ISU Dolj admits it did not send the warning, but says it was not obligated

The Dolge Emergency Inspectorate is responding to the accusations made by the mayor of Craiova last week, related to the fact that the ISU did not send an ice warning in time. Lia Olguţa Vasilescu said no timely action was taken to prevent the ice because the ice warning came too late from ISU Dolj. Gazeta de Sud asked for a view from ISU Dolj, which came today with clarifications.

Representatives of ISU Dolj say the minister’s order to indicate weather warnings does not accurately refer to “ice”. “Standard Law No. 3443/245/2012 which expressly provides for the flow of operational information in connection with the dissemination of meteorological information, warnings and warnings issued by the National Meteorological Administration. The current legal provision, i.e. the regulation that came into force in 2019, defines the types of hazards that Subject to the application of the Regulation, as well as the associated risks (floods, minimum temperature extremes, drought, accidental pollution of waterways.) Please note that the risks associated with “frost”, corresponding to the type of risk “extreme temperature” are not mentioned in the regulation. As stated above, the Oltenia Emergency Inspectorate of Dolge County ensures the dissemination of information to local emergency committees, as well as to public institutions, ”said ISU representatives.

The ISU says there is no legal deadline in law for sending warnings

GdS asked the ISU how much time is required for weather warnings to pass through. They said there is no deadline.

“Because they result from those specified in point 1 of this title, the applicable standard acts do not expressly stipulate a deadline within which meteorological information / warnings / warnings in the above-mentioned category must be sent. Usually, depending on when the message was received, the emergency inspectorate ensures In the interrupt publish it in the shortest possible time, especially when the messages are in the category of those who expect immediate phenomena (nowcast warnings).The time to resend the message is related to the work procedures applied at the operational center level, given that the message received, which is mail type electronic, subsequently transmitted by the operator to an SMS (text message, with a predetermined number of characters).

It is then sent to the mobile phones of designated representatives of Dolge County Local Emergency Committees. Usually, the mayor and/or deputy mayor, respectively, are individuals with powers in the field of emergency situations or the head of the emergency volunteer service. Also, representatives of institutions and county authorities.

ISU Dolj admits she didn’t send a message about the frost on Tuesday night

ISU Dolj admits that someone “slept fast” from Tuesday night to Wednesday night (January 11-12). However, the organization does not specify any measures to hold the employee accountable, but promises to improve things. „On 12.01.2022, the weather warning number was received on the e-mail address of the Inspectorate. 15, sent by the National Meteorological Administration, reported to the dispatcher and other public institutions and authorities. The message was intended to produce light rain ice deposits in local areas in Dolge County, with a lifespan of 02.50 – 06.00. Not released.

The reasons and circumstances of this situation were the subject of an internal investigation ordered by the Inspection Panel. This culminated in the identification and implementation of organizational and administrative procedures. These are intended to avoid future blackouts of the nature of those which occurred on 12.01.2022. The final report is presented hierarchically to the top level.

We want to assure the citizens of Dolj County, as well as our institutional partners, that the activity of our enterprise is constantly subject to its own analysis, in order to detect non-conformities of any kind and take corrective actions to improve our corporate performance in line with the expectations of citizens and partners,” ISU Dolj representatives stated.

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