Who is Alin Sălăjean from Survivor Romania 2021! The warrior with tears in his eyes for his wife

Alin Sălăjean from Survivor Romania is the most sensitive competitor in the competition, but at the same time very strong. He brought many victories to the Warriors team. However, little is known of the Allen warrior and what his story is.

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Alin Sălăjean of Survivor Romania 2021 is among the few competitors on the Warriors team who had nothing to do with the sport prior to this competition.

He comes from an unimaginable background and few really know what Warrior has done before this show.

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Who is Alin Sălăjean from Survivor Romania 2021

The Survivor Romania 2021 warrior comes from an area unrelated to the sport, but did not consider this a disadvantage to enter the competition and be part of the Warriors team.

The 35-year-old Allen, motivated by a desire to test his patience, intelligence and also his limits, entered the fiercest competition in the Dominican Republic.

Alin Sălăjean is an event presenter, has worked for a while in television and given a radio program in Cluj, the city in which he currently lives.

The competitor from Survivor Romania has a very close relationship with his wife, but also with a few friends he has, and this was noticed during the competition, where he often cried.

Alin Sălăjean is an event host[Sursa foto: Instagram]

Alin Sălăjean revealed to the Romanian survivor what his sore point is

For the presenter, it is difficult to adapt to the difficult conditions in the Dominican Republic, difficult roads, lack of food, all this presents challenges for Allen, a competitor in the Warriors team, but they do not bring him down, but longing for his loved ones.

Allen is a very sensitive competitor, he has admitted that his longing for his wife and friends bothers him with each passing day and that his family is his only weakness.

He also admitted that longing for his loved ones would be the only thing stopping him from winning the surviving Romania 2021, because he does not know how long he will last without them.

Alin is a strong contender at Survivor Romania 2021[Sursa foto: Instagram]

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Allen misses his wife so much, the warrior bursts into tears at Survivor Romania

Allen and his wife love each other very much, they have never been separated for a long time, and this is very difficult for a warrior. When Daniel Pavel announced his first communication game, Allen burst into tears, and his longing for his partner was just too great.

The warrior stated that the only reason he could not win Romania 2021 was his wife, without whom he does not know how long he will be able to stay.

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“My colleagues know very well that I was among the only people who slept well, did not complain of hunger, and my sensitive rope is my friends. I really have seven friends that I would like everyone to have. I’ve proven it even before I came and I didn’t mention Diana (not Allen’s wife) That my body hurts when I think of her, I think if I had not been married to such a woman, “I would have had a good chance of winning this show. I don’t know if I’ll get over it. I never suffered from love, but now there is a contradiction. “That’s me, I told you yesterday that I have a weakness, that I am a human being. Alin, the Warriors competitor at Survivor Romania 2021, admitted.

Aline cries in Survivor Romania 2021 for his wife

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