The disease that shattered Daniela Giorvi’s dream. She wanted to be like Nadia Komunesi, but everything collapsed in an instant »

Daniela Giorvi reveals how hard it was to get into the music industry, how many obstacles she had to go through due to lack of money, and how few opportunities she had to assert herself. She tells us about how hard she worked and how determined she was to succeed in the music market, even though it was her dream to follow in the footsteps of gymnast Nadia Comunessi.

Daniela Giorvi did not dream of becoming a singer: “I wish I had the opportunity to practice show sports”

Non-committed artist Daniela Giorvi tells us about her relationship with her grandmother, a strange relationship as she calls it, about her mother who has been frozen for many years by a strong psyche and about Maria, her daughter. She remembers what profession she would have liked and what she would say to her father now, after many years. Daniela Giorvi, 53, admits that she is a very demanding mother and tells us where she wants to visit this year, in an exclusive interview with FANATIK.RO.

how was your childhood?

– I did not climb trees and did not frighten my mother, but in those times, all the girls wanted to be Nadia Comuneci. I wanted to become a gymnast, I drive on the street, I really liked sports. Unfortunately, my mother got sick, had hepatitis and couldn’t exercise, but I would have loved the opportunity.

Daniela Giorvi remembers her grandmother: “She wanted to put her mother in a sanatorium”

How was your relationship with your grandmother?

– It was a strange relationship. When my mother was injured, she wanted to take her to the asylum and I did not agree. Although I was young, I realized that my grandmother was not with my mother as she was with me. He may have loved her, but not the way I see a parent’s love. It was cooler, and we were never close. I have no memories of my grandmother. There was no relationship between her and her mother as it should be between a mother and daughter. Not how it should be between a grandmother and a daughter.

Do you remember when you knew you wanted to sing?

When I was young I never thought of any profession. My childhood was suddenly marked by the separation between my mother and father, and their divorce frightened me a lot. Then there was my mother’s accident. I didn’t think much about what I wanted to become. I never hoped to sing, nor did I ever think about it. Thinking of that age was beyond me.

Daniela Giorvi, Memories of Her Beginning in Music: “I Didn’t Have a Chance because I Didn’t Have the Money, I Was Sorry for Myself”

However, how did you come to compose the music? Who urged you to support you?

I tell you honestly, I realized that I liked singing in the eleventh or twelfth grade. My mother heard me sing around the house, which was fashionable then, Loredana, Angela Semelia, Abba. She supported me, pushed me from behind to go to work. He took me to the Folklore School, I entered at first and from there I started down this path. My mother trusted me and told me that I must succeed, to be a person, to overcome the evil of people. Some welcomed me, others kicked me out. I didn’t have a chance because I didn’t have the money, I was sorry for myself, but I worked, my teeth clenched. A thousand doors were closed for me, but an important one opened for me in the end.

Daniela Giorvi with her mother
Daniela Giorvi with her late mother. Image source: personal archive

Your childhood ended abruptly with your mother’s accident. How did you manage to take care of her, sing, and live?

– I was touched by the fact that my grandmother wanted to send her to asylum. I remember my mom and I looking at each other, I didn’t know what to do. It matured quickly, but I don’t remember how. I stayed in the hospital for a long time, took care of other women in the ward. I had a very difficult childhood marked by what it means to get sick and in a split second it changes your life.

Daniela Giorvi’s biggest regret: ‘My mom wasn’t a burden’

My mother was not a burden. I took care of her out of love and because it seemed natural to me to do so. I am very sorry that this happened in Ceausescu’s time when medicine was not so effective. I’m sorry I couldn’t do more for her. Perhaps it would have worked and we would have had an easier life. I took care of her and stayed with her until the end because I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant otherwise. If you ask me now, I’ll take it right from the start without hesitation.

Daniela Giorvi, on her daughter Maria and George: “If you have a family you are a rich man”

Was there a time in your life when you felt that you could no longer? In your toughest times, where did you turn?

– If you want to believe me, all the hard work was on my mother, not me. At the age of 29, being paralyzed, with a little kid to raise and have no hope, not to be helped by your parents, not to be helped by anyone. It’s so hard for me sometimes, I feel like I can’t find an escape, I’m disappointed with people, because of situations. When my mom was living, we always had each other, and we always encouraged each other. This situation and this struggle has proven that we are survivors. My mother was always very strong mentally, and this helped her a lot. I found solace and wisdom in it. “A problem that lasts for three days, after which you take a deep breath and move on,” he told me. I often say I can’t, but I find strength. Now I have Maria, George. If you have a family you are a rich man, you have something to count on.

Daniela Giorvi with her family, husband George and daughter Maria
Daniela Giorvi with her husband George and daughter Maria. Image source: personal archive

If you could be alone with your dad in a room for ten minutes, what would you tell him now?

-faithful, to my father I have nothing to blame them for. We have to be normal and understand that they are divorced, he remarried, he took his life back, and I have a sister by his side, so I have nothing to tell him. He was interested in me, paid me alimony, was behaving properly.

“I’m the Spartan type, the tank passes over me as I wake up”

What are the most important things you learned from your mother?

I learned from my mother not to give up and not to give up, to be glad that I could go, to see that I was in good health. If I had a slight annoyance, he would tell me, “Look at me, I woke up in the morning and was a normal person, and now I’m totally dependent on you, if you don’t give me a glass of water goddess. Rejoice that you’re healthy and the rest doesn’t matter!” In the end, you have to be strong. And to overcome it, this is life. I’m the Spartan type, the tank passes over me as I get up.

How is Daniela Giorvi’s mother? Are you indulgent your mosquito is still jumping, does Maria do to you what she wants?

– From the time I had her until now I have taught her to be a man of 7 years at home, to be respectful, to say thank you, and to learn. I want her to be a girl and woman with her feet on the ground, very controlled and responsible.

He doesn’t do what he wants with me, but that’s because Maria doesn’t ask for much, she’s an educated child. Well learned, we are very happy with it. We don’t necessarily keep it short, but I’m picky. As good as I am, I also agree with some things that I just can’t get out of. I always tell him to take care of his entourage.

What does Daniela Giorfe say about her relationship with her daughter?

What did Mary inherit from you and what about George?

– Honestly, I think he took more than George, he loves him more. We both pet her, but we both are like cats and my dad is the man of the house. Maria loves both of us, but her weakness is George. I am very happy for her because she has a father and a mother, father is very important in a child’s life. We both represent a team, keep our backs and do what’s best for them. He inherited the artistic side from me, he sings and dances all day long. And the fact that she is so clean, she obviously inherited from George.

“After three miscarriages, I was sure I couldn’t have children anymore”

I worked hard to get Maria. What advice would you give to women who want to be mothers who are unlucky?

– I don’t think I can give advice, but I can say I’ve lost three pregnancies and I don’t think it was hard to have a baby. I was 41 when I did it and it came naturally to me that I was that age.

I saw a lot of young girls who could not have children. I can tell them to never lose hope. At some point, if not, I can adopt a child. After three missed pregnancies, I was sure I could no longer have children. But I tried not to stress, I went to the controls, I took care of myself. I have not received any treatments before or after. It went well for me, God love me.

Was there ever a time when you were surprised by the kindness of people?

– I think that there are good people, ordinary people. I am used to villains, envy and evil. But I have been surprised all my life that there are people who do not want anything from you, and who help you without any concern for you. My friends disappointed me, and people I talked to often helped me or didn’t talk to at all. My biggest disappointment is that I don’t know how to choose my friends. I put a lot of soul into relationships. Not worth it and I am constantly disappointed in people.

What does your day look like when the three of you are home?

Maria sleeps more with George and that’s what it looks like. We’ve been going out for lunch since we moved. We usually stay at home new home We like her very much, we watch movies. If it is hot we sit on the balcony with our cat. The three of us seldom meet—on photography, George—working at the Old Center and Maria—with the school. But we stay together and do joint activities when we can.

Is there a place in this world that you want to go and you haven’t arrived yet?

– You realize that there are many places that you failed to reach. Maria, for example, wants South Korea and Japan, and George also wants Japan, and I’m going to Dubai because I’ve never been there. I want us to take the time to see them all. There are many beautiful places in this world. And I thank God that I have a job that helps me get out of the country.

“I cried a lot but this part is not visible”

For years you were a chameleon, the color and length of your hair, the style of your clothes changed. Where does this diversity come from?

– I think I feel some things, I look and trust myself, I want to be in the direction. It is normal to make changes. I launched myself as a complete artist. I, not having an extraordinary voice, not having some extraordinary data, had to make up for work, ambition and determination, which for me was the limit. I understand that there are two idols in this world, Madonna and Michael Jackson, and no one has ever gotten past them. It helped that I was always very rebellious and open-minded early in my career and I think that is the reason for my success. I cried a lot but this part is not visible.

What projects do you have for 2022?

-I have a music project with Bobby, I released some songs and I’m in promotion. I have some events and I would like with all my heart to end the epidemic and the war so that I can make some plans myself. In this case, no one makes long-term plans, it is not normal at the moment. I don’t want to be in this stress every day. I’m fine this year, I’m not complaining. I just want life back to normal.

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