When the soul appears. And when it disappears. Church teachings about the human fetus in exchange for a vaccine on Trinitas TV

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PS Varlaam: The child, a complete human being from the moment he is born

The Archangel of the Annunciation tells the Virgin Mary (…) of this In the fetus conceived in the womb of the Virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit lies the whole person and the saving work of the Son of God. Therefore, there is no question as to when the soul appears after birth and when the person appears in the present sense.”

“We believe that through the teaching revealed by God through the prophets and later through his Son our Savior Jesus Christ, A person is full from the moment of conception and reflects not only the entire human person, but the entire universe‘,” His Holiness Varlam Ploytianol added, on Friday, as a delegate to holiness parents Patriarch Daniel at the inauguration of the new headquarters of the Center “St. Alexandra the Empress “, which provides support to women in crisis pregnancy and families, according to the church.

The work of the Society for the Support of Pregnant Women and the Family is worthwhile, but unfortunately, the learned sermon of Reverend Father Varlam Ploytianol, the patriarchal vicar, arrived too late for Alexandra Nadan, the Society’s executive director. . Vaccination supported with experimental Covid sera, produced and developed from human embryos. Their cells were “harvested” while the children were still alive, according to “medical” “technical” procedures. They were killed alive and then killed. This does not seem to bother the acclaimed activist.

Ms Alexandra Nadan not only supported lip vaccination and her herpes photos on Facebook, but also made a pro-vaccination plea to reduce the serious ethical problem of infanticide for vaccines created and developed from human embryos, using as misplaced comparison as the argument that such Research and development has also been conducted for other products – ‘including cosmetics’. I mean, if that’s what the cosmetic industry has done, isn’t there anything wrong with that? We can put aborted babies directly into slaughterhouses, because, right? This is for a noble cause: the fight against covido.

Moreover, the same “fighter for life” (re) said in the last propaganda campaign of the so-called “March for Life” that “An important component of the message” is that the march “does not advocate a ban on abortion.” I don’t think such a deviation from the “March for Life” that “not fight” against the death/killing of an innocent fetus has been heard around the world, in the pro-life movements that also inspired the epigonism movement in Bucharest.

The president of the Pro Vita Association – Bucharest here and here wrote about Miss Nadan’s hypocrisy.

We wouldn’t have leaned on her if she wasn’t present at the inauguration. It was honest to do that too Middle East and Africa neglect Upon hearing the word of the teachings of His Holiness Varlam. maybe in another time. I would not have written anything about it if the hypocrisy of the young woman in question had not been an already turbulent phenomenon on the screens of beloved Trinitas TV in front of millions of believers.

I remembered hearing the deafening silence of the young lady in question, as it might have come to mind that a life-saving vaccine, made from human embryos, was as good as margarine on bread or her face cream.

And that is why I present to you, for (re)memorial, below, Trinitas Presentation “Faith and Culture. Vaccine and Immunization – Between Fear, Hope and Trust (25 01 2021) ”Director Mr. A. Vasily Benescu, participants, his special guests, Fr. Visarion Alexa and researcher tefan Dascălu from the University of Oxford, coincidentally the same co-producing institution for the “vaccine” Covid Astra Zeneca, was recently awarded the “Holy Brankovini Martyrs” Medal in person in London.

Regarding AstraZeneca’s practices, the prestigious British Medical Journal (BMJ) published a scientific article accusing Oxford AstraZeneca of “a severe lack of transparency in reporting research funding”. Although the producers claimed at the beginning of the pandemic that their work was a “non-profit”, they later changed their policy, despite public criticism, reaching the profitable figure of only $4 billion from the “vaccine”. . “Nonprofit”. There is no ethical issue.

From Trinitas TV we learn not only that there are no serious side effects – vaccination is recommended – but also that the development of vaccines in human embryos is not a matter of bioethics or morals, because the crime, respectively, “research” took place … a long time ago and was It is done through a “forensic medical abortion”!

Read 50 Romanian doctors who draw attention to an issue of morality and religious conscience: all the Covid vaccines distributed in Romania are used either in production or in testing the effectiveness of their own cell lines from children

So we repeat the word of His Holiness Varlam:

Therefore, there is no question as to when the soul appears after birth and when the person appears in the present sense.”

“We, in accordance with the teachings proclaimed by God through the prophets and later through his Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, believe that a person is perfect from the moment of conception and reflects not only the entire human person but the whole universe.”

This is what we believe to be true. But hey, why do they think otherwise? And does it have anything to do with the fact that some people lose their lives, and who knows what a barter?

Watch “Debate” and “Conclusion” for “Non-Professional”.


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