The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Sports will distribute 80 cable tables in schools

The Minister of Sports, Edward Novak, announced on Saturday, in Târgu Morris, that following a donation from the International Teqball Federation (FITEQ), this summer, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, 80 Teqball tables will be distributed in several schools.

“We have a project that we are going to launch in the summer, and the International Federation has donated 80 tabletops to the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Sports, 80 tables, which we will share with Minister Combino this summer, in June. Or in September, when the holidays are over, it is exactly in The National Sports Strategy, where we want to increase sports classes and diversify sports activities in schools and it is very good (…) Infrastructure is essential for team sports “Without infrastructure, you have no expectations. If we can open as many sports facilities as possible, and as many gyms as possible, there will certainly be more children playing sports.”

On Saturday, the Minister of Sports, Eduard Novak, took part in the official opening of the second stage of the European Teqball Tour circuit in Târgu Mures, organized by the International Teqball Federation (FITEQ), in partnership with the Romanian Teqball Federation (FRTEQ). )), between April 29 and May 1, with 35 teams participating in the doubles event and 30 teams participating in the mixed doubles event.

“It’s a high level competition and on top of that it’s the first time I’ve been involved and seeing what Teqball means at this level, played by some professionals. Honestly, I’m very happy that the sport in general is changing internationally. And Teqball will be one of the sports that will make this happen as well. The change We have to accept that the sport is changing and we have to follow the mentality of the young and the new generations, and that is very good because it is an unusually great candidate Olympic sport (…) The first sign is that next year, at the European Games, this sport will already be part of the The competition, so I think in Los Angeles or Australia 2032, Teqball will be part of the “Olympics,” said Edward Novak.

The minister said the sport is very dynamic and that it evokes “unprecedented emotions”, regardless of whether it is being played or watched from the stands.

“It is very dynamic and in a very short time you have a lot of moments of euphoria and happiness, because the actual game is very fast compared to the others. We may have some comparison with table tennis, but it is more dynamic, of course, there are some rules, of course, but it is also great to play and watch ., and the specialists in this sport identify new issues that can be improved, it is a very beautiful thing”, emphasized Edward Novak.

Besides Sports Minister, Edward Novak, the official opening of the competition was also attended by the president of the International Teqball Federation (FITEQ), Victor Huzar, co-founder of Teqball.

The President of the International Teqball Federation, Victor Huzar, who is known as an international speaker on the techniques used in the sport, said that the Teqball style is still a child, but it is growing very fast, as it is a new sport that is gaining more and more ground.

Photo by Edward Novak/Facebook

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