/ VIDEO / Pentathlon gains strength in Moldova: the sport combines five different exercises

It is a lesser known sport to us, and it is becoming increasingly popular among young people. We’re talking about the Pentathlon – a very tough competition with five types of sports. To keep themselves in shape, young athletes stand on their feet, every day, at five in the morning, so that they are already in training at six.

With the foil in hand and properly equipped, this is how dozens of young people from our country spend their time, who are in the training room every day for hours on end. In the morning, for example, at six, when many of their colleagues are still asleep, they are already swimming in the pool, and in the evening they finish swimming with the same rhythm, practicing fencing, horse riding, archery, and cross. Although they chose a complex sport, which includes five different types of exercises, young people claim that they used to and now can not imagine their life without modern pentathlon. From an early age, they begin one or two types of sports, after the age of 18, but they also take up other types in order to participate in competitions.

“For example, in the morning we were swimming, now we have a fence and then we shoot at the target. We have three exercises a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.”

“I fence, shoot with a laser pistol, and run.”

Which of the three do you like the most?

“I really like archery and fencing.”

“I like fencing the most.


“Because it’s an intellectual sport, and I like to compete with others.”

Although it sounds like a boys’ sport, there are girls who perform:

“In the morning I go to the pool, then quickly to school, and after school I go to evening training. Then I rest or do my homework.”

“It’s hard for me, but I love it. I love winning competitions, I love keeping my personality.”

“Pentaparte includes five types of sports, and there is a great variety. It is exhilarating and fun.

What do you do other than shoot a laser pistol?

“I swim, skate, and ride.”

I also got training that combines two types of sports: running and shooting. In competitions, the athletes take turns, firing a total of 20 rounds with a laser pistol and running 3200m.

Because of the epidemic, the athletes took a break from training, but now they have resumed their training with difficulty. Especially since they also have great goals. For example, Valentine wants to qualify for the Summer Olympics to be held in Paris in two years. Although there is still some time until then, the 23-year-old says he has to work hard to make his dream come true.

“This is my dream. I didn’t succeed before, because there are five types of sports and they are very complex. You have to be good at everything.”

The head coach of youth, who is also the president of the Federation of Modern Pentathlon, devoted his whole life to this sport. He says that he is trying to create all the conditions for young athletes to perform:

“Modern pentathlon is a very fun sport, but also a complex one. Suffice it to say that our first exercise is in the morning, which begins at 6:15 and is the habit of swimming. Some children succeed in school and others succeed in college. Then the exercises continue after lunch.”

Their families and the Pentate Union bear all training expenses for the youth.

Space rental prices have doubled in the last year and are very expensive, says Alexei Vasilyanov. He claims that they are very lucky with people, who direct 2% of their income to the union, and thus still make ends meet. The coach complained that the Ministry of Profile almost ignored this sport, the authorities allocate funds only when athletes go to major competitions:

“I do not think it is right for the state to finance only major tournaments such as the World Championships and the European Championships, because in order to participate at the highest level you need training. The athlete must also participate in smaller competitions.”

We asked for comment from Ministry of Education officials, but he suggested that we send a written request, and then come up with the answer. Which I did. The first modern pentathlon competition was held at the Olympic Games in 1912. Until 2000, only men participated in the competition, then the rules later changed.

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