqball European Tour – Târgu Mureş 2022 matches is free.
The European Teqball Tournament in Târgu Mureş is the most important Teqball event organized so far in Romania and is the second competition in terms of cash prize value, after the Teqball World Series.

Men’s doubles and mixed doubles players compete for prizes totaling $30,000.


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