Photo. 80th Anniversary of the Birth of Prof. Dr. Gavril Ardelin (1942-2016)

Today, May 5, 2022, it has been fulfilled 80 years Since the birth of a university professor and famous scientist, Gavril Ardelin, the founder of Satu Mare of Higher Education, an outstanding figure, with an indisputable contribution to the development of our society. Throughout his career, Professor Gavril Ardelen has been a strong personality, a model of professionalism, dedicated to the profession, passionate, hardworking, dedicated to his university and scientific life, putting his ability to work in a spirit of perpetual promotion. The basic values ​​of society and national culture.

He was born in the town of Sene, a town that also gave him the nickname “Honorary Citizen“Professor Gavril Ardelin in more than 50 years of work has had an activity that deserves all our appreciation.

He graduated from the Faculty of Biology, Geography and Geology of the UBB in Cluj-Napoca in 1965, and received his Ph.D. in Biology from the same prestigious educational institution, coordinated by Acad. Eugene Bora and Prof. Dr. Dumitru Roca. He started pre-university education in 1965 at Theoretical High School in Viseu de Sus, then taught at Theoretical High School in Tonad, Mihai Imenscu, Ioan Slavici and June High School in Satu Mare, and in the period 1979 1980 – Former Inspector General of Schools. Since 1992 it has become University employees, first at Baia Marie North University, and later at the Western “Vassily Goldic” University of Arad, passes all academic stages, from assistant to university professor, teaches and prepares many university courses. This activity gave him the greatest satisfaction by training young specialists in the field of biology, ecology, tourism and sports geography.

In addition to being a skilled teacher and a talented scholar, he has proven to be one insight manager. Its greatest success was the establishment of a university extension in Satu Mare at a time when Roman university institutions were overtaking our province.

It happened in 1997, when three people looked at us from the sky and regretted it: Gavril ArdelinAnd ion fudan The founding dean of the Western “Vassily Goldic” University in Arad, A. Dr. Uriel Ardeline They established a branch of this university in Satu Mare.

Through hard work and methodological efforts, Professor Gavril Ardelinwith the support of the Western University administration “Vasil Goldic” from Arad, the founding president of the university University. Dr. Uriel Ardelen university president, University. Dr.. Coralia Adina Kotorasihas continuously developed the educational infrastructure, academic staff, teaching activities and projects and scientific research, which has led to an increase in the university’s reputation at the regional level.

In recognition of his professional and managerial qualifications, he held, in addition to the position of director of the Satu Mare branch of the Western University “Vasil Goldich” and other positions: Vice-Chancellor of the University, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Head of Department and Director of the Baia Marie Branch.

Being a pioneer in the field of biology, Professor Gavril Ardelin made his theoretical and practical contribution to the research. We can’t help but remember those close 200 scientific articleson 60 books Signing as sole author, co-author or moderator, participating in Over 30 international science eventsAnd Implementation of 11 funded projects of European funds, of which 5 are cross-border, Participation in the scientific and editorial board of 9 scientific journals And Membership of 7 national and international scientific societies. And as a sign of appreciation for the activity offered in this field, in 2002 the Romanian Academy awarded him the highest scientific award in Romania, Gregor Antipa Prize.

At the same time, with the support of UVVG, I was able to establish an Environmental Economic Research Team in NV Romania, where more than 30 environmental researchers, biologists and economists from the country and abroad are currently working, studying biodiversity and natural. The region’s resources, whose scientific papers are highly regarded in academia.

He organized the fish 20 international scientific sessions A great echo, we note from it the sessions of molecular biology, conducted under the auspices of the Romanian Academy. Also on the initiative of his reign, the Roman Ichthyological Society (of which he was president) was founded.

Throughout his life, Professor Gavril Ardelin has always been a supporter And From the cultural life of Satu Mari. Initially, in Tonad, he laid the foundations of some institutions to promote from an ethnographic point of view the beautiful Codrului region, creating the Codrului Museum and a collection of Codrena songs and dances that are still successfully operating today. He was with the local administration and cultural institutions in organizing cultural and artistic events, including supporting the magazine “Poesis”. His name is also associated with the awarding of the first title to Dr. Honoris Cosa in Satu Mare, festivities which, with the support of the Senate of UVVG, have become a constant presence, among the laureates of the prize are great personalities of Romanian culture such as Augustin Bozora, Nikolai Priban, Gregor Ferro, Mihai Semboi or Domitru Shipinj.

He always considered that true patriotism is not expressed in words but in deeds, and this can be easily seen in everything he did throughout his career, and he and his colleagues and collaborators succeeded in being a solid pillar in the assertion of the Roman nation. . He was awarded the “Honorary Member of the Rank of Commander” by the Roman military system for his full activity.

Professor Gavril Ardiliana was a man of peace. He always had an answer, cure and solution to all the difficulties he faced in his personal and professional life. With his energy, dedication, intuition, and most of all, thanks to his goodness, he was able to destroy mountains. The science and culture of our country had in his person not only an exceptional teacher, but also a diligent and dedicated researcher, promoter of legality, morality and social responsibility. In the Satu Mari branch, we felt any situation under the protective wings of a guardian angel … because he was a man of dialogue, good understanding, and managed to gain everyone’s trust. Reluctance and national, religious, ethnic and social considerations did not prevent him from being a true messenger of peace.

May the Archangel Gabriel, the Messenger of God, who bears his name and charisma, guard him, and be his heavenly protector!

Honesty and a decent position for the professor!

Sato Marie branch of the University of West “Vasily Goldic” in Arad.

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