Criteria to consider when choosing a personal trainer

In recent years, gyms have doubled as mushrooms after the rain. The number of schools “taking” coaches on the conveyor belt has grown just as fast.

DrDr. Rabban Damien, Sports Dietitian: “You can’t train a man to give bad directions, and then he gets hurt or fails to reach his goals because you weren’t able to lead him on the right path.”

Leora Zeitzer, Fitness, Aerobics, Pilates and Yoga Instructor: “We just learned about it at the time The teacher in question as a deity pEnter We have no matter what he does, no matter what we say after him, and this is a problem pEnter That if the coach doesn’t send you to the doctor when that’s the case. DrThe coach becomes unprofessional. WLYou can’t be a doctor in a coach.”

Some coaches attended the College of Physical Education and Sports for 3 years. Others, certification course. The shortest duration is four weeks, followed by an exam.

Leora Zeitzer, Fitness, Aerobics, Pilates and Yoga Instructor: “There are many schools in Bucharest. Only a few of them are accredited abroad, some are only accredited by the Ministry of Labor and Education, and some are also accredited abroad. It is important for the teacher to check the certification if it is Valid here and abroad. cIt is difficult to obtain external certifications. DrIf they do not have the right certificates and from recognized schools, they become peopleAnd To become teachers and do things that hurt people. aI say the guy is coming to recover, he might have back and knee issues if the coach isn’t certified to know how to tell you.”

DrP.Rubban Damien, Sports Dietitian: “cThe athletic trainer bear consists of several components: learn anatomy, learn biomechanics, physiology items, nutrition, and must be first aid items. TAll of them constitute the training curriculum which is absolutely necessary to say that a person is well prepared to train others.”

Iulian Dino, founder of Fitness Training School: “Depending on the course, the duration of the course also varies, as well as the amount of knowledge. cBear is designed for fitness trainer, personal trainer or aerobics four Weekends. cBears are only done on weekends, and the feeding cycle is for 6 months.”

Personal trainers are all the rage right now. That is, the customer pays more for more attention and direction.

Iulian Dino, Founder of Training School: “adjectives A personal trainer should not only stop showing and correct some exercises, on the contrary, he should also have some knowledge of nutrition, sports training theory, how to dose training.Enter average, pEnter advanced. “

Alexandru Cargello, Personal Trainer: „TYou also need to be a little psychologist because you live with a v . clientblindAnd you have to help him and many give up and need you to motivate them.”

Leora Zeitzer, fitness, aerobics, Pilates and yoga coach: “Many Those with shoulder, back, and knee problems need someone who comes from physical therapy, not necessarily from bodybuilding. Hence it is important for someone who chooses a personal trainer to choose not necessarily whether his name is beautiful, his face or his body, it is also his knowledge of his personal problems.”

Ioana Domitrash is a makeup artist and beauty blogger. For about a year and a half, after her attempts to go to exercise classes and lose weight were unsuccessful, she opted for a personal workout.

Ioana Domitrac, beauty expert and beauty blogger: “I try to do at least three exercises a week. The personal trainer works with you. It not only tells you what to do. It also creates a balance and doses the effort in some way to give maximum results. At least in my case. Even if we sometimes sluggish on the scales, I realize that in terms of clothing, the difference is pretty big.”

In the same situation was Claudia, who managed to lose 20 thousandilograms With the help of a personal trainer.

Claudia Scherich: “I currently weigh 62 kilograms, with gym training three times a week and diet. There were times when I spilled on these machines: Come on, Claudia, come on, you can! You can! That’s why I came here It is very important, first of all morally, mentally and psychologically.”

Andre Russo, personal trainer: „TYou need to be there! nYou need to sit down and look at the phone or other things that you are still exercising. TREBU shawl Encourage: come on, you can not, do not give up, go on, but not only in the hall, but also outside. ”

The price of a gym subscription ranges from 150 lei to 300 lei per month, depending on the facilities offered.

Some rooms offer subscriptions valid for 3 months, 6 months or even a year.

In most cases, even though they pay for the subscription for a longer period of time, people tend to give up if they don’t get results in record time.

Monica Borcia, Psychologist: „sstates in these subscriptions because they do not clearly define their purpose. cIs that what they want from going to the gym? aLong-term goals are frustrating. In the first stage, there is a postponement, followed by a concession.

Leora Zeitzer, fitness, aerobics, Pilates and yoga coach:TRecreate the minimum three On Monday, if you start something to get used to and see results.”

Andre Rousseau, Personal Trainer: “DrIf you are motivated and ambitious enough, you will get results. FSuch a thing, not just complain about the lack of time! “

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