The best sports TV documentaries of 2021. One football movie in the top ten

Among the most popular TV documentaries of 2021 are those about the life and career of legendary NBA player Michael Jordan, the six-time NBA champion with the Chicago Bulls, behind-the-scenes films about Formula 1 races and one about golfers. The only documentary on football in the top ten shows the dramatic decline of English football club Sunderland.

Most Rated Sports Documentaries of 2021:

1. the last dance – About the career of Michael Jordan, the legend of the NBA, Focus on his last season spent in the Chicago Bulls / Produced by ESPN Films and Netflix / Rated 9.1 from season 10/1, 10 episodes

2. Formula 1: Driving to survive – Documentary showing behind the scenes of Formula 1 races, rivalries between drivers and the fierce battle for points and world title / Produced by Formula 1 and Netflix / Rating 8.6 / 3 seasons, 30 episodes

3. This can go anywhere – A documentary on golfers Brendon “Buzz” McCollum and Phil “Toffers” Tophnell’s journeys to explore New Zealand’s most scenic golf courses / Produced by EQ Media Group / Note 8.6

4. last chance u – Documentary exploring the lives and careers of several American football players at Eastern Mississippi Community College, exposing the difficulties of privacy and trying to advance under coach Buddy Stevens / Produced by Condé Nast Entertainment, Endgame Pictures, Boardwalk Pictures / note 8.4 / 5 seasons 40 episodes

5. Last Chance U: Basketball – The Last Chance U documentary follows the activity of the East Los Angeles College Huskies, in their bid to win the California State Basketball Championship / Produced by Boardwalk Pictures / Rating 8.4 / 1 Season, 8 episodes

6. infinite limit – The documentary follows the ascent of the tallest climber in the Himalayas by Argentine Jean Magee, who fell ill at birth and could not walk normally, but disability did not prevent him from trying to exceed his physical and mental limits / Output of 100 tapes / Note 8.2/1 episodes, 39 min

7. dawn wall – Documentary about climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Gorgon’s ascent on the Dawn Wall at the summit of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park (California), one of the toughest parks in the world. The two lived together for several weeks and drew media attention for their reckless act Produced by Red Bull Media House & Sender Films Episode 8.1/1 episode 1 hour 40 minutes

8. Encourage – The documentary tells the story of 40 fans of Navarro College Bulldogs from Corsicana (Texas), who prepare to compete in the prestigious National Cheerleading Championship, held annually in Daytona Beach (Florida) / Produced by Boardwalk Pictures, CaviarOne, Potato Productions / Note 8.1 / 1 season 6 episodes

9. Sunderland ’till I die The documentary shows the turbulent battle fought by English football club Sunderland in the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 seasons, who tried to return to the Premier League but were relegated to the third league due to poor management and chronic financial problems. Despite the poor results, ‘Black Cats’ fans remained, among the most die-hard fans in England, with The Club/Produced by Fulwell 73/Note 8.1/2 seasons, 14 episodes

10. Phoenix height Shows the stories of many athletes with physical disabilities, but also the advent of the Paralympics, a competition that has become the third most important sporting event in the world / Produced by HTYT Films, Misfits Entertainment and Passion Pictures / note 8.1 / 1 episode, 1 hour and 45 minutes

Other exceptional documents available on streaming video networks:

Diego Maradona (2019 / dedicated to the great Argentine footballer), athlete A (2020 / A frightening story of the sexual predator Larry Nasser, the doctor of the US women’s gymnastics team who assaulted dozens of sports), free solo (2018 / The story of the first ascent without a safety rope for the summit of El Capitan, made by American climber Alex Honnold), OJ: Made in America (2016 / The story of the trial of OJ Simpson, a former American football player accused of the murder of his wife, one of the most widespread trials in US history), kicking and screaming (1995 / The story of the invention of football in England and how it evolved over time), No no: Dockumentary (2014 / About the life and career of baseball player Dock Ellis, who perfected the sport in 1970, when he was under the influence of LSD), impossible job (1994 / history of England’s failed 1994 World Cup qualifiers under coach Graham Taylor), no one in hell (1977 / the story of the bicycle race between Paris and Roubaix in 1976), Tyson (2008/documentary about controversial boxer Mike Tyson, considered by many to be the best boxer of all time, but also his messy life outside of sports), Freedom’s Fury (2006 / The story of the bloody polo match between Hungary and the Soviet Union at the 1956 Olympics amid political tensions between the two countries), Hillsborough (2016/documentary film about the tragedy at Hillsborough Stadium, where 96 deaths were recorded after rioting in the Liverpool vs Nottingham Forest match on 15 April 1989), deep water (2006/Sunday Times Golden Globe Race, the famous yacht race), When we were kings (1996/documentary about boxer Muhammad Ali’s career), Cinnamon tree (2010/documentary film about the life and death of legendary Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna), two escobar (2010 / The story of Pablo Escobar, the greatest drug smuggler in history and patron of the Colombian national team and Deportivo Independiente Medellin, and also Andres Escobar, the Colombian footballer who was assassinated after his own goal in the match with the USA, in the 1994 World Cup), Dark Horse (2015 / The story of a group of ordinary people raising money to buy a racehorse that eventually wins the Welsh Grand National), unbeaten (2011 / The story of the American football team, the Manassas Tigers, which won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature), Class 92 – Out of Their League (2015 / The story of the junior group promoted by Alex Ferguson to Manchester United’s first team, who became world-class players and then became shareholders in Salford City, a club in the lower divisions), perfect day (2016/documentary about France’s 1998 World Cup winning), FIFA Planet (2016/Documentary Explores Allegations of Corruption Within FIFA), Manchester City: All or nothing (2018 / Behind the scenes photos of the team led by Pep Guardiola), In Cruyff – the last match (2015 / The story of Johan Cruyff’s arrival at FC Barcelona and how he decisively changed the Catalan club), Ronaldo vs Messi – Confrontation! (2018 / About the rivalry between the two stars Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo), First team: Juventus (2017 / Documentary following the successful performances of the biggest club in Italy and the stories of football players from the “Old Lady” group)

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