16th Edition Jubo Awards: Documentaries and short films can be submitted

The Gopo Awards are announcing the call for entries in the 16th Edition Documentary and Short Film categories. The Awards Ceremony will take place in April.

“24 feature films, feature films and documentaries released in cinemas during 2021, that meet the eligibility criteria and can be judged and nominated for the Gubo Awards 2022. Romanian films produced in our country or produced in co-production, but with the participation of the Romanian majority, shown for the first time at the level National between January 1 and December 31 that have benefited from at least one week of broadcasting in cinemas, with ticket-based access, in addition to those first shown on the VOD platform, are the products that the jury will consider for nomination.

Among the products eligible for the title best romanian movie This release includes films presented and awarded at major festivals, such as Bubble Bubble or Bramble Porn, recipient of the Golden Bear award at the 2021 Berlinale, Malmkrog, directed by Cristi Puiu, nominated in 2020 as Best Director in the Encounters section of Otto the Barbarian, Presented for the first time in the world in the competition of the Sarajevo Festival 2020 and won the Romanian Film Days Award for the feature films section of TIFF 2021, and the successful films such as Tabara or Tata muta munţii, Wild Romania, the train leaving the station and the dollhouse”, Organizers move.

List of eligible feature films

  1. Papardyal with Bucklock or Plumock Bourne, Directed by: Radu Judd
  2. Berliner, directed by Marian Krishan
  3. Dolls House, directed by Theodor Plato
  4. CâMP DE MACI, directed by Eugene Gibliano
  5. Completely Unknown, Directed by: Octavian Stronello
  6. 40 Days Later, directed by Andrei Groznikski
  7. Departure of a train from the station Directed by: Radu Judd, Adrian Siuvlangi
  8. INVESTITORII Directed by: Iora Lonkao
  9. Entregaldi, directed by Rado Montaigne
  10. Luca, directed by Horacio Mollilli
  11. MALMKROG, Directed by: Kristi Puyo
  12. Mia Missing Her Revenge, directed by Bogdan Theodore Ultiano
  13. Unspecified, directed by Bogdan George Aptri
  14. Us Against Us Directed by: Andra Tarara
  15. Otto Barbarol, directed by Roxandra Getescu
  16. PUP-O MĂ 2!: The Crazy Bride, Directed by: Camelia Popa
  17. Wild Romania, directed by: Dan Dino and Cosmin Domitrac
  18. Skara, directed by Vlad Boonescu
  19. And then… what is freedom? Directed by: Andrei Zenko
  20. And I May Still Live Today, Directed by: Theodor Christian Jorgio
  21. Directed by: Valle Dobrogino
  22. Tata Moto Monoi Directed by: Daniel Sandow
  23. Our Father, directed by Andrei Dusclescu
  24. Snow, Shay and Love, Directed by: Kotlin Bojian

Invitation to participate in the documentary and short films categories

about class Best Documentary (Only in the case of films that have not benefited from cinema offers for more than a week) Registration is required. It takes into account Romanian films, which were shown for the first time in 2021 and did not benefit from broadcasting on the cinema circuit, but were shown on television or in the festival circuit (national or international). TV reports are not eligible.

Category Best short film You can register Romanian products that have been shown for the first time on the big screens, on television or at at least one competitive festival in 2021.

Documentaries and shorts can be registered until February 4th. Romanian film producers and directors are invited to complete the available data sheet here. You can refer to the list here.

Nominations for all categories will be announced in March by a jury of 11 film professionals. After the nominations are announced, more than 650 active professionals from all areas of the local film industry will be invited to vote to nominate the winners of the Gopo Awards 2022.

The Gopo Awards 2022 is organized by the Romanian Film Promotion Association in cooperation with the Association of Cinema and Urban Culture, with the support of the National Center of Cinematography and Babylon Communications.

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