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The new Israeli cinema will be the focus of the 21st Transylvania International Film Festival. The program includes powerful documentaries, great series, but also interviews with directors.

The new Israeli cinema under the microscope #TIFF2022 / Photo: TIFF

The directors, industry professionals and officials who will engage in dialogue with the audience will enter Cluj-Napoca, between 17 and 26 June. Focus on Israel at TIFF2022 was supported by the Israeli Embassy in Romania.

Winner of the Jury Prize at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, Ahed’s knee It’s a gritty story about political censorship, but also a story about the relationship between mother and son, against the backdrop of a divided country. You must see it signed by one of today’s leading Israeli filmmakers: Naddaf Lapid. The director won the Golden Bear Award in Berlin in 2019 for the film Synonyms.

Focus Israel will show Cluj the latest production signed by director Eran Coleraine, invited to the festival in 2012. Israel’s proposal for the Oscars 2021, Let It Be Morning explores the situation of Israel’s Arab population in a comedic and acidic way, following a man’s attempt to return home after he visited His hometown for his brother’s wedding, surrounded by an army all night and stuck in lockdown. The film premiered in Cannes in the Un Certain Regard section.

The Israeli guest list, opened by director Yair Kedar

The Israeli guest list for TIFF 2022 opened by Director Yair KedarWho will present the documentary at the festival? Fourth windowAbout the life and work of the legendary writer Amos Oz, a symbol of Israeli consciousness. Based on archival footage, as well as interviews with the official biographer of Oz, family members, or famous readers like Natalie Portman, Qedar captures the writer’s life in Window Four, marked by many tragedies and matchless success.

Known by the TIFF of the year for documentation as well Jonathan Agassi saved my life, who will love me now? Or Mr. Gaga: A True Story of Love and DanceAnd Directed by Tomer Heymann He is also coming to this year’s edition to bring to screens I Am Not, his latest film: the story of a young man with Asperger’s who travels to Guatemala with his adoptive family to meet his biological parents.

The audience will have the opportunity to engage in dialogue with Orit Fox Rotem, Director of the Sabaya Cinemawinner of the First Appearance Award at the 2021 Jerusalem Film Festival. A challenging film, Cinema Sabaya follows the dynamics of a group of Arab and Jewish women participating in a cinematic workshop, a space where their traditional beliefs conflict only to find a way to understand.

Controversial round number, Director David Fisher’s latest documentary questions how the figure of six million was determined, and the total number of Holocaust victims. The filmmaker, the son of survivors of humanity’s greatest tragedy, interviews historians, educators, and political figures in an effort to find answers.

The list of news proposed by Israeli directors continues That orchestra with broken instruments (Dr. Yuval Himyri) The documentary that follows a unique musical experience. 100 instrumentalists, professionals and amateurs gathered to organize a concert. They speak different languages ​​and belong to different generations. They have one thing in common: they all play broken instruments. The result of their rehearsal turns into an impressive musical performance, showing that through things we might be inclined to let go, we can build great things.

The Jerusalem Post writes about victory picture Avi Nesher’s film “Victory for Cinema” is being edited by a team of volunteers, and the story is told from two points of view: an Egyptian propaganda film director and a kibbutz community.

American production, listed in the Film Food division

An American-Israeli production will also be included in the movie food section: break bread (Dr. Beth Elise Hawk) follows the journey of the first Muslim woman to win the Master Chef program in Israel. Dr. Nouf Atamna Ismail aims not only to cook well, but to make a difference in society through food. The movie is followed by a traditional dinner. Food tickets will go on sale soon.

Sad city girls It is one of the most famous Israeli TV series in recent years. Chosen at the 2021 Cannes International Film Festival and made by three Israeli TV stars (Rivka Allen, Talia Lavie and Cher Reuven), it tells the story of the friendship between two young women from today’s Tel Aviv. Sexy, dramatic, funny, their relationship is under scrutiny. 3 episodes of the series will be shown in TIFF in the Va Urma section, intended for glutton lovers.

David Saranga, Ambassador of Israel in Bucharest will also be present at TIFF2022.

Films in the Focus Israel section of TIFF 2022 based on TIFF Card subscriptions, already available online, in a limited edition, can be viewed on the Eventbook platform.

Information source: TIFF

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