“I was disappointed when she and her husband left the house”

Culiță’s mother Sterp spoke about his marriage to Carmen de la Sălciua, whom the singer divorced in 2019. Culi’s mother admitted that she was disappointed that her daughter-in-law decided to end her marriage so quickly.

Carmen de la Celciua and Colic Stirp have been married for two years Image: Facebook

Culiţă’s mother Sterp, also known as “Geta’s Mother”, spoke of his son’s ex-wife, Carmen de la Sălciua. The woman said that she liked how Carmen quickly integrated into the family and there were no problems between her and her daughter-in-law. However, Carmen’s decision to divorce due to marriage problems disappointed the singer’s mother.

“Carmen, I tell you honestly, very well and very quickly integrated into our family. I really enjoyed this, because you know what these stories look like between her mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law. But I had no problems with Carmen in that aspect. The disappointment came later when Carmen left her home and her husband. So disappointed. What she should have done in my mind, she should have gone to number one.” Colic’s mother Stirp told playtech.ro.

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“Mother Geta” also said that Carmen may have been right to be angry with Culiţă Sterp, but she still believes her ex-daughter-in-law acted wrong when she “left the house empty and made a mistake.”

“Maybe he was right and Kulic was wrong. Men are different from us women, so you might have to let him experiment. It’s not just me saying that, they’re old like me! I don’t know if everyone likes what they say, but I still I think he was wrong when he left the house empty and went out. What kind of love was there between them, if at first he flew out of the nest?”, Coleo’s mother Stirp added.

What does Culiţă Sterp’s mother say about his current girlfriend

The woman also spoke of Daniela, Culiţă Sterp’s current girlfriend, with whom she also had a child. “Mother Geeta” said that the new daughter-in-law is different from Carmen and more conservative, but she has the advantage of having a child with Kulich. In addition, the singer’s mother would like another nephew of his son and Daniela

“Unlike Carmen, Daniela is different. She’s more conservative with us, the family. She just says what she has to say, and then goes about her business! When you have a child, I think things change. You have to think for everyone, for yourself, for the man and the little one.” By the way, I would be very happy if the two of them, Kulich and Daniela, had another child. We are a welcoming home and a big family. So there is room for three or four children, even, as I did!”, Mama Geeta competed.

Carmen de la Sciwa, cheated on by Colitch Stirp?

Culiță Sterp and Carmen de la Sălciua were together between 2017 and 2019 and had a big wedding, but their marriage was short-lived.

After being invited to a TV show, Carmen revealed that the singer was betrayed and that the period was the most difficult in her life.

“I left a lot to myself and even forgave exhaustion, because I wanted to maintain a perfect marriage. I was not in vain jealous. You can’t be jealous if you have no reason. I had reasons. He was receiving letters and there were betrayals I hid, but now I no longer judge him. It was probably the saddest time of my life.

I will not allow her to deceive me anymore, for the deceived woman loses her confidence in herself, in her own strength. The moment I felt that I was regaining my strength, I said that it was better to be alone, that it was good to be confident in yourself, that it was better to be alone to heal, so that when one of them came I would be healed. Some time ago, Carmen said, I have forgiven many times.

carmen de la salciua culita sterp nunta jpg

Carmen de la Silcoa and Colic Stirp, at the wedding

However, the Manele singer and party musician denied that her ex-husband was violent, but said that they did not understand each other at all, so it was she who decided to end the two-year marriage.

“He blamed me for being jealous. The point that filled the cup was that we didn’t understand each other at all, didn’t communicate anymore, and I felt a little weird next to him and maybe him too, because fame took over our lives. I was the one who left because she couldn’t stand it anymore.” Then he tried to reconcile us. He wasn’t violent.” Carmen added.

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