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author: Ovidiu Văcaru

From the maid manager

Tragic news surprised Brasov’s cultural world not only on August 24, 2020. Actor Marius Cesar, director of the Reduta Cultural Center, died in his office, at the age of 51, of a severe heart attack. The actor of the Sică Alexandrescu Theater of Braشوفov, whose motto was “Art is a certain space that breathes for the soul”, walked out in a flash leaving behind a wife and boy, a minor. and several unique projects such as the “Scenele Memoriei” political theater festival or the “Garofia Pietrei Craiului” international folklore festival. After the disappearance of Marius César, Adrian Vălușescu received the position of interim director of the Cultural Foundation, at that time the head of the Center for the Preservation of Traditions in Reduta.

The appointment is made by the county council, which is under the supervision of the Reduta Cultural Center and which provides the funds necessary to carry out the activity of the institution in the best conditions.
The interim director stated on appointment that “besides the place of the unfortunate actor, he has taken over the projects he has started, and the projects he will continue”. We will return to this statement. In December 2020, the Brakow County Council organized a competition for the position of director of the Reduta Cultural Center. Only one candidate entered the competition, Professor Adrian Voloescu, the interim director at the time, appointed by the Provincial Council. Due to the fact that the only candidate has more than 20 years of experience in the cultural field (for 7 years, he headed the district center for the preservation and promotion of traditional culture in Brasov, and since 2011 – when the status of the institution changed – I became the head of the Department of Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture within the Center Cultural Reduta, with the aim of “preserving the traditions and values ​​of popular culture”) and as a result of the project submitted for evaluation, Adrian Vălușescu won the competition (from the position of sole candidate).

Small budget, tailor-made activities

Changes in the organization appeared as soon as the new manager got 100% in his bread. The plans of Marius Caesar, which he mentioned at the time, will continue. This year, neither the Festival of Political Theater nor the Festival of Folk Music Garofița Pietrei Craiului found their place in the projects of the new director. Adrian Vălușescu, upon contacting us, stated that these projects were too expensive, especially the theater festival, and the institution he runs can no longer afford such expenses. I got the same answer about the International Folk Music Festival. However, the new manager couldn’t tell us where the previous manager found the money and sponsorship to organize many more events than he did last year. The office from which he ran the cultural center became, for a time, a meditation room for his wife, a music teacher. Through discussion with Mr. Vălușescu I discovered that the lady was no longer his wife, so the office was no longer used for this purpose. The Reduta Cultural Center has had a board of directors since its inception, consisting of the general manager, chief accountant, and heads of services for the center. In August of this year, Vălușescu likely tired of the “obstacles to legality” put forward by the board of directors, asked the county council, based on a 2006 decree, to abolish the board. By law, the director’s proposal has been approved by the board members, with no one asking why, after all these years the foundation has worked well with the board, now, all of a sudden, the new director no longer wants to be controlled. But Mr. Vălușescu resolved the dilemma: “There was no need for a board of directors, because we were discussing projects anyway. Before that, the director made the decision.” So no one needs to control? At the same CJ meeting on August 26, Vălușescu put forward a proposal to open the position of vocal soloist at Reduta. This is despite the absence of a clear explanation for the necessity of this position in the founding plan, which includes 44 jobs, 36 of which are filled. Among the specialists of the staff scheme, the position of a “vocal soloist” looks like a nut on the wall, among choreographers and ballet teachers (ballet lessons are held in the center, which is the only one that still brings money). But we can still understand the approach, considering that the ex-wife of the director from Reduta (now) is also an audio translator. She sings with her ex-husband in their band called ‘De Berzenland Party Band’, which describes themselves as ‘the first band from Brasov with dedicated Oktoberfest repertoire’. The director plays the violin and his ex-wife is a soloist in the band “Al-Bireh”. But the band also sings at weddings, christenings and ceremonies when requests are in.

With or without rent?

The band members also repeat the artistic performance… at the Reduta Cultural Center, which is now full of preparations for the performances of the group “De Brear”. Equipment transferred by Reduta employees, subordinate to the manager, depending on the needs of the squad and the orders of the boss. Mr. Vălușescu half denied the fact that the band would rehearse there…. He told us that “he doesn’t practice all the time and he doesn’t know anything about any concert equipment. What do you mean? The manager replied. The problem might not be serious if the manager’s band pays rent.” Or he will have a contract because he uses the halls of the cultural center. But I don’t pay. Nothing! Just like the newer “tenants”, don’t pay. “Press group”, SRL has two employees, zero income and zero debt. But who a few weeks ago opened TV studio … in the Reduta Cultural Center! Rent? A conciliatory? Can not be found. But I found in the central press on the Internet a very accurate interview with the director Adrian Vălușescu, conducted by a “reporter” from Brașov on that site. The reporter who also cooperates with these Press group, casually or without.In that “interview”, director Adrian Voluchescu told how he slept in Răcădău, how he twice fell at the entrance to the conservatory and decided he no longer wanted to take the audition and how, voluntarily, out of necessity, he employed a “maid” in Reduta Cultural Center. In 1985. After 36 years, he became director, which, in the case of Not having a board of directors to “report”, it receives free tenants. As if it was Vălușescu SRL and not a cultural institution! We don’t know if another interview is planned – at the expense of the rent to be collected from the “TV studio” – or even more so, a drink show on which the director is the subject. Mr. Vălușescu told us that there is a collaboration between Reduta and the said “group”, based on the “group” advertising Reduta on Facebook, in exchange for which the studio has to pay its rent. Perhaps, if the rooms of the “Cultural Center” had been rented correctly, there would have been money for serious projects.

Conflict of interest?

I asked the director about the serious projects that were implemented this year in the organization he leads. The answers were more than elusive, driven mostly by a lack of money. In this context, we can give another example of the director: last night, a big show in Reduta, free, for the people of Brasov … with folk music. the cost? 10,000 lei, paid by the Reduta Cultural Center, which receives funds from the budget of the local council for the promotion of culture in the absence of funds resulting from its own activity. Among those on the label, who do we find? You guessed it! Ex-wife, singer of folk music and brewery songs! I asked the manager if this was a conflict of interest. He replied that there was no doubt, citing the trial of Notara Mircea Diacono, when the MEP was accused of employing his wife in the theater without competition, and justice would have given him justice. It is possible that Mr. Vălușescu studied the case before giving his ex-wife budget money. But he stressed that “the amounts are few and modest.” Out of curiosity, last night I checked how many people were watching the show (in very good quality) on the organization’s Youtube channel. I’ve never been over 20! And the room is 30%. I also asked the manager if our information regarding the fact that he is using the corporation’s car for a personal and lasting benefit is correct. He almost denied it, saying, “Maybe once or twice.” There will be more to write, but space does not allow us. Perhaps it would have been appropriate for the county council to give Mr. Adrian Vălușescu the gift of Santa Claus! Perhaps the Court of Accounts? Maybe others? Who comes to wish at the gates of a cultural place so sad now!

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