Timisoara 2023, as a “cultural abortion”?

If the surgeon loses his life and loses it, it is called malpractice and is sent to disciplinary committees, the College of Physicians is notified, the cause and reason for its occurrence are analyzed, and actions are taken. When it collides with the culture of a city and cuts its soul, hurts its soul, and strikes its heart, no one is held accountable.

The culture of Timisoara is still being distorted by the adventures of new people, little was heard or heard from the real culture of Timisoara before the fall of 2020.

Although it must shine through cultural actions directed to all – it was said, street culture, in the neighbourhoods, among the people – we find that Timisoara’s lover of true culture is increasingly pushed outside the cultural circle, this environment becoming increasingly inaccessible. Especially if he did not have the money to pay for culture.

Although Timisoara wants to become the European Capital of Culture in eight months, it is looking more and more like a “cultural abortion” – since last year, festivals that had already been held for years in local traditions began to stop being funded. by those who should have promoted it. Scandals of the past year are well known.

What do we have this year? Another horror. How do you encourage and promote reading, the young generation’s appetite for books, your local government? Cut from funding the Literature Festival, which brings together many young people in each edition, as well as guest writers from all over the world – an honor for the city! Among them: Slavinka Drakulic, Yuri Andruchović, Viktor Erofeev, Laszlo Krasznoorkai, Ludmila Ulitkaya, Serhiy Gadan, Juan Gabriel Vasquez, Adam Michnik, Doreen Todoran, Catalin Dorian Florescu, Mircia Kartares Norm, Pascal Brisco and many others.

Journalist Flavius ​​Boncia, former local councilor of the Timisoara Local Council, a Timisoara resident with a poster, writes in a Facebook post about a reality that can only exude the souls of Timisoara residents who have a long history in this place and who know where the culture was in other departments .

“Do not comment on those who have received funding; I am convinced that everyone has worked (and is working) for their projects and that they deserve this support from the public administration. But: we are not just talking about the World Literature Festival, though this alone suffices, which does not meet the requirements of the Commission Judging made up of unknown eminent personalities. There are other manifestations of the tradition, forgotten by other “brilliant.” Some, at first glance: Timisoara, Central European Film Festival, 10th Baroque Festival, 22nd Timorgelfest International, Fest Fest – Urban Festival 7th Edition, TESZT Extension, Ion Monoran Poetry Festival, Banat Hungarian Days XXVI edition -a.etc. The events that now have the unfortunate opportunity to add to those who have been killed in the past ten years by inaction, glee and misery, especially the culture of the authorities of the European Capital of Culture 2023. It is not sad , it’s terrible.

Arbitration committees by fields. Let’s make their names known, it is worth:

  1. Visual arts, digital art and new media: Ovidiu Andriş, Dan Angelescu, Ioana Anghel, Adrian Bojenoiu, tefana Mărmureanu, Emilian Mărgărit, Alexandra Mocan, Delia Popa, Mihaela Tilincă, Clara Trăistaru.
  1. Education through culture, cultural interventions and housing: Vlad Alexandrescu, Ioana Angel, Adriana Avram, Irina Iakop, Irina Ionescu, Ariadna Punta, Stefana Mermoriano, Alina Serban.
  1. Performing Arts: Daniela Maria Christescu, Alexandra Dragomir, Mihaela Ion, Radu Lisevci, Mattia Marin, Stefana Mermoreno, Oana Stoica, Dana-Murica Sarmis, Elisabetta Varga-Piatic.
  2. Promoting written culture: Ioana Angel, Adriana Avram, Adrian Boginoyo, Irina Iacop, Todorica Soldanescu, Delia Popa.
  1. Cultural heritage: Vlad Alexandrescu, Adriana Avram, Adrian Boginoyo, Irina Iakop, Mihila Ion, Delia Popa, Mihaela Telenko ” – says Flavius ​​Poncia.

Another 34 projects will share the 3,000,000 lei that has been prepared for it, and three appeals have been accepted. Among them was not presented by the Polytechnic Foundation, the organizer of the International Literature Festival – FILTM, now in its 12th edition. The project was sent to the section “Promotion of Written Culture” where four projects were funded.

What will “cultural” Timisoara look like in 2023? Like “cultural abortion”. What events will you offer to tourists (through specialists, centers of cultural projects, etc.)? disappointing. They will probably be removed with… maneles. If possible, on the Philharmonic stage.



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