Gopo 2022. When will the award ceremony dedicated to Romanian cinema take place

The 2022 Jubo Awards, titled “United Through Film”, have announced their nominations for this year. The most important works of Romanian cinema will be honored. This year, two great actors will be honored. The outstanding actors of Romanian theater and film, Victor Rebengjuk and Mariana Miho, will receive the award for their entire activity.

Gopo Awards 2022. Over 90 productions in competition

In February, specifically on the fifteenth of February, all the productions of Romanian cinema, nominated this year for the Grand Prix, were announced. According to the press release, 96 films were submitted to the jury at the 16th edition of this year’s Gopo Awards.

There are 27 productions in the feature film category, of which 21 are feature film productions and 6 are documentaries, including the popular documentary “Wild Romania”, directed by Dan Dino, a 10-year documentary. In the Short Films category, 59 short films from production, fiction, animation and documentaries were entered into the Gopo Awards 2022. This year, the Gopo Awards 2022 will have an established jury, which includes:

  • Film critic Yulia Voiko
  • Film critic tefan Dobroiu,
  • Historian Mihai Brizino (liter net),
  • Director Laureniu Damien
  • Director Ivana Mladenovic,
  • Actress Rodica Lazor,
  • Photo Director Fifi Dragan Vasily,
  • Editor Roxana Szel,
  • Fashion designer Dana Ppăruz,
  • Producer and Director Monica Lozorian Gorgan,
  • Festival producer and organizer Mirona Berescu.

Part of the Best Film nominations

  • Bubble with a bang or a porn slut (r. Radu Jude),
  • Not quite known (the rule of Octavian Stronello),
  • Luca (reign. Horațiu Mălăele),
  • Mia misses her revenge (Bogdan Theodore Ultiano’s rule),
  • the stairs (Vlad Păunescu rule) or the camp (Vali Dobrogeanu rule),
  • The Holy Father (Andrei Ducliscu ruled),
  • We are against us (ruling of Andhra Tatara),
  • Wild Romania (T. Dan Dino).
  • Four Pompeo (Referee Claudio Mitko),
  • Lost children on the beach (Alina Manulach ruled),
  • Into the middle of the sound (Dr. Indra Hera)
  • The Man with the Shadow (p. Dragoș Hanciu)
  • Swamp City (Bogdan Bolinghia rule, Ovidiu Zemsia)

Part of the short film category nominations

  • 31 hours (verdict Claudio Mitko),
  • Caricatureana (Rudu Jude Rule),
  • Carmen de Meringue (T. Dennis Con Tobacco),
  • I Doreen (Valerio Andreu Referee),
  • Intercom 15 (p. Andrei Ibori),
  • Michael and Achim (T. Theodore Junich),
  • Nano Tudor (ruled by Olga Lukovnikova),
  • Plastic Semiotics (r. Radu Jude),
  • Short love stories are spread all over the city (Karina Gabriella Dassovino),
  • King Mihai: The Way Home (Trevor Potts Reign),
  • Cicevescu (Maria Simena Demancia ruled),
  • Mouse B (p. Ioachim Stroe),
  • Eight O’Clock (p. Alex Bentic),
  • When night meets dawn (Dr. Andrea Cristina Boron),
  • You Who Never Arrived (p. Marius Ultiano).

Gopo Awards 2022 LIVE on Pro Cinema

Like last year, the Gopo Awards 2022 can be watched live on Pro Cinema, on Tuesday, May 3, starting at 22:30. On VOYO, TIFF Unlimited and fans will be able to watch the official opening starting at 19:00.

The Gubo Awards, the most important event dedicated to cinema in Romania, returns to its 16th edition in the Great Hall of the National Theater “El Carragil” in Bucharest.

The event organized on 3 May will present, for the second year in a row, actor Adrian Nicolae, and will be broadcast live, starting at 19:00, on VOYO, TIFF Unlimited and

The most important moments captured will be broadcast on the evening of Thursday, May 5, from 22:30, on PRO CINEMA. It was announced on the official website.

According to the organizers, more than 900 guests will attend the Great Hall of TNB, most of whom are actors, producers and directors, and the awards announcement will begin at 20:00. Big names on the Romanian scene will distribute prizes to the winners of all categories announced by the organizers.

Best Actress in a Leading Role

  • Andreea Grămoșteanu (not fully known),
  • Ioana Bugarin (Mia misses her revenge),
  • Katia Pascario (Babardeală cu bucluc ou porno balamuc),
  • Marina Bali (Malmkrug),
  • Nicoletta Hanko (I may still live today).

Best Actor in a Leading Role

  • Adrian Titieni (Father Moves Mountains),
  • Bogdan Ferkac (Unknown),
  • Konrad Merikover (Poppy Field),
  • Istvan Tiglas (Luca),
  • Mircea Andreescu (40 days later).

best scenario

best fashion

  • Mălina Ionescu (Otto Barbarul),
  • Carmen Moldovan (Luca),
  • Cucișica Cuciuc (Babardeală cu bucluc ou porno balamuc),
  • Nicoletta Carnot (Then what is freedom?),
  • Oana Păunescu (Malmkrug).

Gubo Awards 2022: Young Hope Category

  • Alex Bentic (Director and Editing of the short film Last Eight Hour),
  • Andrei Epure (to take out the Intercom 15 shorts, maybe dark will cover me),
  • Laurențiu Răducanu (For Feature Films 40 Days Later, I May Still Live Today and Short Films When Night Meets Dawn, Intercom 15),
  • Mark Titian (for the role of Otto the Barbarian),
  • Mirona Minculescu (to direct the short film Retail).

“The audience award in this edition will be given to the film camp directed by Valle Dobrogino. Vlogger Selly (Andrei Șelaru) and content creator, actor and director Matti Dima, two of the film’s protagonists, will be present on stage for a trophy awarded to the most successful domestic production at the box office. .”, this is also shown in the statement issued by the organizers.

2022 marks the year with the most nominations for the 2022 Gopo Awards, if we look back at last year’s edition.

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